The names of the two guitar categories of folk guitar and classical guitar are controversial. First of all, we analyze from the perspective of music


The two words of folk and classical are in the term of music, referring to two music styles. American folk music is the same as rural, rock, popularity, blues, punk and

Rap (Rap (

Rap music


) These are different music genres, and classical music is also a self -made music genre.

Why use folk songs and classics to represent the classification of guitar? To this day, in China, we have to admit that most guitar enthusiasts have used folk guitar and classical guitar for guitar classification. This is the case, we can only accept it. In fact, our default folk guitar refers to the part of the steel strings in the original sound guitar. The original sound guitar refers to a guitar that can occur without the microphone without a microphone. This is an acoustic guitar and the original sound guitar. Overall, we can control his name of wooden guitar.

In the wooden guitar, the part of the tied steel strings is collectively called a folk guitar, and the guitar with nylon strings. We call him classical guitar. Of course, folk guitar can also be used to play other styles of music. For example, if you use a folk guitar to play rock music, play pop music, and even the more popular finger bombs in recent years, we can call it a folk guitar.

With a simple and rude classification method, what you can know is that folk guitar can understand it as the original sound guitar that refers to steel string. We call the folk guitar like a guitar. The accompaniment instrument is usually common to sing and sing. Like us in the 1980s, there was a movie

“Roadside Guitar Team”.


The guitar that appears inside is basically accompaniment guitar


The guitar for playing singing, we call this guitar’s application scenario called accompaniment instrument. In recent years, the folk guitar of the steel strings has also appeared alone, that is, many people know the fingers of the guitar, which is also a steel wire strings. We also attribute it to the category of folk guitar The music basically does not sing when playing.

When we arrived at the nylon string guitar, we referred to it as a classical guitar, and it contrary to the folk guitar. Its main application scenario was to play instruments. Playing instruments, as the name suggests, is because the sound range of the guitar has six strings at the same time, two bass

“Mi”, two treble “Mi”, which can interpret many styles of style in the effective span. So as a solo instrument, we can know many classical guitar performers and players. Their classical guitar concerts basically do not need the assistance of other instruments. A classical guitar can complete independent classical guitar concerts.




We have lasted dozens of games in the Chinese area in 2017. In our tour, many friends have appreciated the charm of classical guitar solo. It is also briefly introduced here that Kobin guitar has a huge team of Cobbin artists, which includes many highly respected seniors, as well as many young talents and young artists. For example


Folk guitar spokesperson. The artists of classical guitar are representatives of Chinese style guitar, Chen Xi, who graduated from Tianjin Conservatory of Music


as well as

The doctoral supervisor of the Institute of Drama and Music of Germany, the first Chinese, did Dr. Hong Tenghuan, who was the first Chinese.

Classical guitar is mainly playing musical instruments,


Will it be a accompaniment instrument?

The answer is yes,

He also has accompaniment. When I was in Spain, I saw a lot of guys singing some nylon strings of Vlador.


Also belongs to the category of classical guitar,

They also have

Sing. When I was in the United States, I saw them more eclectic. Many Americans were at the door of Disney,

Anaheim (

Ana Haim

) In front of the United States, the folk artist used nylon string guitar. Like we played with a folk guitar, he sang while playing, but this was a minority.

Many parents are very concerned about the difference between classical guitar and folk guitar.

The problem

Essence The attributes of folk guitar are more entertaining than classical guitar. In other words, there are some subtle relationships between entertainment and music. Let me give an example, for example, a very top performer of the Central Conservatory of Music, Tianjin Conservatory, and Shanghai Conservatory of Music opened the concert. The price of amateur singers on the spot cannot be compared, because these performers are performers in pure music circles, not the entertainment industry. This is not a fast food culture. They pay more attention to music, and it is easy to classify now.


Whether it is a child or an adult, if you want to appreciate the professional charm of guitar on the road of guitar music, you should start contacting classical guitar from the fingers of the right -handed empty strings. But if it is just for style, for fun and entertainment, folk guitar is definitely more suitable than classical guitar. As long as you must be a friend who is interested in the guitar, with your love, there is no problem learning folk guitar for a month or two. Of course, there are obvious shortcomings for folk guitar. Its shortcomings are that they must not be as solid as classical guitar in the foundation of music theory.