The mountain village in the early spring was warmed by the sun. The house is much cooler than outside, but Wang Jiehe, Feng Zhaoxin, and Wang Xai still have to stay in their own stores, and they will not sit under the warm sun outside the shop.

In recent years, Sande Fan Village, Wenzu Street, Zhangqiu District, became lively due to the list of “traditional Chinese villages”. CCTV also reported on them. Some people often step on the slate road to visit. These three people do not deliberately avoid the lively, but are accustomed to staying with the “old shop” in accordance with their own criteria.

What they want to guard, in addition to time, have trust. This is the key to the history of the small shop through the history of 350 years.

Overlooking Sandefan Village

“Old Time Store”

Sande Fan Village, located in the south of Zhangqiu District, the central part of Wenzu Street, the west side of the Zhanglai Highway, at the foot of Jinsing Mountain. This is a super village, currently there are 2100 households and more than 7,000 people.


Human history is hidden in the random corner of the head and feet: 3 Jinan city -level cultural relics protection units, 16 Zhangqiu District cultural relics protection list, and the national intangible cultural heritage “carrying the core”. In the village, there are quaint and modern mixing: through the towering door holes of Xuandi Pavilion and Taipingmen, a slate street leads to the village, and next to it is a beautiful rural tourist attraction after repairing.

Shunzuo Road walked about 100 meters east, and the door of the store appeared in the second time, including Wang Jiehe and Feng Zhaoxin’s opening, the store was named “Jiehe Hardware”, and Wang Xai’s shop was hanging outside the “Old Supply and Marketing Cooperative” plaque. Essence These are the two oldest shops on this street.

“Old Supply and Marketing Cooperative”

Wang Xai’s “Old Supply and Marketing Cooperative”, the house is a building in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It has been well preserved. The building style of the Ming and Qing dynasties and the historic courtyard houses have a unique style. Due to many years of disrepair, the houses in the courtyard collapsed, but the ancient villages in the Ming and Qing dynasties still retained the ancient villages of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. As a comprehensive store established in the early 1980s, it has continued to this day. Here you can not only buy authentic products, and appreciate the style of collective comprehensive stores in the planned economy era, but also can reflect on the charm of time crossing and backflow. The ancient soy sauce basket, abacus, old shelves and counters make people remember the nostalgia of the old days and appreciate the nostalgia of the ancient village.


Connecting the door of the “Old Supply and Marketing Cooperative” at the gate, the house that slipped west was its storefront. When the four window guards wrapped with iron sticks were supported by the wooden stick, it means that the store opened. The threshold at the threshold has been rubbed over the years, and the angular corners have long been lost, and the surface can be learned.

When I walked into the store, I walked through: a sliding wood glass counter, running across the house north and south. On the counter, the goods are placed. The east wall slipped the wooden shelves. As can be seen from the broken stickers on the back of the shelf, the reed mat is set on the back of the shelves. The yellowed wood, stickers, and reeds are hidden in its age. There are several cloths on the wall on the north, and the wine tank and sauce tank are placed in the south. Today, the cylinder no longer uses, but not moved. On the blackboard of entering the door, “zero wine 3.2 yuan/jin”.

The “502” and “Brother Good” products hanging on the shelves have pulled the visitor’s thinking back to reality.

“Rural Partner”

The outer wall of the Jiehe Hardware Store was uniformly repaired by the “Beautiful Rural” operation and was posted with imitation blue brick tiles. There is also a wooden shelves against the wall, and there is a wooden table used to cut the glass in the middle. The owner Wang Jiehe said that the hardware store, like the “old supply and marketing cooperative”, has been in more than 30 years.

Wang Jiehe is 66 years old. The villagers of Sandefan Village have tried individual operations in 1983 and opened a non -staple restaurant. Because there are other stores who also make rene -in food, he took the initiative to switch to hardware farming. Since 1986, he found Feng Zhaoxin, a 3 -year -old neighborhood, asked for partnership.

Feng Zhaoxin remembered the conversation clearly. Wang Jiehe sincerely told the reason and thoughts: the shop could not take care of himself, and wanted to work together, and the two made five points. “This kind of cooperation is suitable for me, but it is a bit losing to him. After the reform and opening up, everyone has the minds of getting rich and supporting their families.

Wang Jiehe took the initiative to find Feng Zhaoxin. In his own words, “We are the neighborhood. It turned out to be in the same production team. His person, I know. I know the temper.” Such cooperation has not been interrupted in the middle, and it has been more than 30 years.

Wang Xai is 71 years old and wore pink sportswear. In the last winter, the labor that moved her hands cracked her hands. This store was originally a “production brigade” primary supply and marketing cooperative. Later, underwent the change of collective economy and individual economy, it became a “small department store” partnership between Wang Wenxiang, Shan Lirong, and Wang Qibin. Shan Lirong is Wang Xai’s husband. The state of three partnerships lasted for nearly 40 years.

The history of the old shop began in 1953. She still remembered that her sister was guarding in the store, and she was not as high as the counter. She secretly drilled from under the counter cover, grabbed a handful of brown sugar and slipped out.


The old shop has a lot of connections with Wang Xai’s loved ones. After the husband died, the old people left one after another. The times change, things are wrong, and old shops have no red fire and glory. At this time of last year, Wang Xai bought the industry and began to keep alone. She didn’t want the store to be deserted.

Still the original layout settings, she did not change the slightest. The old shop gradually turned from a livelihood and transformed into the destination of the elderly.

Mountain Village “Old Friends”

In the Jiehe Hardware Store, trust and friendship are carefully guarded. At the beginning of this period, Wang Jiehe and Feng Zhaoxin felt like yesterday, and lamented that the time passed too fast: Nowadays, children have graduated and worked in college. The functions of the hardware store changed. At first, the partnership of the richness gradually weakened.


Feng Zhaoxin went to the cellar to get the coatings needed by the customer, and Wang Jiehe held his hand and pulled him up.

After a customer bought the corset switch at the scene, the money he received was thrown into a plastic basin by Wang Jiehe -this is where their shop was put in change. Some kind of tacit understanding of the two form each other trust. Never booking, how much sells, how much to buy, the inventory of inventory, and the reconciliation is not bad. Trust makes this store’s bookkeeping lost function.


Regarding the issue of disputes during the partnership, Feng Zhaoxin smiled and replied: “The time we stayed together were longer than the two. Where do you say that there is still a pimple?” Time, put it in this more than ten square meters of shops. Come in the morning, walk in the evening, eat it at noon, and staged the rural version of “Old Friends” here.

“The partnership’s buying and selling cannot be done.” In the Jiehe Hardware Store, the two of them are naturally divided and their duties. A bed in the store is used in the duty at night. One month per person, taking turns to sleep in the store. There is no TV in the store, a radio, accompanied by cold winter and cool summer.


In the face of trust, the older generation of “old supply and marketing cooperatives” also made an example. In the early years, a 10 yuan counterfeit banknotes were discovered when the account was counted together. The next day, 30 yuan was produced in the money box.

As the market economy tide came, modern store department stores began to enter the mountain village. The business of “old supply and marketing cooperatives” was challenged, and things were sold less and less. The original partnership ended last year.

Guardian of “get used to it”

“Xin” is the rules of behavior of Sande Fan Village. It is engraved in the stone stele and records in the hearts of the people. It becomes daily. “Regularly defended virtue” 2017 was reported by CCTV in 2017.


The trust of the old shop is always reflected in the Dazhuangzi of the village. Holding the soy sauce “Timoko” at the beginning of the store, Wang Xai emphasized the ancient of the shop. 3 “Ti Zi”, one bamboo, two plastic. Whether it is loose wine, soy sauce or vinegar, one pound is heavy. Wang Xai said that at that time, the person who bought soy sauce to buy soy sauce should “add one addition and one add” -thanding of soy sauce, the bottle mouth should be filled with flat.

The house of the Jiehe Hardware Store was rented for nearly 30 years. There are often people’s accounts, but the money will be sent in a few days, and the checkout period will not exceed 3 months. However, in the past, in the 1990s, the climax of the house in the village, no wealthy villagers “pulled the famine and build a house”, took the hardware, one year, and three or five years. clear. The two bosses of the hardware store can only be responsible for their own funds. If you want to come to the door, you need to “weigh” repeatedly and inquire about the family life of the debt.


“The genuine goods are true, the child is not bullying”, the familiar words have vivid stories in the two old shops. They believe that without the trust of customers, it is difficult for old shops to go from history to the present.


The guardianship of the two old shops faces the reality of sales and profits to the lowest. Large rural supermarkets have been popular for many years, and e -commerce and express delivery have quietly entered the village. Wang Xai said that in the past year, the cloth on the shelves only moved three times. Now with the customs and customs, the white cloth has no market, and small shops can only sell some needle line brains.

The people in the old shop live with “accustomed to”. This traditional old shop with a sense of crossing is often discovered by curious tourists and enters the door to patronize.

Near noon, the spring light was strong. Three or five elderly people, squatted under the south wall of Xuandi Pavilion to bask in the sun. The shopkeeper of the mountain village stays in the store, for fear of customers to come to the door, no one greets, lost the courtesy …

(New Times)