In this golden age of sailing, many people want to go out of the sea, which is the prosperous age of Roger. However, many people are facing the situation of insufficient resources. It is common for a small wooden boat to start a small wooden boat. As for how to make the career bigger and stronger, it depends on personal strength and encounter. The guys have a famous hall in the pirate world.



Ace is the first person to go to the sea for the three brothers of ASL. This small wooden boat is very simple, and the supplies brought by Ace are not much. After saying goodbye to Saab and Luffy, he set off towards the vast sea. Ace quickly set up his own sport pirates, ate the fruit of the burning, and went to the country of peace and met Xiaoyu. Finally, he was accepted by the white beard as his son to become the captain of the Qi Fan team. Speaking of Fire Boxing Ais, it must be a pirate to know that the world government invited him to become Qi Wuhai and was rejected.


Saab is the second brothers to go to sea, but he unfortunately met the boat of the Dragon people, because the pirate flag on the ship made him be shelled by the Dragon Ren. Fortunately, he was rescued by Luffy’s father. After continuous growth, Saab became the chief of staff of the Revolutionary Army. Even though the Revolutionary Army did not want to publicize it, Saab’s fame should not be low, but after the world conference, Saab made an accident on the news headline. What kind of action would the revolutionary army take?



Three years after Ace went to sea, Luffy also chose to go to sea. His boat was even smaller than Ace’s boat. At least Ace’s boat had canvas. Soon the sea let Luffy know what the end of the game is not respecting himself. The boat was torn by the vortex. Luffy had to get into the small wooden barrel with the wave. But Later, Luffy’s navigation career was booming, and he kept looking for partners. He also had the title of the five emperors.



When the red -haired incense of the four emperors went to sea, it seemed that it was not much different from Luffy, and she was also a small wooden boat. But Shanks had been an intern on Roger’s boat before. Now he has to be self -reliant, so everything must be from scratch. It seems that the red hair at this time is to invite Jesus to become his partner. Bar.




One Piece Roger said so much to Raley. At that time, he seemed to have nothing, so he asked Rayley “Should I turn the world with me?” The boat also accepted together. Who would have thought that this poor guy would become One Piece later? Maybe Rayley had seen Roger’s extraordinary time. He felt that he would definitely experience a different life with Roger, and some people were born to let others look at themselves.

black beard

Blackbeard was originally just a small crew on the white beard boat. If the dark fruit did not appear, he would live an honest life. However, the appearance of the secret fruit allowed him to kill Sacca rebellion. After going to sea, he must be looking for his own boat. First of all, the four large wooden ships appeared in front of everyone. The queen also tied the big wood on both sides of the boat.


Therefore, it is not important to drive when going to sea. As long as there is strength, the crew will have it and the ship will have it.