In the past two days, the question of whether the six -year -old child of the “Dasheng” can go to the Spring Festival Gala is so noisy on the Internet. Some people have revealed many clips of the 86th version of “Journey to the West”, and there are six young children’s new year advertisements for Pepsi to poke our tears.

However, this also reminds us that the Spring Festival is coming. This year is the year of the monkey. Of course, the decorations and souvenirs about the great saints and the monkeys are certainly not less. Of course, you have to give your baby or a small gift to relatives and friends.

Bring the monkeys on their bodies


Although it is not possible to turn a little monkey like Dasheng, there are still many ways to let babies bring monkeys on their bodies. Little monkeys hanging decorations, big mouth monkey pajamas, and belt monkey pillow, let the baby and the little monkey be intimate!

Big Eye Monkey Jewelry Hanging

If a baby belongs to monkeys or was born this year, the first choice for him to give him is of course this: big -eyed monkey hanging decoration. The zodiac meaning to our Chinese people is extraordinary. The zodiac jewelry symbolizes the meaning of blessings. At the same time, the precious metal jewelry can also be purchased as investment. Major jewelry brands have their own different designs of zodiac hangers, and mothers can choose.


Big mouth monkey children’s clothing, sheets


The most related brand with monkeys should be a big mouth monkey. In the year of monkey wearing monkey clothes, they can travel to the Grand Canal. The quality of their children’s clothing is good, and the price is very pleasing. In addition to clothes, there are schoolbags and big monkeys. Babies must like it.

Belt monkey pillow

At first glance, it is a bit scary, but if you have seen “Crazy Primitive”, it must be super cute. In addition to the appearance of the strap monkey pillow and other monkeys, the most special place is that its long arm can hug the baby, and give him the warmest embrace when the baby falls asleep at night.

Raising monkeys at home series


Monkeys are not pets, they must not be raised at home. However, Qi Tian Grand Holy Doll, Monkey La La La Town and Great Holy Lantern Lantern in addition to the full taste of the family, it can also make the little monkey accompany the baby at home.

Monkey coming, family hanging decoration

When the new year is coming, there will always be something festive at home. Spring couplets and blessings are necessary, then add a monkey to hang it. If the baby at home is large enough, you can also DIY with your baby.

As soon as you hung up, the taste of the year came out immediately.


Qi Tian Grand Holy Daba

You must tell your baby the story of Qi Tian Dasheng Sun Wukong, right? There is only one story, but there are many images of the Great Saint. There are too many kinds of dolls and dolls made on the Internet as the prototype. Go and pick a favorite for the baby!


Golden Monkey Dedicated River Lantern


The lantern seems to have been far from our lives for a long time, but the memories of childhood are vividly remembered. The current lanterns are shifted by LED, safe and durable. Buy it for babies, in addition to interesting, it can also enhance their hands -on ability.

Monkey is strong and profitable


The new year is here, and the old tradition cannot be lost. In the New Year and New Year, you should send red envelopes to the juniors, and the baby at home must also give you New Year’s money. Use a beautiful profit to put the New Year’s money in and give the blessings to the babies.


Please come to class


Picture book with monkeys as the main character

Amazon has previously evaluated 5 most popular picture books with monkeys. Moms can buy it for babies. Education can also practice English. Giving gifts is also a pretty good gift.


Animation and movie DVD with monkeys as the main character

Not to mention how many movies made by “Journey to the West” in China, there are many classics produced by a movie made by monkeys and orangutans as the main characters abroad. “Diamond” and “Rise of the Gorilla” are very good films. You can buy these movies, animation DVDs, or watch with your baby at home, and feel the wisdom and special features of spiritual animals in nature.

Not to mention the most loved “The Return of the Great Saint” last year also launched the commemorative version of DVD, it is just a must -have for the year of the monkey! Whether it is giving away or collecting, it is definitely worth starting!


The New Year is coming soon, these gifts should be prepared quickly. In the lively New Year atmosphere, in addition to the Spring Festival Gala, you can also take the baby to see the classic 86 version of “Journey to the West”, so that they can feel the style of Qitian Dasheng. I also feel the childhood we can’t go back.