Black tea, as the origin of China, has a world -class tea species that is popular all over the world, and has two different classification methods in China and internationally. China’s black tea level division mainly depends on the quality of the senses to divide the level of black tea. Lao Yang mainly introduces black tea grades based on the national standards of black tea.


There are three main parts of the current national standards of black tea: “GB/T 13738.1-2008 Plastic Tea Part 1: Red Broken Tea”, “GB/T 13738.2-2008 Black Tea Part 2: Gongfu Black Tea”, “GB/T 13738.3-2012 Black Tea Part 3: Little Barbound Black Tea. The level of domestic black tea is also divided according to the three categories: red tea, Gongfu black tea and small breeding black tea.

1. Red tea

The red tea is made of the sprouts, leaves, and tender stems of Camellia Sinensis L.O.kunts as raw materials. Also known as “black tea”. Red tea is the largest sales of tea in the international market, accounting for about 90%of the total international tea trade. India is the country with the most red tea produced and exported.

Red tea products are divided into two varieties: large -leaf red tea and small and small leafy red crushed tea. The quality of the red tea of ​​red tea is as follows:

2. Gongfu black tea

Gongfu black tea is a black tea made of tea trees’ buds, leaves, and tender stems, which are made of withering, withered, withered, twisting, fermenting, drying, and refining processing process.

Gongfu black tea is a unique black tea variety in my country and a traditional export product in China. At present, there are nineteen provinces in my country (including Xinjiang and Tibet) in the trial area, of which twelve provinces have successively produced gongfu black tea. There are many categories and a wide range of origin in our country.

Named by the region include Yunnan Gongfu, Qimen Gongfu, Fu Liang Gongfu, Ning Hong Gongfu, Xiangjiang Gongfu, Minhong Gongfu (including Tanyang Gongfu, Bai Lin Gong, Zheng and Gongfu) And Yuehong Gongfu and so on.

According to the variety, it is divided into Da Ye Gong and Xiaoye Gong. Big Leaf Gongfu tea is made of fresh leaves of trees or half trees; Lagua Gongfu tea is a time -made tea made of shrub -type leaflets.

The sensory quality requirements of Daye Gongfu Black Tea are as shown in the table:


The sensory quality requirements of small and medium -sized black tea are as shown in the table as follows:


Small breeding black tea

Based on the differences in production, processing and quality, small breeding black tea is divided into two varieties: Zhengshan Small species and smoke.

The small species of Zhengshan refers to the fresh leaves of tea trees in Tongmu Village, Xingcun Town, Wuyishan City, and the tea trees in the natural protection area of ​​Wuyi Mountain. They are made with local traditional craftsmanship. According to the quality of the product, it is divided into four levels: special, first, second, and third levels.


Smart species refers to the fresh leaves produced in the Wuyishan Nature Protection area. They are made with the processing technology of Kung Fu black tea. Finally, they are made of pine smoke. According to the quality of the product, it is divided into a common level, first, second, third, and fourth levels.

The small species of Zhengshan, also known as the small species of Lapphan, belong to black tea, and are collectively called small breeding black tea with cigarettes. In the late 18th century, it was first founded in Tongmu area in Chong’an County, Fujian Province (Chong’an withdrawal County in 1989). It was the earliest black tea in the world, also known as the originator of black tea, and was created by the local tea farmers deep in Wuyi Mountain, Fujian in the middle and late Ming Dynasty. Later, Gongfu black tea was developed on the basis of the small species of Zhengshan. In history, the tea is based on Xingcun, so it is also called Xingcun small species. After the Opium War, imperialism invaded, the domestic and foreign tea markets were fiercely competitive, and the dispute between Zhengshan tea and Waishan tea appeared. It has a history of more than 400 years. Tea leaves are smoked with pine needles or pine firewood, which has a very strong fragrance. Because of smoking, the tea is gray and black, but the tea soup is a deep amber. The small breeding place of Zhengshan is in Wuyishan City, Fujian Province, and is protected by origin.


The word “Zhengshan Small” is the earliest called Wuyi Bohea in Europe. Among them, wuyi is the homophonic of Wuyi; in Europe (Britain) it is a symbol of Chinese tea. Later, due to the prosperity of trade, the locals distinguished other counterfeit small breeding black tea ( Artificial small species or cigarettes) disturb the market, so it is named “Zhengshan Small”, “Zhengshan” refers to the same altitude as Tongmu and the same area as the surroundings of Tongmu; , The unique cinnamon soup flavor is collectively referred to as the “small species of Zhengshan”, and “Zhengshan” refers to the correct meaning of authenticity, and the “small species” refers to the species of tea trees. Limited to the meaning; therefore, “Zhengshan Small species” is also called Tongmuguan small species.

The sensory quality requirements of the small species of Zhengshan Seeds are as follows: The table is as follows:

The sensory quality requirements of the small cigarette species are as follows: as shown in the table:


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