After the cold wave of the weekend, after cooling, the cold warm goods in many shopping malls opened the hot model in advance. Plus fatty cotton clothes, autumn pants with fever fibers, and graphene fabrics, the products and other products are most popular, some stores can sell more than 20 autumn trousers a day.

On the afternoon of October 18, in the next floor of the Japan International Trade Center, no matter whether it is a men’s clothing, women’s clothing or children’s clothing, there is a winter style, and there are shops that have been hanging out of the snow boots.

“It’s cold, the people who ride an electric car are easy to refrigerate. These two days have a lot of buying gloves. The gloves on the shelves can sell nearly half. Now this suede style is most popular, warm and warm Aesthetic. “The owner of a clothing store said.


“When you go to winter, my family is easy to have a cold headache. I have to wear a hat.” Mr. Song, who is buying cotton cap, is said.

At the second floor of Bairong World Trade Mall, a shop selling down jacket is full of purchased customers. “Now wear the down jacket hot, but wear the down to the shoulders are right, these down-chish shoulders are just hanging. One day can sell 178 pieces, and the soldiers are better.” The store said.

As the weather changes, the merchants have replaced the thin breathable sweater into cotton coats, “thickening warm” into a propaganda slogan that is everywhere. Hot energy, heating pants, plus legs … Many shops will hang the autumn trousers with fever fibers in the persevering position, this new fabric is very popular among consumers. “Now ordinary autumn trousers have been out, everyone loves to wear this thin and warm hot energy, wearing a trace in the outer pants, a customer bought seven or eight a day before yesterday.” The store said, “Said,” Still prefer suede, loose autumn pants, and like to buy two colors to wear, 4XL, 5XL and other large-size autumn trousers sell the fastest, up to 20 more than one day. “

In the clothing accessories area, a row of rows of rows of pills in the shelves, the waist is very conspicuous, and a store owner is holding a graphene knee to sell customers. “The knee of the graphene fiber is the new year of this year. This material can be self-heated to protect the knee joint. There is also alrafen ingredient, which can promote blood circulation, selling particularly good.”

In addition to the offline, in Taobao and other online shopping platforms, cotton flops of many brand shops, thermal in-thermal underwear, and scarf also ushered in hot sale. Some cerebral holes open the warm artifacts also attract a lot of consumers, such as cushions, warm feet, desktop heater, thermal cup mats, etc. The sales volume reached 20,000 pieces.

It is worth noting that some electric blankets on the Internet have uneven quality of electric heating products, which can cause safety accidents during use, and the public should only pay attention to the appearance of the product when purchasing, and should be carefully viewed. Pick the product of a formal manufacturer.