For women, the effect of decorative decoration is greater than practicality, just like it is important to make up every day when going out. Looking at the summer of summer, a beautiful and refreshing dress is the favorite of every girl. In the following women’s bags, no matter what style of girls can create the shape you want, there will be a refreshing feeling whether you go to work or shopping.

NO.1) Handbag

If you think that summer is too hot, your back will increase the burden on your back, it is better to put on a refreshing and capable handbag. Such a handbag is a must -have for light mature women. Holding the handbags in his hand, it immediately turned the gas field several times.

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¥ 218.00

Muyu bag 2016 spring and summer new women’s bag fresh college style shoulder bag cute mesengers bag

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Fresh and beautiful colors are very suitable for summer dressing, unique lace flowers on the bag, adding romantic and beautiful ladylike style. In fashion, it also reveals a new sense of personality.

¥ 2298.00


Wilsas genuine 2016 new European and American fashion business women’s bag all -leather handbag va6850

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The pink of the youthful reduction exudes a fresh ladylike taste. The pendant decoration of the body is 100 times foreign, and the large storage space can meet any of your needs.

¥ 228.00

Aza Aza 2016 spring and summer new women’s bag Japanese and Korean flowers all -match shoulder hand -bodied messenger 3950


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The bags are partially made of careful small flowers, echoing the decorative highlights of the classic center of gravity of the bag, and there is a European -style picture of a pendulum. There are blooming flowers in it. The small fresh colors make the bag look more delicate.

¥ 489.00


AILV’s new kitten bag European and American fashion handmade mini bag crocodile pattern cowhide ladies shoulder bag messenger bag


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A big -name women’s bag, enthusiastic red red, instantly adds your charm index, more high -end taste, unique lock design, making the bag more unique charm.

NO.2) Cross -body bag

The upsurge continues to burn. From the stars, fashion bloggers to the tide people are almost a cross -body bag with a hand. See which one is most suitable for you.


¥ 428.00

Micie/Meixi head layer cowhide wings bag mini leather mesengers bag female small bag bat bag small monster bag


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This is a wing bag that can be obliquely across the shoulder, the classic black, which is not only convenient to wear, but also can easily create the queen’s style. The fashionable wings shape makes the overall dress more eye -catching.

Qianzi hundred bags of rhombus leather women’s bag 2016 spring new fashionable shoulder mesengers bag casual small bag mini

Every summer, the cute bag will always have a storm. This delicate and small bag uses interesting cat ears as the embellishment of the entire bag, creating a sense of fashion, which is very European and American.

¥ 256.00


2016 new retro mini tassel bag pumping bucket bag leather small bag women’s bag messenger bag shoulders small barrel bag

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The retro and trendy design, the addition of streaming elements, adds a retro style of the Roman era. The bag is simple and simple. At the beginning of the design, the tediousness of the bag was discarded, and it would be simple and practical.


¥ 139.00

Xiaorui Liangbao 2016 New Female Bags Su Ring Duck Bags Bag Shoulder Crossbody Small Bag Retro Fang Bag

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Xiaofangbao scratched a fashion style, and the hottest metal ring element is re -interpreted nowadays. The chic metal ring is made into a semi -dimensional embellishment. What are you waiting for, hurry up and go out of the street!

NO.3) Chain bag

With the retro trend, the chain bag brings you not only versatile and practical, light and easy to take care of, but also a decoration of fashion girls for perfect shapes. Want to basically versatile and fashion? Just have such a chain bag!

¥ 1087.00

Yang Mi Star Star Chain Riveting Small Bag Female Big Terminal Fashionable Shoulder Crossbody Lock Small Bag Tide

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The very foreign red color not only doubles your aura, but also exudes a noble and dignified femininity. The diamond design on the bag looks more luxurious and grade. Super high.


¥ 336.00


2016 new crocodile pattern leather women’s bag small square bag women’s bag gold buckle chain bag messenger shoulder mini bag


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Very dazzling orange color, instantly adds a lot of points for your overall dress, metal locks, enhance the grade of the bag, and practical and convenient, simple and simple, not only as decorations, but also very practical.


¥ 496.00

Mini Pig Bag Chain Bag Pin the contrasting color leather women’s bag 2016 new shoulder oblique cross -bag small saddle bag

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The gentle and pleasant nude pink, giving a soft ladylike atmosphere, cute little pig bag, is a must -have item for each tide woman. Essence

¥ 276.00

New women’s bag tide fashion small square bag cowhide mini lock handbag shoulder shoulder messenger mini chain bag

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The youthful and beautiful green, the overall dress is more eye -catching, the exquisite small hands and the casual chain design can change your shape at will. It is very beloved and loves it.

NO.4) Handbag

Watching the major stars holding a very big -name hand bag when they came out of the street, they also felt itchy in their hearts, because there were too many things that women needed to bring every day, but they carried a big bag on the back, but instead Even more annoying, change your hand to hold your bag, not only allows you to have the queen’s aura, but also lead the fashion trend.

¥ 588.00

2016 spring and summer new leather handbag ladies fashion hand -catching Korean version of diamond dinner shoulder shoulder handbag tide

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A super shiny small handbag, the colorful diamond design on the bag, looks more graded, the small shape, even if you need an additional shopping bag, you need to go up to such a small elf.

Handbag female handbag 2016 new Korean casual flower coin purse ladies canvas handbags grabbing wild small bag


The seemingly complicated print has a unique sense of layering and creativity, fresh and elegant colors, which is more suitable for summer wear, giving a refreshing feeling, small bag, easy to carry.

¥ 188.00

Women’s wallet women’s mid -length hand with versatile long Japanese and Korean zipper leather Korean version of couple DIY engraving fiber

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This is a handbag that can DIY, rectangular design. Looking at the fashion atmosphere, it is mainly refreshing in summer. Such a convenient and simple hand bag is suitable.

¥ 568.00

Santy Van 2016 new ladies leather wallet female long Korean zipper money clamp big banknote holder cowhide leather tide

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The simple and generous shape shows more dry and profitable, and the pink highlights the elegant side of women. The gentle style is reproduced this summer, changing the romantic and noble temperament of the times, a multifunctional design, a pack of easy out of the street.

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¥ 218.00

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¥ 336.00

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