In summer, men always wear human -like drags, but the choice of men’s character drag brands is more diversified. And a pair of seductive men’s characters dragged on summer weekends are also versatile. The following editors will teach you how to choose men’s characters. If you want to learn, come in and see.

How to choose men’s characters

1. Seaside vacation

1. Walking on the beach and the seaside, you should avoid the leather, cloth, etc. when choosing a human character, and the rubber material with waterproof and non -slip and lightweight is the first choice.

2. In order to avoid the sand of the sand on the upper, it is best to choose a flat and smooth upper to avoid the wave style.

3. In order to quickly find your own character drag on the beach in color selection, he boldly choose fluorescence, printing and colorful human characters.

2. Business leisure

1. Want to be fashionable and in line with the environment of work. In terms of color, we recommend choosing dark colors. The calm black brown is worth considering. Those big prints or bright bright colors still stay on vacation.

2. The material of human characters is also very important. With the high -quality leather material of the suit is the first choice, rubber or cloth, etc., should be far away.

3. In terms of style, you can try a slightly small word to drag, so that you can stretch your legs visually.

Third, sports fan

1. The exercise we are talking about here is not to make you really exercise. You still need to choose professional sneakers during exercise, because the human character slippers are thin and cannot provide you with the need for the protection when you exercise.

2. Fuck Broadband Humory Drag is soft and can reduce the pressure on your feet.

Fourth, comfortable leisure fan

1. Rubber, cloth, and leather you can try it if you like it.

2. If you walk for a long time, you may choose a pair of people with a massage function to relieve the discomfort of the feet.


3. Broadband and thin bands; dark and bright colors, in fact, there are no too many requirements, just uniformly match the color of the whole body.