Sometimes when you go to the wedding, you will find that the most common wedding gift is a red envelope in Stapgaga, and then the bag of the gift is still big red … Is it possible to send other things for wedding gifts? Today, I will introduce to you what are the gifts for wedding gifts?

Exquisite snack

As a marriage return gift, the snack represents the sweetness of the newcomer’s marriage and shares happiness with guests. The snack can choose the love shape, and then you can write your name on the dim sum, or make a comic version of the newcomer avatar outside the dim sum box. Is it cute?

In fact, it is still more popular with a variety of fudge, which is very delicious. Children’s favorite snacks.

There are also customized cakes. Many pastry shops can be made now. Do it in advance before the wedding. This thing is really attentive.

Shawl and scarf

Now in November, there are a lot of newcomers who have held weddings. They slowly turn cold every day. Why not prepare a scarf for guests? Such a gift will make the guests feel very comfortable and add a little warmth to the cold winter.

There are many styles of shawls and scarves on Taobao, and the materials are different. Although the wool and sheep scarf is very warm, the price is more expensive. Don’t be too high in the rejection budget, otherwise there are so many guests, and the wallet can not be eaten.

Thank you card

It is a very happy thing for relatives and friends to come to their own weddings, so be sure to send something commemorative.

Thanks to the card, it has become the trend of wedding small gifts, especially the gratitude card for newcomers to customize DIY, so that guests can make a commemorative.

结婚回礼小礼物推荐 六种实用礼品推荐

sweet wine

The wedding is sweet, the candy is also sweet, and the sparkling wine and sweet wine fruit wine are also sweet. And now the sweet wine is not only cheap, but also the high value. I think girls may prefer this gift. It is sweet and sweeter than some people’s dimples?

Recently, Double Eleven is coming, and many sweet wines are discounted. If you have planning to use sweet wine as a wedding gift, remember to do more.

It’s not afraid of Tun too much. You can drink it yourself. Beauty and beauty are a good thing.

scented tea

In recent years, young people have particularly liked health. The latest night of boiled, and a cup of red dates, wolfberry tea!

If you use flower tea as a wedding gift, people of all ages like it. If it is pure tea, many female friends may not like it, but there are more people in the tea tea.

Rose tea beauty and beauty, jasmine tea qi and pain, lily tea is peaceful … Now it is also more popular with flower tea, high value is also very good, it is a good choice.


The fragrance candle is a type of craft candle. The natural plant essential oil contained in it exudes a pleasant fragrance when burning. It has the effects of beauty and health, soothing nerves, purifying the air, and eliminating odor. And when the shape and color are in shape and color, you can choose according to your wedding theme. If you are a beach wedding, you can buy this shell -shaped aromatherapy candle, and the color is also very fresh.