Stars walking the airport can be called a catwalk show. Most of the actresses will make their best solutions. Various fashion styles, various personalities, and endlessness, making people full of eyes. This time, Wang Ziwen’s airport shape was a lot low -key, a black dress, and the matching of black T and black skirts. The whole person seemed to be unprecedentedly relaxed.

The actor Wang Ziwen has exquisite facial features, has acting skills and temperament, but her height is her flaw. The height of 160cm has no advantage in the entertainment industry. The place where the beauty is like a cloud, and the petite girl will be easily ignored. However, with her dressing skills and fashion taste, it is easy to become a template for young children.

Like this black shape, it looks simple and generous, compared to various shapes that show the shape of the figure

This suit looks more low -key and relaxed.

First of all, in terms of color matching, black in the upper and lower parts will not bring too much visual impact, and the long style of long style also reduces the degree of dew.

The method of matching the same color is the most difficult matching method


The color of the upper and lower colors is unified, and there are subtle changes. It is not only unified and not feels tedious. This is also the main point of the same color matching.

The upper body black T -shirt uses a round neck style. Looking at the ordinary style, there are some careful machines. Put on

The use of half -jacket corners to form asymmetric styles,

The position of the hem shows one side and short side, and the short part is just leaning on the waist. It has both design and extension. Compared with pure short models, it can also show layers. Rich.




The price is expensive, and it is also very distinctive in design. The overall color is black, the thin and thin material plus the pleated style, which is more elegant and beautiful,


There are gentle charm between walking between walking

, Swallowed in the slender part of the calf, light and soft.

The addition of printing, the monotonous and dullness brought by the pure black, under the design of the pleated, the printing pattern is opened and together, vivid and interesting. The transparent design of the hem tulle also adds a bit of hazyness and mystery, which looks lighter, and the sexy in low -key is more charm.

Girls with petite figures are her pursuit. There are many ways to increase. The most direct way is to wear a pair of high -heeled shoes. In addition


, The proportion of adjusting the figure is also a good way to increase the effect




Although Wang Ziwen’s figure is petite, the proportion of figure is still very good, especially a pair of beautiful legs slender and long, adding a lot of color to her. Coupled with her long -term yoga exercise, her body flexibility and coordination are excellent. Even if the height is not enough, each appearance is sufficient.

The most commonly used way in Wang Ziwen is

Increases of waistline

Everyone knows where the waist is and where the legs are. Properly raising the waistline is the open secret of showing long legs.

In this wearing, in addition to the semi -congestion corner method to make the proportion look better, this oblique crossbag also plays a pivotal role. The golden chain forms a sharp contrast with the black T -shirt. The collision between gold and black can also add a few points of expensiveness, and the fashion has soared directly. The length of the bag is stuck above the waistline, the proper leg length, the perfect body proportion is easy to portray.

In one wear, the status of the shoes is self -evident

, Girls who can wear them have always ignored the existence of shoes. With the change of style, the overall state will also have very different effects.

If this shape is paired with slender high heels, the femininity will be more rich. If you match casual shoes, it will make the overall atmosphere easier. Wang Ziwen chose one

Flat canvas shoes

With this, the price of affordable people, comfortable experience, lively colors, easily achieve the effect of age -reducing, and feel a relaxed state.

Wang Ziwen is really wearing a master


, The little man wore a atmospheric field

Let’s take a look at her other styles and make a simple way to create a stylish style. Maybe they can bring inspiration to wear.

Red, enthusiastic, inexplicable happiness

Essence Wang Ziwen was wearing red jumpsuits and kept his big back. She looked gorgeous and free from the flame red lips.

Red jumpsuits are made of cortex. The hard fabric makes the shape more stylish, and the small lapel stands more handsome and personalized. The waist design creates a small waist. Both the sense of view, stepping on a pair of white Martin boots, not only soaring the gas field, but also the red color that is more eye -catching.

The matching of clothing has never been separated by separate existence. A perfect shape requires the completion of clothing, makeup, and accessories. This red jumpsuit is too eye -catching, bright colors, and personalized style, which can immediately become the focus of the crowd.

Such a dazzling shape, if the makeup cannot keep up, it will be formed

“Clothing wearing people”

The picture of the clothes only sees the gorgeous clothes, and the existence of ignored wearers. Wang Ziwen first chose the big -inflexible back, and his hair combed meticulous, less cute, a little more cool, red lipstick painted on his lips, sexy and feminine. The set of gold jewelry is matched with it, which sets off the skin tone more fair, and makes the shape more layered.


Clean and pure, no girl will not like it. This dress is fluffy and elegant. There is no half -slap in the details. The large V -neck and the high waist are designed, showing the golden proportion of the figure, and the addition of the panton sleeves allows gentleness and romance to the end.

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