When I bought the North Face product, did you sometimes find the color of the trademark and different?

Don’t be stupid, it is unclear, and it has a trademark of different colors.

THE North Face Purple Label

The support is Japan’s North Face with local brand Nanamica, between fashion and outdoor features, find a flash flash.

户外也潮流:看懂The North Face的紫、红、黑、白标

“We tried to transform the North Face into unveiled costumes in the city, and ensure that its core value was not lost.”

This core value is of course the Outdoor features of the North Face.

户外也潮流:看懂The North Face的紫、红、黑、白标

The purple standard was only available in Japan, and later was sold in North America and Europe.

户外也潮流:看懂The North Face的紫、红、黑、白标

Black label: Urban Exploration

The definition of the black standard is “Urban Exploration”, which emphasizes the integration of urban feelings and outdoor exploration.

It has worked with Sacai, Mastermind Japan, and is welcomed by the vast people. .

THE NORTH FACE Cooperate with Japan’s trend designer’s warehouse, this quarter, the city style is mixed with an outdoor wind, and is currently available in Brooklyn, New York.

White label: The North Face White Label

户外也潮流:看懂The North Face的紫、红、黑、白标

It is a branch brand created by the Korean market, and it is designed with dynamic outdoor brands in the Korean market.

户外也潮流:看懂The North Face的紫、红、黑、白标

Designing authorities talked: To maintain the advancement of the Outdoor product technology of the North Face, but also to dock the fashion of Korean young people.

Red standard:

It is the product of the North Face and Italy’s Trend Name of the Italy. It is advocated with high-quality fabrics to pursue refreshing views. The products include hats, t-shirts, jackets and sweaters. The products are sold in Europe.

户外也潮流:看懂The North Face的紫、红、黑、白标

The North Face quietly turns his face, incorporates the trend culture under the premise of do not lose outdoor features, turned into the fashion of outdoor, walking in the street.

户外也潮流:看懂The North Face的紫、红、黑、白标

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