When it comes to basic models, it is easy for everyone to think of various T -shirts, shirts, jeans,

Among them, there are both black and white gray and other basic colors, and there are no shortage of red, blue and purple, and these picky colors. It is very good to wear and wear alone, and the choice is also very wide. It can be casual and formal. It is both the basic style and the treasure item.

The daily appearance rate of this type of basic items is also very high. Previously, Guo Jingjing and Huo Qigang attended a certain event. The two were wearing basic models. While they were generous, they were also comfortable and casual. The two people played together as if they were a giants, which was too grounded.

Analysis of Guo Jingjing:

The shirt is the first choice for the basic model in the spring and autumn seasons. There are many occasions that can be controlled.

The buckle is intellectual and elegant, and the open T -shirt can be worn as an outer jacket.

Guo Jingjing’s blue shirt is stacked with basic white T, and the whole set of blue and white is full of summer atmosphere.

If you want to make the basic style stronger, stacking jeans must not make mistakes.


Sisters of all kinds of figures can find pants types that are suitable for them. Skill -leg jeans can perfectly show their long legs. Loose jeans can cover up the defects of the leg shape. In autumn and winter, it will not look bloated with autumn pants. It is suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter, and denim trousers with a well -deserved basic model.


The billionaire ladies are wearing a basic model, and they are also paired with a pair of 55 yuan leap skate shoes. It is indeed a well -known giants.


Guo Jingjing is indeed the Olympic champion. There are more than a chic look on the skateboard, which not only highlights the super sports talent, but also looks super handsome. Sure enough, there is nothing about a woman who is handsome.


Two: How to wear the basic models is fashionable and trendy

1: Mix and match of basic models


The basic model is the perfect green leaf in the multi -item matching, such as basic knitwear+fresh floral skirt, basic shirt+strap skirt, various T -shirts+various styles of coats. Through the collision between basic models and various elements, it can be retro and trendy.

The basic items of basic models are common preparation of wardrobes. Different basic items can also be re -combined. Some of the same items can also match different feelings.

2: Color echo method


The combination of basic models is indeed savvy, but it is inevitable that people feel that it is “downstairs to pour garbage”.

How to wear the basic models is not ordinary, we can work hard on the color.

The echo of the first tail of the shoes and the color of the clothes or the color elements in the clothes and the color elements in the pants can give people a bright feeling. If you have patterns or text clothes, you can wear low -quality feelings if you don’t choose well. The monotonous of the pattern can be well resolved through the echo of color.


3: Quality is better than quantity


Since it is the most basic item, the place where it can take advantage of it is its quality.

The basic items of pure cotton are the most common items, but they must choose a higher number of grams. Otherwise, the pine is stretched on the body, and the basic style is even more inconspicuous.

The collar should not be loose, and it will make people feel that the version is not standing enough when matching. In addition, the quality and size of the clothes can be measured whether these basic items can continue to stay in your wardrobe.

Fashion summary:


The application of basic items in daily life is widely used. As long as you learn the key to wearing some basic wear, you don’t have to think about breaking your head or what you wear when you go out. Although it is simple, it is also a great challenge to wear the foundation to wear fashion. Hurry up and learn these basic models!

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