Today, more and more home decoration design will add a few exquisite shapes of resin ornaments. They are simple and elegant, full of humanistic, beautify the living room environment, enrich the color of the living room, but also make the original hard home space more more than one more home space. Soft and warm. It is understood that resin handicrafts are high -end crafts. Therefore, the maintenance of such resin handicrafts is also very particular about the following three points mentioned by the editors of Lihui home jewelry. Keep its original gloss.

1. Cleaning of resin handicraft ornaments


Many people are accustomed to wiping wet rags after finding the decoration of resin crafts on the dust, but if they often wipe the wet rags, the water in the rag will be deep into the resin crafts, and the internal structure of the resin will gradually damage the resin structure. , Make the gaps in it and become loose. Therefore, when cleaning, you can use dried cotton or feathers to remove the dust on the resin crafts. This method also has a clean effect.

2. Follow the resin handicraft decoration


Resin crafts are exposed to the open rooms all year round, and the luster will inevitably gradually dim. At this time, you can use a brush to apply light wax to the surface of the resin crafts. Wipe with wax or oil -containing fabrics can make the resin craftsmanship shiny.

3. Storage of resin handicraft ornaments

Due to the instability of the resin material, the resin process must not be placed in a position that is most afraid of the sun, otherwise it may cause resin crafts to crack; second, resin crafts should not be placed in extremely humid places. In a humid environment, some resin will be “hair” as a result due to material reasons. Therefore, the resin art in the home can be placed in the cool and ventilated position of the living room, so that it can be preserved for a long time in a suitable environment.

In fact, the maintenance of resin crafts is not complicated, and it is enough to achieve the above editor. If you want to add a few high -end resin crafts to your home, you may wish to go to Libai Home Triven Home Jewelry Taobao online flagship store for purchase. In addition, we can accept personal customization to write the text you want in the crafts to meet your diverse needs!