The general control function has finally appeared in the BETA version of the iPados15.4 and MacOS12.3 released this year. What is the role of general control? It can set two Mac computers or Mac computers and iPad to share mouse and keyboards. Below we will share the operation steps for setting up two Mac sharing mouse and keyboard.

Universal control opening conditions:

1. Mac computer needs to run MacOS 12.3 system

2. You need to log in to the same iCloud account on the two devices, and both have dual identity verification;

3. The two devices need to be within 10 meters apart and on the same WiFi network.

Two Mac computers shared mouse and keyboard

1. Open the system preference settings of a Mac computer,

2. Then in the preference setting interface, click “


3. Enter the operation interface of the display, click “

Universal control

4. In the setting panel of the general control, check the “

Allow your cursor and keyboard to move between any nearby Mac or iPad

Push the edge of the monitor to connect to the nearby Mac or iPad

“as well as”

Automatically connect to any nearby Mac or iPad

5. In another Mac computer, the above operation is performed;


6. Then click the blue triangle icon on the right, select the name of the MAC in the drop -down menu;


7. Finally, we move the mouse from the first computer to the second computer, and open the file to try input.

The above is how to set up two MAC computers to share mouse and keyboards by Macz Xiaobian, and what other operating skills about MacOS, welcome to communicate.