The wall paint is also the latex paint we often call it. It takes a very heavy proportion in home decoration, and almost every wall of the owner’s home will be used. There are various wall paint on the market. Merchants have continuously launched new products and new concepts. Some merchants use professional terms to engage in gimmicks to make the owner clouds in the clouds. It is easy to get into the misunderstanding of purchase. Today, the bunny will summarize it. The five major misunderstandings of the wall paint purchase. The owners must be careful when choosing.

Misunderstanding 1: No smell is environmentally friendly

Many people judge the safety of wall paint by smelling odor, and believe that low -odor or smellless wall paint is environmentally friendly. This is a big misunderstanding. Because it can achieve no odor by adding fragrance or use of linked materials, no odor coatings are not all environmentally friendly and non -toxic. The most professional method for judging the environmental protection of wall paint is to see if its environmental indicators meet the standards. There are three key environmental protection indicators on wall paint: VOC, free formaldehyde, heavy metal.

Misunderstanding 2: heavy packaging and ignoring the inner

Consumers always look at its packaging when buying latex paint, which is very necessary. However, it should be noted that the well -paid coatings are not necessarily inner quality. In order to attract customers, some manufacturers deliberately exaggerate the performance of the product in the packaging of the product. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers not only look at the product packaging, but also pay attention to other aspects, such as checking the detailed test sheet of the product.


Misunderstanding 3: The color card and the wall color are exactly the same

Many consumers think that the color of the paint on the color card is completely the same as the color of the wall, which is a misunderstanding. Because of light reflex and other reasons, after the walls are painted on all sides of the room, the color of the wall will look deeper than the color card. The color that consumers see on the color card are usually different from the actual color behind the wall. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers choose to choose the color number of the color that is slightly lighter in the color card. If you like the dark wall surface, you can be consistent with the color tone of the selected color card.


Misunderstanding 4: Do not estimate the amount of paint in advance

Many consumers do not estimate the amount of paint in advance. They are afraid of buying less paint. When buying, they always benefit more. This may cause waste of materials, increase the cost of home improvement, and at the same time accumulate too much paint on construction safety. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers must depend on the area of ​​the construction area before construction, so as to estimate the amount of materials for purchases. It is estimated that the relatively simple method of paint is: apply the required amount of paint (L) = (wall area x2.5)/per liter paint area.

Misunderstanding 5: Heavy price and ignore quality

When many people buy wall paint, it is easy to enter a heavy price and ignore the misunderstanding of quality. Some think that the higher the price of the paint, the better, so find the most expensive buy when choosing, but the experimental results show that this is not the case. In order to save money, the lower the price is better in order to save money, so the money saves a lot, but the quality of the wall and the indoor environment in the future. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to pay attention to the quality of wall paint while considering the price, and generally choose a large brand with reputation.


What is VOC?

VOC’s Chinese name “Volatility Organic Compound” is an invisible killer pollution in home decoration. It releases a lot during the drying process of the inner wall coatings, and there is a small amount of trace in the long -term daily life slowly.

Generally, sellers usually make large articles on VOC, emphasizing that the content of VOC is almost zero, but in fact, the film formation effect of VOC and coatings is closer.

Bunny summary:

There are many types of wall paint. If you buy inappropriate products, you waste both funds and delay in construction. Therefore, when the owners choose to buy it on the wall paint, they must be cleverly conscious and get out of the misunderstanding. Regardless of the new concept of the merchant, as smart consumers, we must firmly grasp three aspects: environmental protection indicators, service life and cover power. It really can spend less money, only the right one is not expensive.

The above is the misunderstanding of the wall paint selected by the bunny for everyone to avoid the five major misunderstandings mentioned by the rabbit. More about wall paint judgment and purchase strategy, please pay more attention to the common sense of Tuba Rabbit decoration. Channel. You can also subscribe to Tuba Rabbit


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