According to foreign media reports on October 24, in a circus performance in the Kajianli region in Russia, the beast trainer ordered a brown bear to push the cart with two front feet. The heavy beast suddenly fell fiercely to the ground, trying to bite him.


A brown bear was forced to stand standing and pushing a small cart to walk

A audience took this terrible scene. The 27 -year -old mother, Galina Gurieva, said, “My knee is still shaking now.”

Gurieva said that she was surprised that there was no fence to protect the safety of the audience. The children in the audience are sitting on a few feet away. The brown bear is so large, and there is no protective barrier in the middle.

The brown bear suddenly rushed to the trainer

Another audience said that the trainer may lose its control. Some people added that in the beginning, within a few seconds when the accident was caught off guard, everyone thought it was just a joke script.

But when the assistant began to kick the bear with his feet and took out the electric shock to subdue it, panic started. People stood up and screamed and fled to the only exit of the major tent of the circus.

Even after this bear was shot by electric shock, it was in a crazy running state on the arena for a while, making people feel fear.

The audience screamed and escaped

It is understood that this brown bear is the star of the Ansh Lag Tent Circus. The performance was named “bow leg and units”.

Police and local security officials have investigated the incident. The trapped beast trainer was confirmed to be injured, but the specific details were unknown.

The safety hazards of the circus animal performance have to be paid attention to. Although more and more people are required to prohibit or restrict such performances, in Russia, the circus with animals on the spot is still very popular.

(Tan Xiaoting)


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