After skin care and liquid foundation, the mask can also be customized.


Recently, IOPE, a brand of Korean Amore Pacific Group, launched the world’s first customized mask product. According to the official introduction, the product is made of 3D printing and IoT technology. It is jointly developed by the team’s scientist, the Korean Institute of Industrial Technology Research, and the Korean 3D printer manufacturer LinCSolution. The product is currently tried on the IOPE LAB and will be officially released in 2018.

Personalized customized cosmetics are the product development direction of many beauty companies, and iOPE LAB is a laboratory that specializes in customized skin care research and development and related products and service experiences.

With skin analysis and 3D printing technology, iOPE LAB can provide consumers with private custom skin care product solutions on site. At present, it consists of two parts: Tailored Mask and Tailored Serum. Among them, the custom essence is rich in cypress tree extract, maple sugar extract, and fructose and other nine effects. It can customize the essence and skin care products according to the different skin types of consumers; while the custom mask is scanned by the mobile phone APP to obtain consumption consumption The facial data and measurement results of the person, and then make a mask pattern suitable for consumers’ faces.

More and more beauty brands are accelerating the layout of custom -made beauty products to meet consumers ‘improvement of consumers’ experience and personalized needs.

The custom beauty products of brands such as Lancome and Kyan’s brands have been launched. In 2016, Lancome launched a custom skin color foundation LE Teint Particulier to test the skin color and prepare custom powder foundation for consumers; APOTHECARY Preparations, a customized essence product launched last year, was released in Asia this fall. In addition, the Japanese brand POLA’s customized skin care products based on the consumer straton sampling technology and Jiaolan’s customized perfumes have also appeared one after another.

Since this year, Shiseido has continued to improve the custom beauty business by acquiring customized beauty startups and smart technology companies. In January, Shiseido acquired the US customized foundation startup Matchco, and March acquired JWALK, a New York all -inclusive creative company that is good at digital marketing, and emphasized the important position of digital creativity in the beauty business driven by digital technology as the driver; In November, it acquired GIARAN, an AI (artificial intelligence) startup, plans to use intelligent technology to reshape the beauty business. Recently, Shiseido released a customized smart skin care system “Optune”, which is planned to sell trial sales next spring.


Chinese local beauty brands are also developing personalized customized cosmetics. Xiangyi Materia Medica recently stated to the interface news that in order to meet the consumer’s personality needs, customized cosmetics combined with gene detection will be launched in the future. The product will provide one -to -one service for brand VIP customers in the early stage, and then couture development will be culied.


Faced with the increasingly personalized needs of beauty consumers, the customization service of beauty brands allows consumers to truly participate in the process of product formula and production to promote direct communication with the brand. Establish a consumer database to make the brand better understand consumers. Shiseido said that in the future, AI’s Gibran’s technical research consumer characteristics and needs will be used to guide the development of trial products and new products.

“Only through the combination of digital equipment can we better understand consumer consumption habits and consumer ideas, and communicate with them face to face to better meet consumer needs.” Wu Dong, head of Johnson & Johnson Asia Pacific Innovation Center The consumer group in the cosmetics industry is undergoing tremendous changes. Pursuing personalization is a major trend. In terms of the combination of cosmetics, digital technology, and intelligent technology, “whoever goes faster, who win faster.”