For a long time, our understanding of Jojo comes from the animation content.


This is almost the opposite process to many classic hot blood. For example, Naruto and Dragon Ball, first after the comics were hot, the anime was further sealed.

The reason why this contrast is, on the one hand, the development of the Internet has greatly improved the introduction of Xinfan, and Jojo Anime is almost updated simultaneously.


On the other hand, the Jojo comics have not been tried (only the genuine Internet), and the lack of genuine comics has also become an important reason.


However, recently the Jojo comics have finally completed the review, which means that the genuine Jojo comics will be officially met with fans.

The publishing house in charge of JOJO comics printing also shared the news with the fans for the first time, and the joy was revealed in the lines.

It is quite rare that the publisher also showed the original manuscript of Jojo comics to celebrate.

The thick stack is the content of the JOJO comics. It can also be seen from the labeled small note that it has the labeling of the 9th and 10th volumes.

If the same as the Jojo comic chapter before, then the original manuscript there should be only 2 in the front of Jojo.


Of course, it is more likely that the publisher only exposure part of the original manuscript.

In addition to the draft, there is also a collection of Jojo cover. The characters appearing inside are some of the popular classic characters.


It is worth mentioning that Jojo was also transliterated in the comics, and Qiao Qiao’s words were particularly conspicuous in the cover.

For fans who are already accustomed to Jojo, they suddenly shouted “Joe Qiao”, and they still feel a little strange.

In fact, as far as the plot is concerned, most of the comics have been clearly heartfelt.

The reason why I saw the comic of Jojo’s genuine comics is still full of expectations and surprises, or because of the collection value of the comics.


In addition, the genuine authorized comics generally carry some surroundings. The surroundings of these JOJO are also of different meaning for those loyal fans.

Recently, the news of JOJO has been continuous. The news that the sixth seas of Stone had begun to produce before, and many fans were full of expectations for a while.

Unfortunately, the news has not been officially recognized so far.

Now the coming of genuine comics can perfectly make up for the previous regrets, so that the fans can watch the comics before waiting for the sixth “Sea of ​​Stone”.

If there are some friends, if it is less than the sixth animation, it is also a good choice to choose comics in advance.

Imagine that if you can have a whole set of genuine comics and seamlessly connect Jojo’s plot in one breath, what kind of enjoyment will this be?

Of course, now Jojo comics only stay in the trial and enter the stage of publishing house printing. It will take some time to meet the fans in the end.