(Korean: 语; English: Republic of KOREA, south korea), referred to as “Korea”.

Located in East Asia

Korean Peninsula

In the south, the total area of ​​about 10.329 million square kilometers (accounting for 45%of the Korean Peninsula area), universal

Korean language

The total population is about 52 million. Capital



In winter, beautiful women wearing shorts and skirts can often be seen.


The winter in South Korea is also very cold, but why can I still see many girls and even high school students.

What about wearing shorts?

There are actually many reasons:

First: They have received cold -resistant training since they were young to cultivate their “



“. It can be called a Korean tiger dad tiger mother! So in the winter, you can often see that children are rarely wearing snow.


For beauty

Koreans pay great attention to their appearance. It can be seen from the degree of development of their makeup and plastic surgery.

Third: Many schools

Can’t match with pants

Instead, there are only short skirts! In this regard, Xiao Jing feels really disagreed! Girls are also cold in winter!

(In addition, many parts of South Korea have heating, so it is just a small meeting.)

More than 3,000 cameras are installed in the city for a criminal!

Everyone may not be unfamiliar, and they should have heard of what he committed more or less


Essence South Korea remakes this real event into a movie. After watching it, none of the sorry for the children, Xiao Jing was crying.

This person is the criminal of the Su Yuan case -Zhao Doulun

Essence He was released from prison in December 2020, and in prison he revealed that he would return to Anshan City. This move made the people of Anshan City frustrated, and the joint petition government government

It is forbidden to return here.


What is even more uncomfortable is,

The victim’s family still lived near Zhao Doulun’s house because of family poverty.

In order to eliminate the fear of the masses, the government will bring him for 24 hours, and send a full -time police to take care of it. In addition, in the urban area

More than 3,000 cameras are installed urgently.

(In the prison, Zhao Dushun’s psychologist said that he still had

Great possibility will commit crimes again

Essence In the face of such prisoners, why the South Korean government is willing to release it. What do you think? )

The density of coffee shops is super high.


Korean people like to drink coffee, which is famous. When you come here to travel or work, you can see a coffee shop almost after a while. In addition, whether it is a small shop or a big supermarket, you can see all kinds

Instant coffee

Moreover, in South Korea, you can see many tastes that have never been seen before. for example:

Grapefruit Mocha, sweet potato latte

Wait for a strange new taste.

They like to drink coffee so much. In addition to the lack of solution, they are more tasteful in coffee: “trendy, urban leisure” and other feelings. in addition,


Coffee shops are also a gathering place for many young people.

Korean toilets are called “makeup rooms”.

The impression of the toilet is where the urination is urinating. So why does South Korea call it a “makeup room”? Is it because Koreans

Do you have to go to the toilet to make up and makeup?

This is just one aspect. The name is actually more historical. Around the 18th to 19th centuries, British people were popular on wigs,

At this time, a “Powder Closet” will be prepared in the bedroom of the upper social family

Here is because it is a space created for wig spraying, literal translation is “

Make -up room

“Because it should be washed by powder after sprinkle, it is also equipped with hand washing equipment. Since then, the” makeup room “has also been used to call the toilet.

Now, many people in Korea will choose to make up in the toilet, even when there are many people,

The toilet will also be queuing and makeup.

(Koreans are so beautiful!)

Drink ice water throughout the year.

In South Korea, whether men, women, and children will like to drink ice water

Essence Even the water dispenser only has ice water exit and hot water, and hot water is used to make coffee, and the ice water plug will never be pulled out.


When you go to the restaurant to eat, if you do not take the initiative to say hot water, the waiter will bring you a cup of cold ice water.

Even if the cold days are still the same.

For why they drink ice water, they also want to know why we Chinese like to drink hot water so much!

(What do you think is the reason?)

Tobacco and alcohol are not allowed at the age of 19.

South Korea is prohibited from selling tobacco and alcohol to people under 19 years old.


Huge penalty

Intersection If you are very young, it is better to bring your ID card with you in South Korea.

In addition, there are quite a few regulations on smoking in South Korea. You cannot smoke in public, you can only go to the corresponding smoking room. And if you are outdoors, you need to go

Specialty smoking places are only possible

Essence Of course, it is not possible to draw while walking.

(Xiaojing Friendly Reminder: Smoking is harmful to health, and second -hand cigarettes have a great harm to people around you!)

Korean boys also love makeup.

You may know that Korean girls are very obsessed with makeup, but you may not know,

In fact, Korean boys also love makeup!

Korean men’s makeup is a common phenomenon, men’s makeup is listed, and sales have skyrocketed. also,

There are three quarters of Korean men at least once a week.

In fact, many people will misunderstand male makeup and think that all boys make up in the direction of “feminine”. But this is not the case. For example, many male stars will enhance their heroic spirit through makeup, making people look better!

(What do you think of male makeup?)


Koreans love to eat dog meat, 1.5 million a year.

I never thought,

Koreans also like to eat dog meat

Intersection The crazy of dog meat is no less than that of our Chinese;


Koreans even eat 1.5 million dogs a year.

Facing such a large demand market, South Korea has it

More than 20,000 professional meat dog farms.

Korean people have a long history of eating dog meat. The most prosperous period is from the 1980s to the beginning of this century. At that time, South Korea’s economic development was rapid and the social atmosphere was radical, so eating dog meat in the country began to popularize.

Every summer, the three volts are the peak of Koreans who eat dog meat. Their favorite dishes are stewed dogs and dog soup, especially dog ​​soup.

However, in order to prevent dog lovers deliberately find faults, they renamed it “tonic soup”

(For eating dog meat, it is actually personal freedom. Do you like dog meat?)

Like to eat octopus raw!

There are many foods in South Korea, but you may not dare to try this.

Because it is eaten raw!

When you enter your mouth, you will move in his mouth; Xiao Jingguang thinks of goosebumps.

There is also a lot of attention to eating octopus in Korea. They usually eat it

Claw octopus

It is not the sea of ​​octopus in the deep sea.

The reason why they are so obsessed is that in South Korea’s food culture since ancient times, they have a hobby of eating live octopus.

They even think that this is a heavenly food. Korean people think that the live octopus is more chewy and eat fresh, which is really delicious.


But eating raw octopus is very dangerous, and if you accidentally, you will be sucked in your throat, and you will be in danger of being infected with parasites.

Essence So it’s better not to try it!

(Some Koreans even like it, and the feelings of the tongue and mouth by the octopus sucked! What are the quirks!)

90%of South Korea’s kimchi is imported from China.

Every time people mention Korean food, people often think of Korean kimchi. This food is very famous in our country or the world.

But in fact

More than 90%of South Korea’s kimchi is imported from our China!

However, this is also the helpless move of Koreans, because in China, because of rare arable land, vegetable prices are relatively high.


If a large number of kimchi is made, the selling price will be very high. Therefore, they simply imported kimchi from Northeast China, kimchi in Northeast China

Not only good quality, taste stick

The most important thing is that the price is also very cheap!

(So ​​there is no need to go to South Korea to eat kimchi. In fact, we can eat authentic in Northeast China.)

I like to take off shoes everywhere.

This habit is closely related to the lifestyle of Koreans. Because a long time ago, Koreans were a higher “tatami”. There will be a “fire” under this, and it will be with us

Northeast warm pupa

In order not to stain, they took off their shoes as soon as they entered; But with the advancement of the times, the temperature also appeared.

The use of “beds” is also widespread, but it does not affect their habits of their living habits.


Nowadays, many restaurants in South Korea still maintain this characteristic. In addition, in South Korea’s elementary school, children will also change their slippers.

The first is to keep the teaching building clean and tidy, and the second is also the habit of Korean people.

So at the festival,

Many Korean parents will buy socks as gifts for their children.

Because Korean people who are used to bare feet care about the maintenance of their feet. One is to keep warm.


The socks are broken or too old will not look good.

(Just for those friends with athletes, it will be embarrassing to eat a meal to take off your shoes!)

Improper garbage classification will be “returned to home”.


Now we are in the environment

The awareness of protection is getting higher and higher,

Especially in terms of garbage classification, it pays special attention.

Many friends who have first arrived in South Korea, maybe throwing garbage is a thing that makes you very distressed.

Because South Korea’s management of garbage is also very strict.


Garbage in Korea is divided into three categories: food waste, recyclable, and non -recyclable ”.

In addition, plastic, glass, jar, and paper should be placed separately during recyclables. And when we throw garbage, we must also use it

Specific garbage bags.

There are different garbage bags in different regions of South Korea. In the community, there are also specialized people to check the classification of garbage. If there is a situation where there is a classification error, it will

Return to the door according to the address. It will also be fined.

When you meet the age, he loves to ask people’s age.

As a girl, Xiao Jing does not like others as soon as possible when he meets. This is really impolite to us,

Didn’t they know that girls are always eighteen years old?

South Korea advocates Confucian culture

Elementary and orderly

, Respect the elderly. When you see the elderly, you must take the initiative to bow and ask; when you dine together, the elders can move the chopsticks before the elders first move the chopsticks;

The elderly cannot be easily interrupted when speaking. In addition, the words of seniors in Korea are very authoritative and have dominance to family affairs.


Respecting the elderly is not only reflected in daily life etiquette, but also appears in language


The unique respect of Korean

Essence Jing language is used when the age and status of the other party are greater than the speaker.

Therefore, when the Korean people ask their age when they meet for the first time, they do not intentionally offend their personal privacy.

It is to decide to use honor or flat words when talking with people through age

(If you see me, will you ask me directly?)

The Korean ID card turned out to be a Chinese name!

I didn’t expect it, the Korean ID card even has Chinese names! And without this Chinese name, it will cause their lives

Many troubles.

The reason why Chinese characters appear on the ID card are also the reason for this.

There are too many homophonic characters,


I don’t understand who it is.

Therefore, the brackets are inserted in the back of the Chinese characters, so that they can be clearly understood that the same pronunciation refers to which person and who the ID card belongs to.

In this case, they are actually unwilling to see it, but there are no other choices.

Because only this does not affect the daily use of ID cards.

The military service system is the whole people, even the stars are no exception.

South Korean law stipulates that male citizens in the age of 20 to 30 must


Mandatory serving military service.


No matter who you are, even a big star who is red all over the sky, is no exception in the soldiers.

Such a recruitment system makes the life of male citizens reach a fault of life during service, and such faults are almost devastating in the life and career of male artists.


Leaving the stage for two years when he is popular, it is a test for any actor’s life, but no one dares to escape. in Korea,

Once the news of male artists escape, it will become his biggest stain.

Therefore, South Korea’s military service, compared to idols, is a trial of jumping Dragon Gate.

Become a real strength

If you ca n’t carry it, you will experience the normal survival of the fittest and fade out of the audience’s attention.

And the real acting school will be dormant,

After the military service, it exudes the ability and light.

(Think about it, our motherland is more enlightened, and when the soldiers are voluntarily, but their treatment and honor are not comparable to many jobs! One person is a soldier, the whole family is glorious!)

Buy fruits to buy.


South Korea

Regional narrow,

As a result, the price of vegetables and fruits in China is very high; and it is not affordable by ordinary families, so over time, it over time, it over time,

In the eyes of many people in Korea, the price of fruits of foreigners is also very high.

We are in life, and every time we go out to buy fruits


Let’s. However, in South Korea, they need to buy fruits

Buy according to the number of fruits.

This way of buying will be understood in South Korea, but once it is in China,

If you tell the boss to buy two apples and two strawberries; the boss is likely to not sell it to you!

The Pingchang Winter Olympics distributed 110,000 condoms.


Tell everyone secretly that every time the Olympic Game

Release condoms.

Because the people who come to participate are the people with the best sports ability among the billions of people in the world.

If they gather at the same place at the same time, plus they are usually in the best time

This aspect is not a matter of discussing tigers. Instead, we also need to understand that it is also necessary to take good safety measures.

In addition, at the 2012 London Olympics,

Endred 150,000 condoms

; Average 15 per capita, but it was used up 5 days after the start.

The 2008 Beijing Olympics,


Ended 100,000

, But at the end of the Olympic Games, there is even more

More than 5,000. This is the first time that there have been surplus of condoms in the Olympic Games for more than 20 years.

There are low -site buses specifically to take care of women and children, the elderly, and the disabled.

South Korea is now very developed and after the economy; the government’s guarantee for the people is also very good, and even developed specifically for the disadvantaged groups in the city.






Low buses.

The low chassis buses, the chassis of the car is very low from the ground. It does not need to take the steps on the steps.

When encountering the disabled people on a wheelchair, the back door of the car can extend the connection platform to help wheelchairs get on the car easily.

This is not popular in our country, but it may be seen in big cities. I still hope to take care of the vulnerable groups.


There are special heating seats under the bus station.


This should be the gospel of many medium -sized breeches in winter; in South Korea, winter is very cold, but it is also necessary to adhere to work.


In order to make the public more comfortable when waiting for the car, the local government made this specifically

Heating seat

Essence And there are also on the subway!


This seat temperature will

Set at 38 degrees

, A little higher than our body temperature, so that most people can feel comfortable. They not only have such warm measures in winter.

In the summer,

Korean people will also put a large piece of ice on the bus station

, Let friends waiting for the car to relieve the heat.

It’s so intimate! It is hoped that domestic warming measures are also popularized in China.


Korean red envelopes turned out to be white!

Korean people get married, and they will actually pack red envelopes and gifts. But what I never thought was,

The “red envelopes” they used to pack gifts turned out to be “white”!

It will write simple blessings outside this “white bag”, or a little more delicate is the cute pattern. But whether it is white or red,

They are all wishes to newcomers!

The meaning is beautiful,

The gift inside is also beautiful! What do you think?

Alright, thank you for seeing here patiently. Hope to make you through this article

Learn more cold knowledge in Korea.

Understand some foreign customs, give yourself growth experience, and enrich your life.


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