I like the grid element fabric, but I like small grids. Especially this kind of black and white grid shared with you today

Personally feel that the grid fabric has a good age reduction effect. Looking at it is always very vibrant.


This one I shared with you today is relatively loose and comfortable to wear. Let’s take a look at the style pictures

The small shirt collar looks particularly delicate. It also has the effect of reducing age.


Share the tailoring of the XL number

Drawing unit: centimeter

Calculation formula for cage deep calculation: B/4-1CM

The skirt is divided into two sections of the upper and lower verses, disconnected at the waist section. The back film is a whole piece, and the door is opened in the middle of the front film.


The skirt of the lower body is the same cutting film before and after. The difference is that in the middle of the front skirt, a tube should be made. The method of the door tube is the same as the way to open the pocket.


Those who need pockets can add pockets on the side, and the pocket is about 5cm from the waist knot. The length of the bag mouth is inserted and comfortable

If you need other numbers, you can refer to the size table below for version. You can also measure your own version. The size of the breasts can be made according to the loosening of the net bust and 16cm.


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Clothing production process and sewing process commentary


Selection of fabrics: The fabric of pure cotton can be used, and the color can be used as you like

The fabric can be treated before cutting.

After drawing the cutting drawings, combined with different sewing processes and putting different sewing edges for cutting

The seam of the collar can be slightly increased and lined. After sticking to the lining

The front door tube also needs to be lined, and the buckle is buckled after the lining


Sewing front and rear shoulder seams, side seams, and sleeve seams.

The skirt hem, suture the side seam. You need to reserve the position of the pocket in the side seam pocket. And make pockets.

Swipe the upper body joints with wrinkles. Do not pump the position of the tube in the front.

Sewing the upper and lower waist joints, and start sewing the door tube.

After the door tube is sutured, the shirt collar is used to use the stuffy seam method

Finally, the upper sleeves, the cuffs can be rolled by the edge of the cuffs


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