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Wooden door and wooden decorative surface, anti -theft door, fire door and wooden staircase, steel staircase/steel and wood stairs, there are other imported building materials Ou Song board, imported insulation sound insulation cotton



Anti -theft door model

: B207T (there are small doors can switch and ventilate after the screen screen)

Level: Grade A/B

Structure: open open hinge

Surface treatment: Gao Tingtakatoshi transfer -oak

Size specification: 2050mm*960mm/900mm/860mm

Limited high limit: single fan 2400*1060, mother fan 2400mm*1460mm

Customized instructions

: Allowing heights and widths 135, non -standard customization is not allowed.

The above two differences are on the hands and door pulls, and the shapes and styles are basically the same.

The A -level anti -theft door is matched as: silent automatic lock (single -head lock fork), gear lock core 2438, demolished yarn net.

Anti -theft door ventilation


Second, enter the household anti -theft door

Model: B209T (there are small doors can switch, ventilation after the screen screen)

Level: Grade A/Grade B 9982

Structure: open -minded hinge, disassembling gauze net

Surface treatment: high weathering scrub transfer

High -limit width: 2400mm*1060mm modified configuration

The above two differences in this model are on the level and door pull, and the shapes are basically the same.

Disassembly yarn net.

Shanghai anti -theft door installation and formulation

Size specification: 2050mm*960mm/900mm/860mm