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There are a large proportion in the category of audio. There are quite a lot of people who have asked my Bluetooth speakers, so I bought some speakers and codensed these words.

If you have no concept of Bluetooth speakers, you do n’t know how to start, and you do n’t know which is worth buying, then this content should help you a lot.

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Bluetooth is a compromise of sound quality

First of all, Bluetooth is a compromise of sound quality, just like headphones, although there are LDAC and LHDC on the market,


It is high enough, but in terms of the current technology, the same price

Bluetooth earphone


The sound quality is that there is no connection. The same is true for speakers. As long as the Bluetooth is connected, the sound quality is more damaged than the wired connection. The sound quality is naturally worse than the connection, and the stability is not enough.

The reason for the poor sound quality of the Bluetooth connection is because during the Bluetooth transmission process, the damage encoding was used to compress the audio signal. The amount of data will abandon some of the original information in the audio signal, and the compressed information is insufficient, causing problems such as insufficient dynamics, distortion, and lack of details.

In short, if you have a high pursuit of sound quality, don’t use Bluetooth; otherwise, Bluetooth will be more beautiful and convenient.

There is no way, life is like this, there is a willing.

Four audio codes in Bluetooth: APT-X, SBC, AAC, LDAC

Although Bluetooth encoding has different degrees of compression and loss of sound quality, there are more and less loss.

SBC is the default encoding algorithm of Bluetooth transmission. Apple is AAC. In order to build an intellectual property ecosystem, some manufacturers will develop codecs by themselves, such as “Sony Dafa” LDAC, and there are also



If the sound quality is relatively good or bad, you can directly remember the conclusion: LDAC≈ LHDC> APTX> AAC> SBC.

Bluetooth speakers are basically coded by SBC Bluetooth. Of course, there are others. For example, B & O A9 uses AAC and Marshall Woburn 2 uses APTX. Although the sound quality is APTX> AAC, this does not mean Better than A9.

The main reason is:

1. Bluetooth encoding is compatible with downward.

For example, if you are an Apple mobile phone supporting AAC, you connect to the APTX of the Marshall speaker, the encoding will only be AAC; in turn, the phone supports AAC, but the Bluetooth of the speaker only supports SBC. It can only be SBC encoding. In other words, only the Bluetooth encoding of the speaker is meaningless. It also depends on the encoding format of the mobile phone or other devices connected to it.

2. The difference in sound quality is not so large.

The sound quality gap caused by different encoding does exist, but from the actual sense of the Bluetooth speaker, different coding sound quality gaps are not so large, and the sound quality differences are of course there are. The materials and structure of the speaker itself. Of course, this is my subjective feeling. If you must use facts or data as a support, then you can look at the sound quality of the Bluetooth encoding made by this big man.

If you insist that you can obviously hear the difference, then you are right.

2. Bluetooth version

When buying, you will see that many Bluetooth speakers support the Bluetooth version is different. What does the Bluetooth version affect the sound quality?

In fact, the Bluetooth version is mainly improved and optimized for the transmission speed, transmission distance and power consumption of Bluetooth. In simple terms, the higher the Bluetooth version, the faster the transmission speed, the lower the loss, and the longer the transmission distance, but it does not have much to do with the quality of the sound quality, and it will not have a great impact on the sound quality.

In addition, the Bluetooth version, the same as Bluetooth encoding, is also compatible with downward. For example, your mobile phone supports Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth speakers support 5.0. Then you use the 4.0 protocol Bluetooth after connecting the phone.

In general, the problem of Bluetooth encoding and Bluetooth version: If your mobile phone supports APT-X or even higher code rate, then you can use Bluetooth coding as a reference indicator when buying Bluetooth audio; 5.3 Bluetooth version, but more than 4.1 is enough.

Speaker material

The sound quality judgment is a bit subjective. Maybe the same audio is very good to listen to the sound quality, and some people listen to the sound quality. but. Fortunately, some common sense and parameters can help us more scientifically distinguish the sound quality of the sound.

First, talk about speaker materials. From the perspective of sound transmission, the sound distortion rate of general wood speakers is the lowest. Followed by metal, plastic and resin.

Signal -to -noise ratio

The signal -to -noise ratio refers to the ratio of sound signals and noise of sound. This ratio. Of course, the higher the better, but here is a reference value for everyone, that is, the signal -to -noise ratio is greater than 75 decibels, you can consider starting. About 90 decibels are good performance, and 120 decibels belong to high -end speakers.

Speaker unit

There are many different types of speakers, but they basically do the same thing, that is, restore sound, it belongs to a comprehensive parameter. But if we listen to songs everyday, um, you can focus on the parameter of this speaker size.


The current manufacturer’s appearance design is also very user -friendly, and even many manufacturers use high value as the design concept. So don’t say more, you can find one in your budget, just look at the one who likes it.


Bluetooth speaker subjective evaluation and recommendation

1. Without recharge, restore and describe the sound quality of each Bluetooth speaker as much as possible, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. As for the value, it is not worth buying.

2. All descriptions are based on my personal taste and actual sense of hearing. If you have different opinions or opinions, then you are right.

3. I had recorded audio at the time of these Bluetooth speakers, but there were problems with recording equipment, which caused these audio audio to be very different from the actual sense of hearing. Real, so the audition will not be put up.

Okay, then talk about business.

Inside the gear within 500

JBL brand

JBL is the world’s largest professional speaker manufacturer. From raw material development, design and production of speaker units, production, speaker design and production, everything can be fully controlled in its own hands. The service scope of JBL speakers is very wide. In the professional field, it includes cinemas, large audio engineering, large -scale mobile performances, recording studios monitoring, audio for band, and even entertainment venues such as Disco, Song Dance Hall, Kara OK, Bar and so on. From the highest level


, Even the most popular

home theater

Combination, JBL can be seen everywhere.

JBL FLIP Essential flagship best -selling wireless Bluetooth speaker bass waterproof design Outdoor speaker desktop audio cool black

JBL Jaybao GO2 2.0 channel Outdoor portable Bluetooth speaker red

Mao King Elvis Prince series MW-2A portable Bluetooth speaker retro green

MAO King Elvis B612 Portable two -in -one Bluetooth speaker iso

Libratone Bird Audio Bird Smart Speaker 啾 Blue

Edifier Walkman M230 home portable Bluetooth speaker brown wood pattern

Grade above a thousand yuan

Bluetooth speakers of more than a thousand yuan are the main battlefield for major brands to fight. For consumers, there will be more choices and more pits.

Marshall Marshall Acton II Bluetooth 2.1 channel Bluetooth Bluetooth speaker Black HIVI HIVI M200MKIII+ 2.0 Channel Bluetooth Bluetooth speaker log color Sonos ROAM SL speaker S27 (black) Sonos search five smart speaker black


Libratone Bird Audio zipp2 smart speaker red

Dr. Bose Soundlink mini Bluetooth speaker II -Special Edition 2.0 Portable Bluetooth speaker black

All in all, choose one of your favorite

Smart speaker

You need to carefully look at the key points I mentioned above within your own budget scope. After clarifying your needs one by one, it is still very easy to buy your own speaker.

Well, the above models are a very good performance under my horizontal review. Each one has its own unique highlights, hoping to help you better choose a speaker that suits you.


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