Many babies will get step -by -step growth after birth. From the initial climbing to walking, they need a process, especially when the baby starts to learn to walk. Because the baby’s feet are soft and delicate, the baby’s learning stage is at this stage of walking and walking. Inside, mom and dad must help the baby. It is very important to choose a comfortable learning shoes for the baby.

Although there are many types of walking shoes, not every one is suitable for babies, nor is every development law that meets the baby’s development. Therefore, parents must first understand the baby’s growth rules and buy it for the baby. Generally speaking, when you buy a walking shoes for your baby, you must first consider the length of the shoes. The most suitable length is that it is greater than the baby’s toes about 12 to 16 mm. There is a distance of an adult’s finger. The width does not have much requirements, as long as the baby is wearing without pinching.

For babies of different ages, the learning shoes are also different. Let’s take a closer look!


1. Just school walking stage

When the baby first starts to learn to walk, you should buy a soft -footed shoes for your baby, so that the baby can feel the sense of balance during the process of walking, and it can also help the baby’s feet. Let your baby learn to walk better. Because if the baby is wearing soft shoes, it will make the baby more smooth when walking. Therefore, in order to better learn to walk, mom and dad can pick up the first half of the shoes when buying shoes. If it is soft, you can buy it for your baby.


2. Stability of walking

When the baby reaches 18 months, walking is basically stable, so at this stage, you can buy a hard shoes for your baby. If the baby wears a soft shoes at this time, it will affect the normal normal of the baby’s foot. Development and even hurt the baby’s ankle joint. In addition, let the baby wear wide -fat shoes, so that the baby’s toes can be fully stretched.

In addition, the breathability of the shoes considers the baby, because only when the breathability is good can the sweat on the baby’s feet be distributed, otherwise, the baby’s sweat will stay in the shoes, which will cause the baby’s sweat to stay in the shoes, which will cause The baby’s feet skin is ulcerated. In addition, the shoes also need to buy the shoelace design of the buckle, so as to make the baby more comfortable to wear, and to avoid the baby baby wrestling, and it also greatly shortens the baby’s wearing slippers. The habit of shoes.


Buying scholarship shoes for babies is also a very important learning. A pair of suitable scholarship shoes can help the baby learn to walk better, but a unsuitable scholar shoes will only hinder the baby’s learning process. Therefore, parents must pay more attention to buying scholarships for their babies!