Born to live, everyone has to live, there will be a lot of household items in life, but the world is so big, because of the difference between climate, geographical conditions, and living habits, there is a lot of different living habits, some of us Think of habits often, in the eyes of different cultures, it has become interesting “home wonders” phenomenon.


Today, let’s take stock of the wonder of incredible home, every one is so interesting. Why is this so?


German hood, oil smoke to indoors


The kitchen is very important for us. It is our daily nutrition and food processing plants. For the convenience of life, we need to prepare some household items, the most important four sets in the kitchen, that is


Cabinet, stove, hood, refrigerator

These are sparsely usual items.

However, in Germany, the hood is almost a placement, and the German house is no flue. The hood can not be drained, the cigarette can only be row up indoors. For the first time to German life, some people studying abroad, to Germany must be in a lesson of the hood, the fumes in the German hood are directly rushed back to the room, and a loneliness.

This is not an individual phenomenon of a few people, but Germany is so specified. There is a relationship with their eating habits, Germany eats sausage, mashed potatoes, occasionally frying a steak, there is no smoke. In addition, their smokers are inner circulating design, the extracted oil smoke should pass through the layer of filtration, filter off the harmful impurities, and return to the room. So it is completely enough for the Germans.

But doing the Chinese food is very hard, not only is clean, but it will crash when the smoke is too large. So don’t think that Germany imports are good, German hood is not suitable for domestic living habits, buy back, three days and two, strike, distressed in the Kitty in Germany, one minute.


Indian toilets must put a bucket of water

India is the country and our country, and their rich gap is very large, but no matter whether they have money, their toilets are no paper, and they are rubbed with hand.


The left hand is wetted to wipe the left hand, wipe the PP, rinse it with the water, and the conditions are better, and the left hand will be cleaned with the handle. This is clean. So, next to their bathroom toilet, you will prepare a small sink, or take a glass of water in front of the bathroom.

Think about it seems to be a truth with us to go to the toilet, and you can save the money to buy paper with your hands.

Magical China Universal Cover

My mother has a habit, home buying a home supplies, whether it is a large sofa, refrigerator, or small microwave, mother will prepare a piece of cloth, the beautiful name is bluff, and it is dirty.

Say that I have never seen you have washed the piece, except for the sofa set.


In the previous year, the material is relatively lacking, things are more love, we can understand, but in such a happy era, everything has to cover a piece, it is really unhappy. Buy a leather sofa, in order to blunt, cover the textile sofa cover, not only lost the grade, but also lost comfort. What’s more, I have to buy a piece of weight, and I have completely hindered it.

I suggest everyone, don’t cover it again, really ugly, and dirty, is it easier than washing the piece of cloth? This is also true of your home.