In the cold winter, many office workers still ride electric vehicles, rising the cold wind, and spread through the cold bones; it is important to ride electric vehicles in winter, but safety is more important. So, how to prevent cold and warm in winter ride in winter?

冬天骑电动车良心提示 你可别忘了防寒保暖!让你能够优雅起来!

The following tips and precautions must be kept in mind!

Three must:

01 Anti -use old cotton jacket

冬天骑电动车良心提示 你可别忘了防寒保暖!让你能够优雅起来!

Some cotton jackets are too old. If you look good, you do n’t wear it, so you can wear it when you ride a bike, which can block a large cold wind.

冬天骑电动车良心提示 你可别忘了防寒保暖!让你能够优雅起来!

02 Wear leather gloves and helmets

Wear thick gloves and helmets in winter. The helmet must be full of helmets, otherwise it will leak the wind. As long as a trace of wind drilled in winter, it will feel cold; the gloves should be selected with skin, just wool woven is not enough, because it will transparent the wind.

03 Put on the knees on the leg

The knee joint is the most susceptible place. Many people have arthritis at a young age, which is related to wearing short skirts and not paying attention to protecting the knee. Therefore, it is best to wear a thick warm knee when riding an electric.

Three don’t:

01 Do not pretend to be a jacket cloak

冬天骑电动车良心提示 你可别忘了防寒保暖!让你能够优雅起来!

Many people now like to buy a conjoined cloak. Although this cloak is warm, it is not free to move after wearing it. It is easy to cause safety accidents.

02 Do not wear two big gloves in the handlebat handle

The gloves are very large, and it is not easy to hold the handle. It is easy to make an operation error, which causes the brakes to be unscrupulous or error accelerate.

03 Don’t be careless

When turning, because wearing a helmet, it is likely that you can’t hear the sound of the surrounding horn, so you must be slow; if you encounter snowy days, the road is slippery, and try to take a bus or take a taxi. After all, safety is the most important thing.