2021 college entrance examination

Recently, Sichuan Chengdu 7 Middle School 33 students

I received a special graduation album

On the title page, the class teacher and the language teacher Zheng Wenshu

Write a “Message Close Disciple”


In 400 words

The names of the 48 students were embedded.

This special message

Contains the name of 48 students


In the message, Zheng Wenshu teacher

Borrowed the stylistic characteristics of “assignment”

Use idioms, names, ancient poetry and other forms

“Tianzhi, the broad land

Thirteen talents

Talking and laughing is Hongrui, there is no white but Bing …

Zong Pu Article means deep, poetry, Li Du, people’s heart … “

之, Hongrui, Zong Pu, Duzhen, etc.

All the name of the class


In the entire article

Zheng Wen Shu left the name of each student

Also attached to the students “personal customization”

For example, Hongrui is optimistic, and it is very excellent.

Zheng Wen Shu borrowed in the text

Liu Yuxi ‘s Words in “Room Ming”

Write “talk about Hongrui, there is no white”


Zong Pu classmate specializes in reading

Ideal is to become a literary person

Teacher Zheng is therefore written as

“Zong Pu Articles”

The whole message is just more than 400 words

Describes the characteristics of most students

Message “Close Disciple”

This is the last graduate he belts.

Zheng Wen Shu said, “I sent a lot of graduates.

Every time I graduate

Will think about sending a special gift “

For 4 words of “closed disciple” in the message title


He said that there is still two years to retire.

This is what he is teaching for more than 30 years.

The last student with

Zheng Wenshu frank

This message is not easy to create

First of all, you must embed all the names of the 48 students.

Still try to reflect the character characteristics of students

In the case of limited space

Have a certain difficulty

For your own creation

Zheng Wen Shu said that he only hits 80 points.

But for classmates

This precious message is worth all

When the students get this graduation album

When I saw the “Message of the Disciple”

Everyone told Zheng Teacher

“You are our yyds (forever god)”

This album makes netizens envy


This special heart from the teacher

Let the netizens refuse

“Good, I also want”

The teacher’s talent makes us can’t help but praise

Recently, a high school in Bijie, Guizhou

Graduation gift for classmates

Also let netizens live directly: too heart!

Graduated from high school

The squad leader writes the name of the whole class into the poetry


A few days ago, I was a high-third (35) class in Bijie, Guizhou.

48 students have received a letter from the squad leader Huangzhou


Inside is a poem hiding your name!

for example


Qingfeng Yue Cool, Yulong Yi Zhang Man

Talented high or eight buckets, intermodal

Give Yang Yueyi

Asakusa, water, deep plexation

Only think about the five cars, Hui Xin Ling

– 林 慧 涵

Expo river mountain, close to Xiaojiang

There is a road in front of the mountain, Jiang Xin rushed to the boat

I want to report my name, why not take Wu Hook

– 博

Strong rain, alone

Rain, flower zero flow, bamboo Xiao Shui Qingxiu

– 雨 雨竹

The squad leader frankly creative process is not easy

“I hope that the students will remember that I love them very much.”

It is understood that Huangzhou is very like Chinese ancient poems.

Usually try to imitate some simple verses

High school semester

He sprouted to write poetry for classmates.

Plan to give everyone as a gift during graduation

“Many of our classmates have poetic names.”

Sometimes it is naturally

Just add the name of the classmate. “



“The creation process is not easy”


Huangsu stable


Not the name of each classmate

Easy to add poetry


You can complete a more than ten minutes.

If there is no inspiration

I can’t write it for more than one or two hours.

Before the college entrance examination

Huangzhou stabilize creation frequency

Use the time after class to step up the construct, modify

After completing, a one is written on the letter paper.

“Although my words are not very good

But I have a sincerity written.

Huangzhou stabilize and classmates

June 5th, the last late self-study

Huangzhou stabilizes the poetry of the poem into envelopes

Send it to each classmate

He said, send his own heart.

See the reaction of the students

Also give your own graduation gift

“I hope that the students have successfully concluded high school life.


Remember that I love them very much. “

Have a talent and heart

Such a squad leader makes everyone “admire”

This gift not only lets netizens have envied ↓↓

Also let the classmates surprised and touched

“I didn’t expect that he will pay so much time and energy.

Prepare this special gift for us “

Liao Chengwen

Although everyone will go to different cities

But he believes

The connection between each other will not be broken,

Feelings forever

Point-of-hearted teacher and class leader

May all graduates

Sincerely blessings with teachers and friends

All the way

A like

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