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When it comes to the most comfortable state of summer, it is to wear a comfortable pajamas, blow off the air, eat melon and watch the drama.

The house is relaxed, not indulgent, sisters should also pay attention to wearing at home! Let’s do a topic of pajamas for sisters today ~

Part 1 short -sleeved split pajamas


Short -sleeved pajamas

It is a style with a high degree of dressing, different fabrics and colors, which can wear or random or ladies style.


To say

The most saving money is also the most environmentally friendly


The pajamas must be the second time of the old T at home! It is completely distressed to put on the kitchen directly. Although there is less exquisiteness, who will not boast that you are a treasure girl of diligence?


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The split pajamas should be necessary for every little fairy, and many pajamas will co -brand with major cartoon images. Sisters seeing the cartoon image they like, is it all like me?


Loose split pajamas have low requirements for the body. Basically there is no concern for buying back. Picking some vibrant and eye -catching colors is very suitable for summer.

Now many home textiles are out of bed or silk bedding, exquisite girls, how can there be a set of quality in summer

Really silk pajamas

Woolen cloth? The age span is very large. If you wash carefully, you can wear a long time.


The vertical feeling of silk makes the pajamas look more quality, and the pearl -like shiny luster will also set off the skin softly. Good real silk pajamas can allow you to enjoy a whole night’s naked sleep.

Silk pajamas are well combined with aesthetic view and sleep experience, and it is also a relatively mature fabric that is currently made. Sisters with limited budgets, you can choose the ice silk material instead, the price is more beautiful, and it is better to take care of it.


To tell the truth, now the pajamas are out of the street, and it has become a strange fashion trend. Some designers’ pajamas are not contrary to it.


PART 2 sleeping skirt

It is more convenient to talk about it, or the clothes such as nighttime are better, and there is no pressure to wear! like



Sisters, you can try the fabric of Moder cotton, light and cool, soft and soft, and the upper body feels slippery. The sharp pendant can wear the “paper man” effect.


Cute style


I have no resistance. I ran out of the way, and I just wanted to be a baby who let go of myself.



Fairy nightgam

Seeing people’s hearts, fluffy and elegant skirts, wearing it like Disney to escape princess. A set of pajamas can help you fulfill your dream of princess. It is still very cost -effective to think about it.

Shirt nighttime

It is more casual than the split, but it is more mature and charming. Put it into jeans and turn into a single product that can be worn outside. With a pair of shorts inside, it is not a problem to go out on the street.



It is more personal pajamas, a little lace embellishment or ingenuity on the shoulder strap can bring different feelings.

The suspender pajamas can be used for a lot of matching, wearing more clothes, not losing money. A suit or denim, and even a white T inside, are all uncomfortable ways to wear the Icon.

Picture source: Xiaohongshu@piwailee@图 吸 吸 本

PART 3 pajamas

Sleeping robe is a piece


Multi -purpose

After taking a shower, it wraps the body instead of a bath towel. The suspender skirt can also enter and leave the hall with the blessing of a robe.


As long as you can pick it up, even if you wear a robe out of the street, it is still fashionable. Fashion party has always been envied by others, you are too avant -garde, and you laugh at others and dare not wear it.

Having said so much, what sisters want to see most should be recommended by the store. The following shops are very distinctive. If you are interested, click in and see ~



This shop is for


Fairy Custom


Pajamas, picking pajamas has a feeling of picking a wedding dress, and I want to buy each piece.

Gong Butterfly, Cartoon

To be broken by this store, from Disney to Guo Chao, as long as you can think of the image, you can be cartoon! The price is also super affordable.


Dora diary,

Dora diary is more suitable for the sisters of the student party,


Be cute and sweet


Most of the cartoon printed patterns. The price is also very cheap. The quality of their solid color, as long as 200, the quality is great. And the seasonal discount is very strong, and it is quite cost -effective to start with your girlfriends.



Original designer brand, whether it is a shop style or pajamas style, it is given

Clean and fresh

a feeling of. Their family is very good at applying flowers and plants on the fabric. The color matching is classic and generous. The family’s pajamas can be bought here.


There are also court winds and large size shops, and sisters who need it may wish to see it ~


SANGLUO This is a pajama shop that focuses on real silk. The shop feels very attitude and is slightly more expensive than the previous few, but the quality is also guaranteed. In addition to pajamas, there are some real silk items that are quite worth starting.



Be familiar

Some are sexy and charming. Their camisole is really bad ~ full of femininity. There are also men’s pajamas, with a little sense of design, the overall mature, and many can be a couple with women.

Girls should have three kinds of pajamas, one to resist, one to live comfortably, and the other. You can find these types of shops recommended above ~

Alright, this is today’s pajamas sharing. The exquisite girl has a pursuit of life before and after. Good pajamas are one of the extra points for life. Go and update your wardrobe ~

Which style of pajamas do you like best today?