Today, I received a message on a netizen on a social platform, saying that the Fanna was too comfortable, which caused him to sleep too late! This pot of Fanna was back.

It is difficult to get up in winter, and recently affected by strong cold air, there will be strong wind cooling weather in the central and eastern regions of China.

Hohhot, Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Changchun, and Shenyang have cumulative cooling levels above 10 ° C. The highest temperature in Changchun and Hohhot will be below 0 ° C. Outside, down jacket cotton pants must be put on.

After the cold air, the minimum temperature in the south decreased more obvious. The minimum temperatures of Wuhan and Hangzhou will drop to about 6 ° C in the past two days. The cold feeling is becoming more obvious. Autumn pants should be arranged.

The happiest thing in the season of “sleeping by courage, getting up by perseverance” is that you can depend in the warm quilt (this should be refuted !!)

Compared with the average quilt, if you have a soft and fluffy and warm down quilt, the warm value and happiness in winter will be more obvious. The friend fell asleep because Fumana’s down was too comfortable.

网友留言 今天上班迟到,都怪富安娜被子太舒服

Why is this so?

Let’s take a look at this together!

网友留言 今天上班迟到,都怪富安娜被子太舒服

Cotton is down by PK

① First experience pk


It was cold when it was drilled in

Cover the hot nest by body and willpower

Dare not get up at night in the middle of the night

Afraid of cold is second

Mainly, I am afraid that the quilt is cold again after returning


Cover it with warmth

Warmly warm

Three -dimensional velvet

网友留言 今天上班迟到,都怪富安娜被子太舒服

Long -lasting

No longer afraid to get up at night

② Sleep experience pk


It’s difficult to overcome

It will be stuffy in the middle of the night

Waking up will be sleepy and weak

It is the lightest natural filling fiber

There is no sense of oppression on the cover

Triangle pores in down fiber

Breathe can breathe

Can also automatically adjust the internal temperature

Make your body wet and sultry

③ softness PK

Cotton -absorbing

But poor dampness

Easy to knotted

And affect comfort

One bed 1000 grams of down

About 300,000 velvet

This full fluffy softness

Like falling into a light and soft cloud

④ Clean PK

Destroy difference is easy to breed bacteria

Need to be exposed frequently

It is easy to get into the block for more than three years

Hydrimizing and drainability

Not easy to be tide and not easy to knot

Not easy to breed bacterial worm mites

If you maintain good maintenance, you can use 10-15 years

So if you are not prepared to get a quilt in winter, one bed is a good choice! The down is thick and thin. How can I pick it up? Today I will tell you about it.

Although the northern temperature can reach minus ten degrees, because the northern region is sufficient in winter, the so -called “I snow in the sun in the south, and you are in the cold night in the north.”

Therefore, in the winter, it is friends from the south, especially friends from Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hubei, and Hunan. Cooling has no concentrated heating. It is recommended to choose a down winter. Even if there is snow outside, your quilt is warm as spring.

网友留言 今天上班迟到,都怪富安娜被子太舒服

↑ Yunyi goose down was quilt

Fabric: All -cotton anti -flavored anti -slip sound grinding hair

Fill: 95 White Goose Plo down

Specification: 1.5M/1.8M

Weight: 900g/1000g

In a place with concentrated heating, those who are not too cold like Shenzhen Xiamen, Guangzhou, have enough to prepare a bed of goose velvet in four seasons. If you feel not warm enough, you can use a blanket to use it on the quilt.

↑ Four seasons of goose down are/mellow

Fabric: Full Poly Performing Polying Polyna Anti -feather cloth

Specification: 1.2m/1.5m/1.8m

Weight: 400g/600g/680g

With a down quilt, you can easily have a soft and warm quilt whether you are in the north or the south. Since then, we have the same reason for asking for leave -Fumana’s down is too comfortable and sleeps.

网友留言 今天上班迟到,都怪富安娜被子太舒服

网友留言 今天上班迟到,都怪富安娜被子太舒服

网友留言 今天上班迟到,都怪富安娜被子太舒服



网友留言 今天上班迟到,都怪富安娜被子太舒服





Fill: 95 White Goose Plo down