In recent years, the technological innovation of laptops and PCs has undergone tremendous changes. From the past, it has transformed from performance as the main point of view to targeted innovation forms. The user’s use needs have also generated specific demand due to different use scenarios.

Especially with the continuity of the global epidemic, consumers’ attention to safety and health has become more urgent. How to further improve the health and safety of products in the computer field has become a topic of global PC companies.

At the Acer 2021 Global Autumn New Product Conference, which was held tonight, “Born because of You”, Titanium Media noticed that Acer released the Earthion platform. More product lines are equipped with antibacterial technology.

Among them, Enduro Urban N3 Antibacterial Edition and Trinity Tablet Enduro Urban T3 antibacterial version designed for outdoor and camping enthusiasts, which not only passed the MIL-STD-810H military regulations and IP53 waterproof certification. And almost all contact surfaces cover silver ionic antibacterial coating. The three -anti -laptop Enduro Urban N3 uses Corning Gorilla Glass antibacterial glass, allowing users to easily face the outdoor complicated environment challenges, and it is more durable.

Acer TravelMate SPIN P4, as a flip -able business notebook, Acer covers its body, keyboard, and touchpad with silver ionic antibacterial coating to effectively inhibit the growth rate of microorganisms and equip it with 14 -inch antibacterial Gorilla Glass glass touches for it. Control the screen with a flip screen and the 11th -generation Intel Core processor. At the same time, Acer launched peripheral products such as the Acer VE246Q display with antibacterial functions.

In terms of environmental protection, Acer released the first environmental concept notebook Acer Vero Hummingbird · Future Environmental Edition and TravelMate navigator · Future Environmental Edition and desktop mini host Veriton Mini · Future Environmental Edition.

It still pays attention to environmental protection on the peripheral of the computer. This time, there is the first permanent concept monitor BR277 · The future environmentally friendly version of the monitor and the future environmental protection version of mouse and mouse pads will implement the sustainable concept carefully.


As a brand that deeply cultivates the field of e -sports, Acer released the latest plunder Holy Shield 7000 flagship e -sports console, equipped with Intel 12th generation Core processor, cold heat dissipation with liquid, the graphics card is equipped with a 24G memory NVIDIA GeForce RTX3090, with the new RTX And DLSS2.0 technology.


It is worth mentioning that this time Acer released the new ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Ultra -sensitive space 3D version of the 3D version of the design laptop, which is equipped with an Acer SpatialLabs solution that integrates a series of optics, display and induction technology in real time and provides naked eye 3D experience. The teacher provides amazing three -dimensional vision to achieve the creative process that is obtained and obtained. At the same time, the 11th -generation Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX3080 mobile display chip.

This time Acer’s global autumn new product launch conference, Acer not only released the Vero environmental protection product series, showing its efforts in green environmental protection and sustainability. In the past, it provides another idea for the PC industry in differentiated competition. (This article starts the titanium media app)