The temperature gradually recovered. I guess the favorite short skirts in the wardrobe of the fairy also began to “resume”. As a mini skirt, the mini skirt is the most fashionable in spring and summer. Not only is it super invincible legs, but also cool!


Wearing skirts is feminine

But at the same time, it is also “crisis”

If you are not careful, you will go!

The elegant and intellectual dressed up

It will be broken in an instant ~


There are three defense in summer: sunscreen, anti -light, and color prevention wolf!

Don’t pay attention to it, I was photographed on the Internet and put it online

That’s really fire …

So Xiaobian wants to talk to you today. It is very daily, inconspicuous, but very necessary in summer:

Safety pants



Many people are used to using safety pants to resolve embarrassment, thinking that it is just a thin layer of anti -light cloth. But in fact, wearing two pair of underwear (a pair of underwear and a pair of safety trousers) in the summer is simply a “high temperature torture” for girls, which is too breathable!

And it is easy to breed bacteria by long -term wet and hot underwear and safety pants, which is very unhealthy for our private parts!

Recently, the editor has dug a lace lace size loose Modal shorts,

Breathable, hygroscopic, hip lifting, high face value

The lace lace is large and loose Modal shorts, which can be called shorts, pajamas, and safety pants.

Eh? Isn’t this safety pants?


Don’t worry! I will give you a popular science!


Everyone thinks that safety pants are used for base ~


But in fact, the safety pants were the earliest for safety and hygiene


Prevent women infected with inflammation ~


Skin -friendly Modal breathable and moisture absorption

In order to have the most comfortable dressing feelings, Italy introduced a group of machines that specialize in making seamless craftsmanship, combined with the latest

Plant fiber fabric


, A piece of non -trace cutting, comfortable to wear.


The fabric is Modal fabric, the fabric is average

The effect of moisture absorption

, Make the private environment clean and comfortable.

Moderlei safety pants are definitely more reliable than your underwear.

Also comes with antibacterial internal crotch and wet crotch

When it can ensure that naked safety pants are worn, the private parts are still healthy and dry.

The unique CU+ion in the inner gear

Always active in bacteriostatic cotton


Keep the private parts clean in 24 hours


The innermost antibacterial crotch is rich in copper ion fiber. Copper ion fiber has a strong bacteriostatic nature. It can not only inhibit the breeding of bacteria, but also achieve the effect of killing bacteria and ensure the sterile environment in the private parts!

Authoritative testing, bacteriostatic rate is as high as 99%or more

You know, the laundry fluid at home is not so high!

It’s so awesome ~


99%bacteriostatic effect!

Can deal with what we often meet


E. coli, Golden Polycinius, White Bacteria

Stereo -version -type all aspects of hips and abdomen


Asian women’s buttocks are generally flat. This lace lace large loose Modal shorts can not only prevent light, but also use the W -shaped hip

Hip design

, Wrap the hip fat to enhance the round hip peak.

Following the three -dimensional tailoring of the hip of the human body, wearing it can effectively increase the hip curve by 15 degrees,


Except sexy peach hips


The hips are connected to the waist and legs, and the hips are tightly tight, so that the waist is very thin, the legs can be long, and everything looks good.


The fairy will blow up immediately ~


Really, too! it is good! Put on! La!


The high waist design makes the waist bag more fit.

Lace safety pants, discharge moisture and odor at any time,


Even when you encounter a physiological period in the hot summer, it is no longer uncomfortable;


The private parts are dry at all times, not stuffy or humid, and enjoy the cool naked feeling of vacuum!

“Clean and clean” under the woman


Natural skin on the face and less stains ~


Looking at it for a few years ~

3D peach hip design, lift hips and abdomen 10 pounds!

Women are most afraid of hips collapse and thick

The whole person looks bloated

Dressed in beautiful clothes

Can’t show a little temperament ~

Designer for Asian women


The lower body curve is flat and collapsed

After 3 years, more than 50,000 human modeling


Eventually, it was crazy about making Asian women crazy

—— 3D peach curve!


After wearing


The hip fat that originally stayed was gathered in an instant

Lifting 15 ° on the hip line, becoming round and curvatus

I have reached a 100 yuan bodybuilding pants!

The more the buttocks cross, the narrower the waist!


What skirts and pants are put on

The elasticity is very good, not afraid to wear uncomfortable fairy who can control less than 150 pounds

The editor tried it in person, oh my god! Intersection

So tall! So tall! So tall! Intersection


The company’s male colleague’s eyes changed …


Top lace fabric, “Monroe” sexy!

High -quality pants waist, the waist is high -elastic lace, no trace craft, not easy to deform, and more beautiful and exquisite.


Exquisite work, exquisite underwear, comfortable and flat -angle design, comprehensive tolerance, not boring, comfortable and personal, fashionable style!

Super breathability

The steam can penetrate instantly, and the whole summer is refreshing and not stuffy skin.


The overall safety pants adopt natural plant dye safety staining. The editor did a small test and added laundry powder

Soaking for 2 hours, it does not fade at all.

You can really feel the flow of air in a skirt ~


Wind cares about the secret garden, no longer afraid of glowing

Elegant cover, smile

This is exactly the “Lotus Dream Dew” sexy and sexy ~

High waist design allows MMs with pile of meat

It won’t be uncomfortable after putting it on, and it has the effect of abdomen!


This lace also has another advantage, that is, no rolls. Now there are many safety pants, there are problems with curling, it is uncomfortable to wear, and will always roll up. The length of this lace is to prevent curls!

There are a variety of colors, satisfying customers’ preferences, more sizes, and arbitrarily selected suitable sizes.

The user’s love for this safety pants,

Just look at the evaluation.


With it, long skirts are worn casually, this summer can be waved to fly ~