Autumn and winter are here, I believe that everyone’s wardrobe is always indispensable. In terms of the choice of the coat item, most sisters coincide together, mainly black and gray, especially the gray coat, which has become the main item popular this year.

Black is relatively dull, but the color of such a versatile and not picking people is very advanced, so everyone will choose


Relatively bright gray

It has both the gentle and atmospheric pursuit, but it is not as boring as black.

How would you wear a gray coat? Before buying this item, you already have a lot of ideas in your head, but when you put it into practice, you find that it is not the case at all, so this high -quality item is high.

So, have sisters thought about the problem? Why do the two such versatile elements superimposed in the classic color and coat of gray color and coats have become tricky?


In fact, this is because many people are a common problem when matching–

Can’t do subtraction

Essence Of course, I understand everyone’s concerns, that is, worrying that the simple match makes the gray coat boring, so today I brought some small methods for everyone, let us watch it together!

TIPS1: “Color” makes the style very different

Although we have put the shape

The main color adjustment is gray

, But to clearly gray

Degree of saturation

Different saturated gray coat styles are also different. Therefore, when choosing a gray coat, it is also a reliable method based on color selection.


Dark gray is more calm and atmospheric

, But relatively tough, suitable for creating a gender -free and big woman’s temperament. When choosing a single product with it, try to choose

Relatively lively color

With the basic color, it will not look too dull and boring.

Compared with this style


Light gray coat

, Light gray coats are much softer, especially this year is very popular


Cement ash

This color coat, it is very suitable

With a skirt

Appear, can

Easily wear an elegant atmosphere

Essence But the sisters who choose this color should pay attention, the cement gray is light -colored, so

Not dirty enough



At this point, many people choose the color of the gray coat. In fact, there is a very exquisite color matching that will be ignored by everyone, that is

Gray tone plaid coat

Unlike other element -colored coats, it is relatively low -key, so it is even more apparent


Essence Although this kind of coat is very restrained, it has a color in itself, so when it is matched,

Other items still try to use solid color as much as possible

TIPS2: Understand the importance of material

In addition to the selection and matching of colors, the coat is still a very important product product, and it can even be designed.


It is the most important for coats


Essence In the autumn and winter season, we must take care of


Warmth of warmth

, And to be right again

Aesthetic consideration

The most common is the material of the woolen.

This material is relatively heavy, and it is most directly reflected in its sense of clothing weight, so

Woolen material

Comparison of coats


It is very suitable for matching. This is not easy to collapse, making it not easy to show fat, very hidden, and the same

Suitable for slightly fat sisters

Another material is also very colorful, especially for sisters in the south, warm weather is also a level to choose clothing. For the coat material worn by the southern sisters, the first thing I push is

Knitted coat

Many people think that knitted coats are

Long sweater

In fact, you can also understand this, because their common advantage is that

Soft glutinous body

, To maximize

Show the body advantage in autumn and winter seasons

But the more obvious advantage of knitted coats is that it is not as soft and collapsed like a long sweater, but

Moderate hard and hard


, Also have a unique sense of coat.

TIPS3: Pay attention to the small details of the extra points

Gray coat

It is simple and not boring

Be sure to pay attention


Get up and down. The first is the collar of the coat,

Shape of the collar

Different can show very different styles and feelings.

The round neck coat is not as popular as a lapel coat in autumn and winter, but it is very suitable

With a hoodie and scarf

Appear. The first is that it is even more style


, Secondly, the neck is blank, which can supplement with a hoodie or scarf, both

Not bloated


, Not letting people feel empty.

Don’t introduce too much for everyone here

Turning coat

In addition to its formal sense and better warmth, the gray lapel coat is also very suitable

College style matching

The single product appears, color in color




It is not more suitable, it is a very basic style, novice Xiaobai chooses it to be right.


In addition, the details to be noticed are coats


, I believe that the sisters who love to watch Japanese dramas and Korean dramas like they very much

Horn buckle coat

Essence The reason why the horn buckle coat is excellent is precisely because of his careful thinking on the button


Greatly increase the overall details

TIPS4: Accessories improvement refinement

The matching of the coat needs to be used for some accessories. The biggest difference between the clothing and the clothing of spring and summer in the early winter is that the “


“Is it quite equivalent. For example, items like gray coats, if you choose




Come to match, it seems thinner. So need to be selected



High practicality


With a thick sense of accessories

Essence When using a scarf to match, we must consider it


Different systems


OK, here to share with you about gray coats is coming. If there are other content you want to know, please leave a message below to interact with me!