As we all know, radiation will affect human health, and the human brain is the smartest. Now that the existence of radiation is found, the improvement of scientific and technological levels, and radiation prevention uniforms are born. It can effectively defend the damage to the human body. In particular, the special physical fitness of pregnant women must also defend the damage of radiation, so the radiation protection suit naturally becomes a must -have for pregnant women and special professionals.

If you want to choose the most suitable one, you still need to understand your needs in advance, so that you will buy a Hexin and interested radiation protection suit. So, what is radiation protection suit? Is it really useful? How to choose a radiation protection suit? True pseudo -anti -radiation uniforms? What are the precautions during use?


First, what is radiation protection suit?

The radiation protection suit is also known as an electromagnetic radiation shield. It is made of metal and textile fibers, and the manufacturing process is extremely complicated. The main consumer groups of radiation protection clothing are pregnant women and special professionals. Anti -radiation uniforms can be divided into coating, multi -ions, metal fibers or other.

Second, is it useful for radiation protection?


1. Anti -radiating clothing wearing

The radiation protection uniforms are not completely closed when wearing. Like our usual clothes, the bottom is open. Most of the daily radiation prevention comes from the outside of the clothing. The dispersing is not concentrated. The protection effect will be reduced accordingly. To effectively reduce the damage of radiation.

2. Pregnancy protection of pregnant women

It should be noted that in the first two months of pregnancy, the fetal status is still unstable and is easily affected by radiation. If it is exposed to radiation at this time and is harmed, even if the baby is healthy when he is born, it may be given to the baby in the future. Health brings hidden dangers. Therefore, pregnant mothers should not take it lightly, especially in the first three months. Pregnant women’s radiation uniforms can reduce the damage to the human body by radiation. Therefore, the importance of wearing a radiation protection suit for pregnant women is self -evident.

3, radiation protection common sense

Anti -radiation uniforms can resist the amount of radiation in the coverage area. Even if wearing radiation protection uniforms, it is not uniform, and the hands, feet, and face are still within the radiation range. Therefore, expectant mothers should stay away from the radiation source as much as possible, such as mobile phones. The radiation amount when connecting is very large. It is recommended that the pregnant mother should maintain a high degree of distance from the radiation source at this time.

Third, the type of radiation protection suit

1, metal wire

Metal silk fabric is made of safe and harmless fabric, which is harmless to the human body. The characteristics are soft, breathable, refreshing, antibacterial, pollution -proof, radiation protection, no oxidation or fading, etc. It has good effects, long use time and can be washed, long -term use. You can choose this one usually, the style can be flexible, and the daily wear effect is also good.

2, coating

The coating material is not soft, impermeable and not washed. After cleaning, it is easy to peel off the coating, and the radiation protection effect is relatively poor. If the coating does not fall off, the impact on the effect of radiation protection is small.

3, silver -plated fiber


The fabric has good antibacterial, breathable, radiation -proof effects, etc., but the price of this radiation protection suit is relatively high, and the possibility of oxidation and discoloration is relatively high. This type of radiation -proof pregnant women’s dressing has stronger stability and radiation protection effects, wearing it, and good conductivity and good protection effect.

4, ion silver,

The highest -end material is lightweight, comfortable, soft, etc., and the price is expensive.

Four, buy

1. Protection level

According to the actual environment, the protection level is selected, divided into ordinary models and super -strong grades. Generally, it is recommended that pregnant mothers who have more than 20 computers in the computer room or working environment buy super -level radiation protection uniforms. Normal normal radiation protection protection effects are about 25 % of metal fibers, while super strong ones are about 30 % of metal fibers.

2. Protection site

According to the actual pregnancy, the protection site is selected, divided into underwear models and horses. Anti -radiation underwear is suitable for female compatriots without pregnancy. Of course, female compatriots who are about to be pregnant can also wear underwear. If you are pregnant for more than three months, you must wear a horse -drawn model to protect the vest (to protect the spinal nervous system).

3, choose styles

According to personal hobbies, choose styles, as long as it is a horse clip, the protective effect is basically the same, that is, it looks different. Of course, it is the same if it looks good, and the underwear is the same.

4, choose color

According to personal hobbies, choosing colors, the most smelling color is Tibetan blue, because the Tibetan cyan has a pollution resistance, so it is the most commonly used color. Who said that pregnant women can’t be beautiful, pink is suitable for people who like beautiful. Purple is both dirt -resistant and beautiful. Others are blue, gray, and military green. Of course, which color is ultimately selected, it still needs to be determined by the pregnant mother himself.

5, select size

According to the actual situation of individuals, the size is the most difficult to choose the size. When we buy clothes, we are too small and too small, but it is very difficult to choose the right one. Here, we recommend that pregnant women are buying radiation protection clothes, which can be slightly larger, which is good for you and your children.

For example, the official recommendation is that the pregnant mother with a height of 160-164cm wears an L code, and the pregnant mother with a height of 165-170cm wears an XL code, but in the actual purchase, it can be a size on the basis of the official proposal, such as 160-164cm Buy XL directly, while 165-170cm buy XXL directly.

If you choose a large size, then we still have room. Even if the size is big, we can change the clothes smaller. On the contrary, if you buy a small, there is no way.


Five, true and false identification

After getting the radiation protection suit, you can check whether it is the real product through the following methods:


1. View anti -counterfeiting label

Through anti -counterfeiting labels, you can initially determine whether it is genuine. Check whether the tag, water washing label, and evaluation and appraisal were complete.

2. View the protection effect

The most correct method of checking: We use the mobile phone to test, first dial the phone of others with your mobile phone, and must be in a call state. At this time, it is the time when the mobile phone is strong. Then turn on the radio or turn on the phone, and then use the mobile phone to approach the powerful radiation source. If you hear the obvious howling sound, remember, you must hear the scream before you can continue to the next step. Finally, wrapped the mobile phone with clothes, and the obvious screaming sound disappeared.

Through the above identification and identification, it can basically determine that the purchased radiation protection suit is true. Many people think that as long as the mobile phones that are not included in the radiation protection clothing can be identified and identified the authenticity and protection standards of radiation protection clothes, but this is actually incorrect.

Six, clothes protection

1. Washing method

You can clean it, but you don’t need to clean it every day, and then wash it after dirty. Because the protection of radiation protection uniforms depends on metal fibers. Once the metal fiber is broken, the protection effect will be greatly reduced, thereby reducing the protective effect. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the number of cleaning times.

· Add ordinary neutral laundry powder or liquid to clean water. The washing method is the same as the cleaning method of general clothing.

· It is not recommended to wash the washing machine. It is advisable to wash or dry them.


· Dry directly, do not twist.

· The water temperature is lower than 40 ° C, and the ironing temperature should be less than 150 ° C with medium temperature.

· Do not use bleach, and do not use detergents containing bleaching agents.

2. Save method

When the clothes are not worn, do not fold or compact it. It is recommended to hang it with a hanger to prevent the metal fiber break from folding or tightness.

3, shelf life


The use of silver ion materials has a period of use, and the material itself is defined as extremely oxidized, so the longer the time, the anti -radiation effect will slowly decrease.

Metal ions The radiation protection clothing is defensive by metal fibers in the clothing, so as long as the metal wire is not broken, the resistance will always exist, and the use time is longer.

Do you know that there are radiation protection clothes for other materials? Is the price high?

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