After reading yesterday’s abuse, I ca n’t stand up to see these articles!

Seven books today ~

沙雕甜宠文小说合集 | 我是你的大碗,你是我的宽面吗?

NO, 1 “Salt Fish to the ancestor” (sickness)



Help Huahua


Liao Puyan has just started and has the lowest generation of new disciples, and even surrendered the super terrible big devil master ancestor of Gengchen Xianfu, causing heated discussion.

Excuse me, how did you do it?

Liao Xunyan: … Relying on the instinct of salted fish?

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Love has a soft spot through the sweet text of time and space

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Protagonist: Liao Xunyan, Sima Jiao ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: sweet text, Fushu, heroine and male second HE


Perverted Aojiao also likes self -disabled male lead X inner play, salted fish, cute female lead

The content is extremely comfortable. From modern times to the world, the heroine has just passed through the female lead and a number of cannon fodder women who were selected as maids to serve the male lead. The other cannon fodder was all killed by the male lead. Only the female lead rely on the real salted fish response to attracted the attention of the male lead and stayed with him.

The male lead is sick, possesses strong, and poisoned the female lead. It’s my taste! Coupled with the author’s writing OK! The style of writing is joyful, just like these!

Classic Quotations:

Whenever and wherever it is my favorite taste.

At night, the mermaid sang for her.

NO, 2 “I have the Great President Halo” (wearing a book)

Jiangyue year

Chu Chu suddenly wore a vicious female president in the book. The original body was not only entangled with the male lead, but also killed the female lead.

In the end, the end of the BE, the family business went bankrupt and closed down, and it was disfigured.

On the first day of her book, she opened the wardrobe full of luxury goods, and had a feeling of getting rich overnight.

Chu Chu: Just kidding, what is not good to do what the rich president does, whether Michelin is not delicious or Chanel is not good -looking.

Chu Chu: The King of Heaven is broken.

She just wanted to feel the domineering life of the female president, but unexpectedly became a professional benchmark for women.

The former female lead: My goal is to become an independent woman like President Chu! Love delays me to get rich!

The original male lead:? Intersection Intersection

[Flying on your own sand sculpture text, talk about logic with the author]

[Because the author must not talk about you]

[Non -Lily, the heroine is a pure revolutionary friendship]

Crossing time and space

Protagonist: Chu Chuyu supporting role: Xia Xiaoxiao, Li Taihe ┃ Others: What are you expensive?

This article is so funny that he laughs.

The heroine was wearing a wealthy and vicious female match, and then brought her own overbearing president’s halo. She daily is the sky. The male lead also likes it, so I love the heroine. Everyone must watch this, it really looks good!

Notice! There are male lead in this article! The male lead is super cute, and the gods of the female lead in their hearts are fun.

There are all forests when the birds are big.

[Please strengthen the “vicious girl” aura through the task. The disappearance of the halo will be wiped out by the main world. 】 【Task: To Lee


Speaking of the classic line “If it wasn’t for her, you wouldn’t leave me at all.” Chu Chu: You let me say that I said, where does my face go?

NO, 3 “Before wearing the big guy” (wearing a book + a woman dressing men’s clothing)

Brocade orange

Shi Mu crossed into a passion, suspense and horror comics.

As a good temperament, a large waist and a small female villain, anyone who sees her wants to talk to her late at night, and the end of the ending is sold abroad.

Ten years ago, at the age of 17, Shi Mu first met a pure big BOSS.

The teenager squinted in the sun and asked her name.

She trembled: “Shi Mu …” I thought about it, and said, “Gender men.”


There is no way, in the world of love and love, and supplemented by the plot, only blue children can protect themselves.

But what she didn’t expect was that the big boss suddenly said to her late at night: “I want to attack, you make me happy, and occasionally let you do it 1.”


What are you fucking?


In order not to be by the sun, Shi Mu hides gender, practiced abdominal muscles, is committed to beauty, moral and intellectual and physical development, but after all–

“You are so beautiful,” the big guy smiled.

Shi Mu: What are you going to QAQ? Intersection Intersection

Miao Jiang witch villain X can’t afford to afford a big man

Crossing time and space, wearing a book, a woman dressing men’s clothing cool text

Protagonist: Shi Mu, Fu Yunshen ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:

沙雕甜宠文小说合集 | 我是你的大碗,你是我的宽面吗?

The heroine is super cute, also very kind, and does not have white lotus, and can often eat different flavors of ghosts.

The male lead is also very cute, the whole article is very funny, laughing at his head.

Very stubborn, forced push!

Classic bridge:

The corner of her eyes glanced at Fu Yunshen at the door, and a thought suddenly flashed. Her voice was hoarse: “Fu Yunshen, can you hold me over, I can’t stand it.” … Hold. Fu Yun frowned and struggled. “Forget it.” She waved her hand and stood up with her body. “Don’t bother you.” After looking at Shi Mu’s thin small body board, Fu Yunshen finally came in. Hug in the arms. The teenager’s body is thin but not weak, his chest is strong and warm, not as cold and ruthless as his appearance. Shi Shi Mu buried his head on his chest, and sneered sneer in his lips.

For a long time, Shi Mu had a movement. She blinked, and her face was aggressive, “Fu, Fu Yunshen, what should I do, I … I have eaten your mother.” The whispering sound was a little scared. Shi Mu covered her stomach, her lips were stunned, and she opened her mouth and snored. Finally realized that Shi Mu’s expression was gradually frightened, and she wanted to cry without tears: “Strong, good, your stepmother … is chicken flavor.”

NO, 4 “Creation Time” (ancient saying)

Below the lunar butterfly shadow

The Huajia generations are loyal, regardless of men and women. The monarchs and ministers are in harmony, laughter and scolding, all because of their love in their hearts.

It’s cold, have the prince who has been favored by his Majesty fell back?


It’s hot, is the Bird Hidden Bow hid in the Bird?

The Palace Marquis is happy to be a sweet text of the enemy’s works

Protagonist: Hua Liuli : Supporting role: ┃ Others:

At the beginning of the story, the heroine’s family returned to Beijing from the frontiers. As a general of the DPRK, the female lead and parents naturally attracted much attention. The true personality of the heroine is gradually displayed in front of the reader. This is such a weak illness.

The reason why this book becomes a little sweet cake is because many supporting roles in the novel are also very funny and cute. The emperor is a poor old father who loves His Royal Highness, and the female lead’s parents are also various active essences. few.

The world’s sadness and joy are not connected, and the trajectory of life is different.

In the face of life and death, the others don’t need to see too much

NO, 5 “Little Night Song” (campus)

Spring wind durian fire

Copywriting 1:

I heard that the girl dormitory of the school this year was not enough. Several female beds moved to the male house.

A group of hormones exploded, suddenly quiet.

The pantyhose is no longer dried on the aisle, walks gently, and dare not speak too loudly.

Everyone was afraid of scaring the new bedroom girls.

In the evening, Bo Yan just took a shower, walked out of the public bath, carried a pot with his left hand, and the six pieces of abdominal muscles with CK four -corner black pants.

At the door of his bedroom, there was a girl wearing lace night nightsman.

Jinxi stared at his abdominal muscles and asked nervously: “Classmate, I am from the opposite dormitory. May I ask, can I … Can we help us install the router?”


Bo Yan said, the pot in his hand silently moved from the side to the front.

Lighty Waves Drives II Ancestors X Emperor Lovely Little Fairy

Open the territory for you

Also paint for you

Copywriter 2:

Jinxi is the first time to pick up such a job,

In the hotel, she washed herself cleanly, wrapped out the bath towel, and was nervous and scared.

“Bo, I washed it.”

By the window, the man turned and a card was found in his pocket.

“If I am satisfied this time, I will find you in the future.”

Two minutes later, the thin extension of the painting board, adjusting the color plate,

Jinxi leaned against the window, her shoulders were half -exposed, and her tender face was shy with a hint of shyness-

“Bo, how long have you learned to paint?”

“ten years.”

So she dropped the towel and turned without any precautions.

“Then you must be very professional.”

Bo Yanxing looked at her, silently pumping a paper towel to wipe off the nosebleed.


Love has a single -clock industry elite sweet text

Protagonist: 角 Supporting role: 它 Others:

At first watching this topic, I thought it was a music theme. The first reaction “playing Chopin’s night song for you and commemorating my death of love” is the opposite.

This article is very sweet. I just started watching the “kidnapping” female luggage of the “kidnapping” female luggage. My brother’s applauding picture on the stage is too beautiful. The male lead belongs to the national defense professional brother and loves painting. Can’t stop.

Lifting: The hostess is not perfect, a bit stupid.

Open the territory for you and paint for you.

The girl in my heart has loved him like crazy

NO, 6 “The Two of the World” (Xiaobaiwen)


The first one in the weapon is a silver pen.

The owner of the silver pen is a scholar who is known as the abolition of martial arts.

Facing those who ignore his golden basin and insist on challenging the challenge,

The scholar is always bitter: “You don’t do this, you are a scholar, a scholar …”

沙雕甜宠文小说合集 | 我是你的大碗,你是我的宽面吗?

“This brother -in -law has a personality personality, and it is also a person who wants to be elegant.

Fan Qingbo, the female shopkeeper of the first yellow bookstore in Beijing: This is the second in the world, this is clearly the second in the world!

Love has a single bell of cloth clothing life through the sweet text of time and space

沙雕甜宠文小说合集 | 我是你的大碗,你是我的宽面吗?

The protagonist: Fan Qingbo, the supporting role of scholars: Fan Bing, Xie Dongfeng, Zhou Zice, Gongye Baiyu other: romance novels, crossing romance novels, breeze

In the funny text, it is a leader, very smooth and funny. The male lead is natural. The heroine is still a normal crossing person. Another loyal dog is the best one in the Fengfeng Dynasty.

The male lead is very cute, Xiao Baiwen, relaxed and humorous, solve the boring ~

The scholar put down his sleeves and said politely: “The name of the surname is the name of the book, the word is diligent.” Surname. “

NO, 7 “Evening Chapter” (Magic)


Earthy City Magic

Witch X Werewolf

More the next day

Sand sculpture recreation

Fantasy Space Heavenly Combination

Protagonist: Joe Yisha; Asen ┃ Supporting role: A, Bingbing Ding ┃ Others: Ding Bingyi Jia

I like this article. For the first time, when I read this subject, the author wrote too well. Werewolf Asen, Witch Joe Yisha, Bloody people smelled the sky, human Liuhe, completely poked all my cute points.

Asa must have something in common with the author of the author before, doing things and popularity, lively and free, and lively in life.

沙雕甜宠文小说合集 | 我是你的大碗,你是我的宽面吗?

Asa is indeed a half -hanging child’s witch. Save people still have to go through books, or no one teaches her to be too low. It looks like a powerful person -the witch, but in fact Asha needs to protect it.

Fortunately, we met Liuhe and came out to mix the society early. Although the life was a bit miserable, the living was pretty wonderful, and it was definitely the most beautiful babies in the whole street!

Trust has unlimited power.

You are just like a human.

Today’s novels are here. Welcome to recommend thunder for comments!

See you tomorrow at seven!



















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沙雕甜宠文小说合集 | 我是你的大碗,你是我的宽面吗?



Classic Quotations:

Classic Quotations:

Classic Quotations:

沙雕甜宠文小说合集 | 我是你的大碗,你是我的宽面吗?

Classic Quotations:

Classic Quotations: