Winter matching is different from summer matching. In the cold winter, we must wear both fashion and foreign style in the cold winter. The down jacket or cotton jacket is a very good choice. This kind of well -kept warm -keeping top is matched with simple and low -key jeans. It is very fashionable or practical. Zhang Yuqi wore cotton jackets with flared jeans, fashionable and windy.

Zhang Yuqi’s styling analysis:

Short medium cotton clothing -keep warm but not lose feeling

Zhang Yuqi is getting more and more fashionable. She wears workers with cotton jackets, retro and temperament. Zhang Yuqi wore a short and medium cotton clothing in the upper body. The comfort and warmth of the cotton clothing itself were very good. It is a very practical item in winter outdoor. The design method of the model increases the sense of prosperity, while ensuring comfort and warmth, it is not necessary to sacrifice fashion at the cost.


Workers’ cotton clothes -handsome and stylish

This cotton design uses the design method of the work style to show a sufficient sense of prosperity. For mature women, when wearing, try to match the age reduction style that is not consistent with age. It is better to try to use the neat and neutral style style to show the handsome and stylishness of mature women.


Fudo leg jeans -foreign spirit and long legs show long legs

Zhang Yuqi is paired with a horn -legged jeans in the lower body. The design method of the horn legs on the style design of the jeans shows the effect of both foreign and lengthening the leg shape. It will be very popular, and it will be very useful to wear on the streets.


Together with trousers -increase laziness

Zhang Yuqi’s jeans on the horn legs use the design method of extended pants legs to show a moderate lazy matching effect. For young ladies and sisters with tall figures or relatively slender legs, when they wear You can try to add jeans with pants legs appropriately, and use the design method of extended trousers to present a lazy and casual effect.

Gray knitted hat -fashion and warmth

Zhang Yuqi is paired with a gray knitted hat on her head. The color matching of the body is very basic to show a sense of harmony. The design method of combined with knitted elements can also increase warmth. Among them, a suitable knit sweater is crucial.

Analysis of other styling of Zhang Yuqi:

Army green coat+stacking inside

Military green coats look at a white skin -based Zhang Yuqi. They don’t look difficult to look at at all. It is simple with a sense of sharpness, stylish and aura. It uses a basic white T -shirt to stack a denim shirt and use the combination. The way to show more layering and fashion.

Black short bread suit+same -color slim jeans

In the color matching of the body, you can use the simplest basic color matching method to present a sense of visual harmony and extension. On the upper and lower body, you can wear a perfect body proportion with a short and high matching method. Black bread clothes are neat and there is no lack of warmth. The lower body is paired with slim jeans of the same color system. Moderate slimming can show the sense of superiority on the leg shape.

Camel coat with a hooded sweater


If you want to keep warm and comfortable, you can wear the age -reducing effect, you can try to use a camel coat with a sweater to achieve a compatible effect of the two. The sweater with a hooded element inside can also play a moderate -age reduction effect in addition to comfortable age.

Zhang Yuqi’s sense of fashion is really stronger. The airport is low -key and simple and fashionable everywhere. This is the woman who can really wear.

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