Old Wu is a businessman. In his own words, the earliest people who woke up from the generation. At that time, they had just been included in the household. Run to the northeast shoulder selling sheds to sell glasses.


He said that at that time, he was selling glasses. At that time, he was a huge profit. The frame wholesale of the frame was 5 cents and a lens. After paying the glasses, he could sell for 5 yuan 10 yuan, or even a hundred yuan.

He said that in the first year, he sold glasses and took a train home. He carried a snake skin bag equipped with chemical fertilizers. It was full of ten yuan a RMB. At that time, ten yuan was the largest noodle amount. He was sitting on a snake skin bag back to his hometown railway station all the way. The first thing to go home was the money that was purchased after the Spring Festival and the money of households.

After the Spring Festival, Lao Wu went to good goods and went to the northeast with a large bag.

A few years later, he took a shop in Tianjin. He said that a uncle often went to his shop to buy glasses and glasses. Su suck in the import.

Later, Lao Wu and this uncle became good friend and went to his house. Although the uncle’s house is very simple, there is a tea room with a lot of pots inside. The uncle took out a pot from it and said, “This pot is older than my grandfather’s grandfather. I usually can’t bear it. Today is the noble guest. This old pot is soaked in a pot of oolong old tree tea to drink. “

Lao Wu knew that the uncle respected him to the noble guest. It was his wife’s emergency illness. For a while, he couldn’t get so much money to see a doctor. How much did the uncle borrow from the old Wu Kaizheng, and the old Wu took him, and said that he would not get enough to get it again. Essence

Lao Wu also drank tea, drinking green tea in his hometown, used a large glass, a little tea, put a little tea into a large cup, then picked up the hot water bottle and rushed to the big cup. When you drink it, it is a cow drink.

For the first time, he saw the tea with a purple sand pot and rushed into the cup. The uncle first put the tea on a rice paper, and then grilled it on the small furnace fire, holding the furnace with his hands on the fire. After half a minute, he slowly poured the tea into the pot from the corner of the rice paper.

When the water was opened, the uncle did not immediately pour water into the teapot. Instead, the water in the kettle was no longer rang, and then picked up the kettle and gently poured the water in the teapot, for fear of burning the tea. The water in the teapot was filled, and the uncle covered the lid, picked up the teapot back and forth in two cups.

Suddenly the tea was overflowing, and the old Wu took a sip of the tea cup, which was sweet and delicious.

At first glance, the tea cup was blue and white porcelain in Jingdezhen. Uncle said that this cup was made during the Kangxi period.

Lao Wu said that he never drank such delicious tea in his life. He returned to the store for a few hours, and there was still a sweetheart in his throat.

I said, you have good tea and good water like uncle, but you do n’t have a good pot and good cup like uncle. This is the beauty of old tea sets.

When leaving, the uncle had to send the pot of the old Wu. Lao Wu knew that it was the beloved thing of the uncle, and he was resolutely refused to accept it. He only asked where the uncle’s pot was bought from the pot and what skills did you buy?

Since then, while doing business, he has run in Yixing, Jiangsu, and also runs in Chaozhou, Guangdong. He also often goes to the antique market.

Gu Jingzhou pot

Old Wu said that for the first time, he went to Yixing and bought a Gu Jingzhou pot with 120 yuan. This is the favorite of many pots he collected. He can bring this pot wherever he goes.

Lao Wu said that with this pot, the business never lost.

Is this pot your “care god”? I joked with a smile.

“You are really right.” Lao Wu said,

Tired, it reminds you to rest and sit down and soak it for a pot; when you are in a boring mood, drink a few glasses and rub it with a hot pot with your hands. The mood is like a clear spring; when you encounter a problem, don’t worry, put the tea into the pot, and gently pour water into the teapot like the uncle, pour it into a cup, and drink it alone. Drinking alone is the best. Sober agent …


Ten years ago, someone found Lao Wu’s son to buy this pot made by Gu Jingzhou. The bid was more than two million. His son was excited, but Lao Wu was not excited at all.

Three years ago, Lao Wu wanted to Xiangtiannian, handed his business to his son, and handed this pot to his son. Lao Wu only said such a word: “Life needs a good pot.”

Gu Jingzhou’s pot, Lao Wu’s son Xiao Wu has never dared to use it. He bought an ancient jade, put the pot on the ancient jade, and then covered it with a glass for home.

Master Zhang Haiyuan’s hand pulling the pot

Today, Xiao Wu’s pot to bring there is the square pot of the fifth generation of Lao Anshun’s fifth generation. This pot is also collected by Lao Wu. Ruyu.

Xiao Wu said that decades later, when I gave my business to my son, the pot was also given to him together. I will repeat my father’s words: “Life needs a good pot.”