I do n’t know if you often eat and go shopping with your sisters, do you usually like to wear sisters out of the house, or do you have different dressing styles? I believe that the latter that many people encounter are not only like ordinary young sisters, but also the style of star groups in private. The TWINS combination that has been hot for more than ten years is a good example!

Although TWINS is a combination, there is a big difference in the appearance of Ah Sa and Gillian and the style of dressing. No, this time they walked the airport, one wearing short sleeves with denim exposed the ankle, one in two gowns and leather boots, as if in summer, one in autumn. However, although the styles are different, they have their own flashing points. Let’s take a look at which tips to get from them to get from them!

Gillian’s body temperament analysis

In the impression of many people, Gillian’s impression in TWINS is more mature women, and the facial features are bright and gorgeous. Although her figure is not as slim as before, she has also successfully became the dressing template for the fat girls. In general, for Gillian, the focus of wearing this dress must be concentrated on covering the meat.


Gillian look analysis


Edition matching: loose top+tights under the tight -fitting, “growing long and avoiding weaknesses” is very thin

Gillian’s shape did not really “cover the meat”. She chose a loose sweater on her upper body. The width and the small belly didn’t see it for a second, and the lower body was paired with a tight -fitting bottom. This combination not only covers the fat of the upper body, but also highlights the slenderness of the legs, and cleverly plays a role of avoiding strengths and avoidance.

This way of “upper Panasonic” is fat for the upper body, and the thin sisters with thin lower body are particularly applicable! However, if there are more leg fat, and the upper body is fat, it is not recommended to use this matching method. It is best to use the opposite strategy to use the “tight and lower loose” matching method to achieve the role of growth and avoidance.


Color scheme: Dark color+a small amount of bright color elements embellishment, sweeping monotonous and watching


Significant skills: smooth shoe pants to extend the leg lines

In addition to the clever version of the version, this shape is also very worthy of the fat girl in terms of color matching. In terms of overall color matching, this shape mainly uses the color matching method of dark color+small amount of bright color element, and uses the visual contraction of dark color clothing to achieve a thin purpose. At the same time, the black and white plaid bright color embellishment is added to the shape, sweeping the monotonous of black, and adding highlights. In addition, this shape also uses the principle of “shoe pants and same color”, which extends the leg lines and makes the whole person’s figure look taller.

A SA’s look analysis


A Sa feels more sweet and cute, her figure is more slim and tall, and her cute looks+tall figure allows her to control the playful princess style, but also to wear handsome and casual wind. Like this shape, it is a raising BYLISH wind route. It uses simple white T -shirts with straight jeans, and a pair of dynamic color -fighting sports shoes, which looks more refreshing and vibrant than Ajiao’s shape.


Highlights: Printing sweater as accessories, manufacturing visual focus, rich levels

Although the shape of A Sa is simple and generous, at the same time, it is full of highlights. The most eye -catching thing is the printing sweater she wore. This method not only gives the overall shape a richer highlight, but also allows wearing to look at it to look at it. Get up more layered. At the same time, this method of wear is also very practical. If it is hot, you can take off the sweater as a accessories. If you are cold, you will not have a sense of disobedience.

Apparently high plan: The waist of the jagules of the clothes is stuffed, it looks neat and the proportion is increased


I don’t know if the big foot has found that if you usually wear white T -shirts with jeans, it is often easy to sink his shape in the crowd, but the shape of A Sa will not, but it looks very neat and imposing. In fact, the key to wearing this effect is that this shape uses the wearing technique of “clothes jeans on the clothes”, which not only makes the shape look more capable, but also cleverly improves its own body proportion. It seems that the whole person is the whole person. Slender and higher.

Coloring skills: accessories echoed up and down to enhance the sense of unity of styling

When pairing with more complicated colors, I believe that many sisters are worried that the shape will look too fancy. It is not difficult to avoid this problem. As long as you pay attention to the color of the color when matching other clothing, you can cleverly enhance the sense of harmony of the shape. Like this shape, with a colorful shawl on the upper body, the lower body is matched with the same colorful sneakers. The echo on the color blocks naturally weaken the mess of wearing, making the overall look look more uniform.