On December 23, the Hunan Provincial Department of Education issued a notification that since the Central Committee of the Party made a “double reduction” decision -making deployment, the education departments at all levels in the province have jointly investigated and punished. Outside school training institutions. The illegal school training institutions that have been banned in various places will be announced in installments in batches.

According to relevant laws and regulations, off -campus training institutions such as unlicensed, unlicensed, and incomplete licenses do not have the qualifications to conduct off -campus training for elementary and middle school students from the beginning. If these institutions are found to be “re -burning” and are still illegally organized in violation of regulations or illegal training for invisible mutation, please report to local education and market supervision departments in a timely manner to allow illegal off -campus training institutions to hide.

Here, the Provincial Department of Education calls on the majority of students and parents to treat off -campus training rationally, actively support the “dual reduction” policy, maintain high vigilance, and carefully identify off -campus training institutions with unlicensed and unlicensed licenses. “One -to -one”, “Housing Teacher” and “Crowdfunding Private Teaching” and other illegal training.

All sectors of society are welcome to actively participate in and enthusiastically supervise the training and governance of off -school training, let us work together to create and maintain a good educational ecosystem.

Summary form of the banning of off -campus training institutions in Hunan Province

(The first batch of 2021, a total of 290)

Changsha City (total 29)


Names of banned training institutions

Hibiscus area

Changsha Furong District Aili Yaya Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Jiezhi Education Consulting and Education Service Department, Furong District, Changsha City

Shasha IELTS Studio, Furong District, Changsha City

Changsha Furong District Three People Wisdom Education Technology Co., Ltd.

Xuanlin Literature and Creation Service Department, Furong District, Changsha City

Changsha Angli Education Training School

Tianxin District

Changsha Tianxin District Haolang Education Consulting Co., Ltd.

Garston Reading Museum, Tianxin District, Changsha City

Xiaoxin Star Energy Cultivation Center, Tianxin District, Changsha City

Changsha Tianxin District Xinqi Point Youchuang Education Management Co., Ltd.

Changsha Tianxin District Lien Education Management Co., Ltd.

Changsha Tianxin District Green Cao Di Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Kaifu District

Changsha Kaifu District Baishi Lesson Education Technology Co., Ltd.

Changsha Kaifu District Maoruqing Education Consulting Service Co., Ltd.

Yuhua District

Ritto Young Center, Yuhua District, Changsha City

Nanya Learning Center, Yuhua District, Changsha City

Dongtang Teaching Point in Yuhua District, Changsha City

Dongshan Best Host Center, Yuhua District, Changsha City

Colorful Childhood Hong College, Yuhua District, Changsha City

Changsha Yuhua District Youjiaxing Tuo Fu Center

Jingtang Xuefu Center, Yuhua District, Changsha City

High-tech Zone

Changsha High -tech Zone Song Rat AI Smart Education Co., Ltd.

Changsha County

Changsha County Mayor Yushu Camp Education Consulting Co., Ltd.

Changsha County Doyu School

Changsha County Mile Education Consulting Co., Ltd.

Liuyang City

Liuyang Xiaocai Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Liuyang City Shashi Star Art Consulting Center

Liuyang Puzhi Leading Education Training Center

Ningxiang City

Ningxiang Yunhai Fine Arts Counseling Service Co., Ltd.

Zhuzhou City (total 3)

Yanling County

Atomed at 4:30

Tianyuan District

Hunan Da Vinci Education Consulting Co., Ltd.

Hongrui Education Technology Co., Ltd., Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou City

Xiangtan City (total 2)

Yuhu District

Brain Education Technology Co., Ltd.

Three -to -school school

Hengyang City (total 11 in total)

Changning City

Changning City Beijing Shengji Sunshine Art Professional School

Changning City Classics and Sciences Education Training Consultation Center

Changning Fangyuan Fine Art Training Center (Yiyang Campus)

Hengnan County

Gathering can become an art training school

Gathering Chuangxiang Children’s Painting Studio

Hengnan County Bert Dance Studio

Gathering Chinese Art Training School

Tea Market Xingyue Art Training School

Gathering Pearl Education Training School

Puyang City

Wuli brand Jinhua Yingyi Training School

Hengshan County

Huafeng Qinxing, Hengshan County

Yiyang City (total 3)

Ziyang District

Yiyang City Ziyang District Star Dance Dance Art Training Center

Creative beauty and labor training center in Ziyang District, Yiyang City

Zhongxing Art Training School, Ziyang District, Yiyang City

Changde City (total 6)

Hanshou County

Houmiao Temple Training Center, Yanwanghu Town, Hanshou County

Qixian County

Fo Lianpo Branch of Lianpo Training School in Lianxian County

Dayan Town, Danyan Town, Yinxian Oui English Training School

Attitude and Cultural Training Department

Shimen County

Golden Year’s Chinese Training School

Chujiang Wanghua Tao Guzheng Art Training Center

Yueyang City (total 10)

Linxiang City

Linxiang Shichen Skills Training Department

Linxiang City Jinran Musical Instrument Forest

Pingjiang County

Smart Art Training School of Nanjiang Town, Pingjiang County

Huarong County

Huarong County Tianjiahu Ecological New Area Ink Dandan Green Art Center

Lane Art Aesthetics Museum, Zhanghua Town, Huarong County

Huirong County Arts Cultural Training Center, Zhanghua Town, Huarong County

Xiaoxingxing Training School of Zhanghua Town, Huarong County

Stereo Studio of Zhanghua Town, Huarong County

Yifeng College, Zhanghua Town, Huarong County

Quyuan Management Zone

Xiaobu Zhixue Training Center

Luzhou City (total 18)

Guiyang County

Shangya Training School Co., Ltd.

Jinbo Training School

Yongxing County

Yongxing Pengai Education Consulting Co., Ltd.

Qixiao Training School

Education Training Center

Yizhang County

Qichen Wudao Museum, Yizhang County

Yizhang County Boicai Education Training Center

Guidong County

Guidong Fangfang Training School

Blueberry Music-Aquanqin Xingxing

Qiji Training School

Green Blue Training School

Tao Liyuan Custody Center

Guidong County Qidi School Shatian Branch

Shengyun Qinxing (Shatian)

Boffar Dance Training Center (Shatian)

Anren County

College Education Training School

Only fascinated English Training School

Shaoyang City (total 18)

Chengbu County

ABC Training School

Essence Garden International English Training Center

Newbesta Training School Co., Ltd.

Nuo Zhiguang Education and Training Center

New Channel English Training Center

Learn Le Jiajia Education Center

Smart English Training Center

Jianghe Village Counseling Center

Outstanding Scholars Education Center

Dongkou County

Dongkou County Wenchang Street Angli English Training School

Longhui County

Qingguo Education Chaoyang Branch

Shaoyang County

Jingya Martial Pavilion

Xing Ran Art Training School

Xinning County

Bei Shi Academy

Percent training school

Shuangqing District

Le En Education Training School Co., Ltd.

Wugang City

Tianjiao Education Training School

Tianjiao Education Consulting Center

Loudi City (total 20)

Louxing District

Loudi City Louxing District Play Bunny Art Training School Co., Ltd.

Loudi City Louxing District Children’s English Training School

ABC English School

Alice Foreign Language Training Center

Boffar Dance School

Gold Wing Training School

Changjiang Chang Education Guidance Consultation Service Department

Xiaotao Li Dance Training School

Xinhaiqin Xingshi School


Lianyuan City

Painting Training School

360 No. 1 Training School

Shuangfeng County

Yongfeng Qing Botang Training School

Yongfeng Aiqile Art and Sports Cultural Training School

Yongfeng Lexue Training Center

Xinhua County

German Education Training School

Shida Education Training School

Yanyu Painting Studio

Rongyitang Calligraphy Studio

Free Space Dance Growth Center

Yongzhou City (total 15)

Cold water beach area

Shaoyang Children’s Art Museum

Xinhui Star Dance Branch

Dong’an County

Pleasant Sheep Children’s Painting Museum

Enlightenment Star Culture and Art Center

Stone City Art Training Center

Ningyuan County

Sito English Training School

Laoshan Fine Arts Training School

Xintian County

Daily Art School

Wali Factory Children’s Programming Training School

Star Junior Art Growth Center

Very brain beads cardigening school training school

Xiaoxiang Gallery Art Training School

Blue Music Studio

Haiyin Guzheng Art Center

Green Fairy Center

Huaihua City (totaling 63)

Cricket area

Flying Education Training School

Book Art Training Center

Dance and Dance School

Happy learning AI Intelligent Education Service Center

July Painting Museum

Linwu Latin Training School

Future Martial Arts School

Fabel Piano Studio

Longkai Valley Art Studio

Teacher’s Jazz Dance Street Dance Training School

Flower Far Training School

Mo Yuan Calligraphy and Calligraphy Training Center

Smart Children’s Art Center

Mofeng Training School

Black King Art School

Rotten Children’s Go Training Center

Youyou Evening Counseling Center

Children’s help center

King (card) brand street dance training school

Mengzhi Calligraphy Studio

Dance Institute cannot be art training school

Dream Workers’ Academy of Fine Arts Training School

Huaihua Hong’ao Fitness Club

Beiqi Art Center

Sunflower School

Nine Potal Music Experience Center


Yan Xuezhun

Guowei Wudao Club

Xinrong Studios

Golden Finger Guitar Experience Center

Spring Shengqin House

Teacher Yi Calligraphy Room

Jingzhou County


Hongbo Training School

Mayang County

New Hope Training School Branch

Mingde Children’s Art Training School Co., Ltd.

Channel county

Channel Children’s Painting Museum Training School

Yueyueqinxing (New Year’s Eve Music Training School)

God ink Education Training School

Gold Meridity Language Art Training School

Dawu Liang Art Training Center

Creative art room

Xupu County

Zipu County Zhijie Training School

Fuling County

Teana Dance School

Qijiang County

Elephant Street Dance Training School (Luo Lao)

Nishi Dance Training School

Excellent Jiayin Training School

Qixing Latin Training School

Elephant Street Dance Training School

Nine Potal Music Training School

Training School of Children in Baby Nursery

Youbo Education Training School

Zhuomei Education Training School

Yizheng Dance Art Training School

The ONE Piano Training School

Xinhe Street Dance Training School

Yasan Education Training School

Tongxin Impression Art Training School

Painting hidden training school

楚 楚 楚 楚 楚

Chenxi County

Chenxi County Hongbo Extreme Training School (Co., Ltd.)

Chinese county

Hongfei Training School

Zhangjiajie City (1 total)

Sangzhi County

Hongbo Education Co., Ltd.

Xiangxi Prefecture (total 91 in total)

Jishou City

Yongjun Erhu Art Center

Ruizhi Music Studio

Huacai Guoguo Dance Studio


Xinwei Education Consulting Studio

Tong painting reading hall

Inheritance Dance Studio

Yueda Children’s Growth Center

Gome Lecture Arts and Crafts Training Center

Jishou City Chu Weiyue Consulting Co., Ltd.

Haina. Emperor Art Center

Village City Cultural Training School

Promote the Education Counseling Center

Jishou Mayor Lu Training School

Jianping Calligraphy Training Base in Jishi City

Zhang Xiudong Calligraphy Training Base in Jishou City

Xiangxi Jinlin Art Education Consulting Co., Ltd.

Jishi City Huilin Education Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

Jishou City Three Madness Times Cultural Media Co., Ltd.

Golden Ts. Children Host Training School

Jishou Fangfang Education Technology Center

Math porridge

Shengshan Chuangmei Studios

Sun Art Commune

Drum every day

Joint drum school

Feifei Studio

Kyoshiko City Jingying Piano City

Art Star Art Center

Yongfang Education Studio

A studio


Corolod Cloud on the piano classroom

Huayuan County

Unity Dance Art Training Center

Brahma Dance Training Center

Qi Zhizhu Piccorcinal Music Branch

Chiyou Studios

Chen Xing Aesthetic Education Training School

Fishing Ball Club (Hua Xiaodong District)

Xinyun Qinxing

Dream Big Studio

Longshan County

Zilong Sports Development Co., Ltd. (Longshan County Martial Arts Association)

Xiaowuya Dance Studio

Zhangqin Guzheng Studio

LDC Huayi Dance Studio

LDC Dance Studio

Baili Taekwondo Hall

Hongyan Wushura Museum

Yuanyi Guoshu Church

Longshan 5 degrees dance studio

Almighty Education Training Center

Giant Education Arts Training Center

Red Dance Shoes and Dance Art Center

Dancer Training Center

Longshan County Xingxiangxiang Guzheng Training Center

Qin Feng Chuyun Cultural Innovation Company 001 Calligraphy Training Center

Longshan County Yiyun Calligraphy Training School Co., Ltd.

Dance Forest Dance Training Center

Dance Art Training Center

Rocky English Training Center

Chunhui Education Training School

Education and Training Center

Chenxing Art Training Center

Slim Marita Art Calligraphy Training Center

Dream Dance Training Center

Longshan County Deyuan Dance Training Center

Feiyang Art Training Center

Xingyun Latin Dance Training School

Beilei Calligraphy and Calligraphy Training Center

Liu Jun Calligraphy Training Center

Le Zhiyuan English Training Center

Art Crown Dance Art Center

ABC Painting and Calligraphy Training Center

Disposal Training Center

Pilot Cultural Counseling Center

Learning Education Training Center

Rie Yugai Training Center

Hanmo Painting and Calligraphy Institute

Yun Changqinxing

Zhiqiang Bing Ping Ball Club

Yin Lunqin



Huilong Studio

Longshan Yuyang Club

Longshan County Shangwu Fitness Club

Yongshun County

Yongshun County Dishui Academy

Xiangxi High -tech Zone

Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture Aya Art Training School Co., Ltd.

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Names of banned training institutions

Names of banned training institutions

Names of banned training institutions

Names of banned training institutions

Names of banned training institutions

Names of banned training institutions

Names of banned training institutions

Names of banned training institutions

Names of banned training institutions

Names of banned training institutions

Names of banned training institutions

Names of banned training institutions

Names of banned training institutions

Green Blue Training School

Black King Art School

Hongbo Training School

Jishou Mayor Lu Training School

Giant Education Arts Training Center

Learning Education Training Center