Children go to school, work people in the workplace, middle-aged people drink tea … Chinese people have more love to drink hot water, and there will be more in winter. This is not, the fans friends have a heart

“Insulation Cup Evaluation”

We will arrange it!

The family is here:

This sample fee 2202.43 + test fee 4494.40 (public price) = total 6696.83 yuan, comprehensive four major evaluation dimensions,

Ultimately recommended


The evaluation is not easy. If this article is helpful, please

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First, insulation


As a highlight of the evaluation, the light is


This evaluation dimension, we will

Simulated daily use scenarios and made four experiments.

01 pouring water after insulation

How many people work and learning are starting with a cup of hot water? Tired moments, open the insulation cup to drink a few mouthfuls, warm, very intimate.

We simulate everyone


Drinking water in room temperature

: After filled with hot water, pour off 20 ml every 1 hour, record temperature changes during 4 hours. The results are as follows:

Note: The smaller the value of △ t, the better

Comprehensive experiment data, 13 samples have changed in temperature before and after 4 hours.

Friends who pursue insulation


You can choose: No. 7 Tiger P Children, No. 10 象 Y, No. 6 Cup J bear children’s payment, No. 2 mens M, No. 11 Xiao M, No. 8 Ha Eis.


02 -40 ° C under temperature temperature


Considering the cold climate in the north winter, we have went to the cost of 400,000

High and low temperature humid heat exchange laboratory

Test the insulation cup

In the 40 ° C in zero, 4 hours after insulation effect

In the extremely cold state, the temperature difference change of the thermal insulation cup is more obvious:


Among them, the Tiger P Children, No. 10 Y, No. 6 Cup JBear, No. 2 diet M teacher performance, 4 hours of cooling can be maintained within 20 ° C.


03 cooling at room temperature

In order to make the installation scene of the thermal cup more diversified, we will also

Ice water mixture


Pour into the thermal cup and confused, tested

The cooling effect after standing for 6 hours room temperature

According to the measured results, No. 11 small M, No. 8 Ha Eis, No. 9 tiger P, 10 象 Y is better.

Note: The bigger the value of △ t is, the better

In addition to the above 4, No. 4 Xice L, No. 1 Fu G, No. 13 Miscellaneous Brand 2, all more or less residual remains, suitable for friends who prefer ice drink.

04 rehabilitation


I know that for some friends, the thermal cup is not

“Use” bad

, But



For selecting

“Modified” player


, We filled the thermal cup filled with water, placed on ground tiles with a height of 0.8 meters, freely dropped 3 times.


Three times without cracking or cave, the temperature of the cup is falling off, and the temperature will be recorded again after 4 hours.


Through the seven products of the fall test, the temperature changes in 4 hours before and after a large change.

From the perspective of falling behind the insulation cup, the No. 5 name C is P, No. 3 music K Le K performance; No. 11 small M, No. 2 mens M teacher is also good.

Second, sealing

For those friends who use the insulation cup,

The biggest disaster is too late!

If you install tea, coffee … can only let people live.



The simulated thermal insulation cup is installed in the bag, the situation is shaken up and down.

: Holding the holding cup with hands, from the upward 45 °, 45 °, a total of 10 times, and check if it is taking out the water, the water point.

As a result, only the 11th small m has a slight leak, and the analysis may be caused by the gap gap in the top cover.

Third, material

Remember last winter

“Stainless Steel Quality Identification”

Does the event? We have been tested for more than 2,000 stainless steel products from all over the country, and there are, of course, most of them.


Insulation cup

This time the mug evaluation, we used XRF scanners to determine samples with handheld X-fluorescent spectrometers.

Stainless steel grade.

The results are as follows:


From the test results,

The material and claim of the big-name thermal insulation cup are relatively regular.

And the outer casing of the two miscellaneous cups has been relatively cheap.

High manganese steel (201)

It is easy to rust.

On the line 12, the steel printing of 316 is played, and the results were detected to be 304 stainless steel. Business will be like this



The reason is that it is also easy to think about, nothing more than the word “interest”.


Although 304 and 316 belong to austenite stainless steel, the main difference is

The nickel content of 316 stainless steel is higher and an additional addition of molybdenum elements.

The molybdenum element is higher, so the price of stainless steel products of 316 is higher.


But only if the insulation cup is said, 304 is enough, do not have to be more than the difference.

Fourth, coating adhesion & smell

Let’s refer to the national standard, test the insulation cup

Coating adhesion

That is

Easy to remove paint

The problem.


13 thermos cups meet the requirements

The coating is firm and the paint is not easily destroyed. In addition, we also tested national standards.

Odor, the result is also standard

But some friends gave us a message say: installed coffee, the odor after milk is too long, it is difficult to remove.

The method of “异” is also very simple, that is

It is best to load water in the insulation cup!

This is not “listening to the monarch, winning a saying”!

Hot milk, milk tea is too long, which will cause the acidity of the milk substance to change, accelerate the reproduction of bacteria.

Keep a few hours of milk, try not to drink, otherwise diarrhea is small, and it is possible to cause acute gastroenteritis. And this type of a unique drink can also cause the thermal insulation cup

Silicone seal ring, plastic cover

Wait for small microporous structure



It is very difficult to remove.

According to the above evaluation dimensions, we recommend the 2nd Master (adult) and No. 7 Tiger P (Children).

Everyone can choose a good product in the single evaluation according to their actual needs.

In fact, this evaluation is also a “stainless steel quality identification” activity that spends last year, draws a number of “Stainless Steel Quality Identification”.

At the beginning, the year, a year of completion, Dad’s evaluation is like this to accompany you through 6 years.

From the distracted hazards, the products that can be used to eat, and promote our hard work, it is always concerned, supporting each of my dad to evaluate each of you!


Accompanying is the longest confession, new year, we


Do not see you.








Note: The smaller the value of △ t, the better

Note: The smaller the value of △ t, the better