Many items are separated by the basic model and have a certain sense of style. Theoretically, it can be adjusted to the balance style together. Why does it look wrong in the practice?

For example, the two sets below, coat+mesh skirt, horn buckle coat+jeans+boots, the left picture on the left, do you think the problem is?

With doubt, today, let’s analyze the three practical drying goods, and learned 90%of autumn and winter to become beautiful.

How does the coat+skirt stack wearing without gentleness?

★ What are the problems?

① The skirt has a sense of expansion


Autumn and winter coats have a certain amount

Thickness, width and tone

The color is also based on



Mainly, choose a coat such as red, black, stacked

Colorful half skirt

It will appear in itself

Color is abrupt and disconnected

Hidden dangers, with tension and inflating

Umbrella skirt, mesh skirt, pleated skirt


Too wide and narrow

The coat of the coat is exposed, and the contour line of the figure is

Expansion, horizontal development of the lower body

It is not only visually divided, but also doubled. ▼

The second coat that is worth noting is knitted cardigan, like this

Cover with hip width knitted cardigan+half -body skirt

I think it is also a very common problem. I obviously wants to wear Japanese style and literary girl style.

Full chest, moving down the waist, and the length of the width needle sweater just in the position of the width


In comprehensive factors, the exquisiteness of the whole person was pulled up at once.

Cotton clothes with no width length+smooth skirt, can not escape the solid destiny ▼

② Visual segmentation caused by embarrassing length

Then the second factor that affects the aesthetics of the coat+half skirt is the visual segmentation brought by the embarrassing length of the coat and the half skirt.

The following two coats+pleated skirts are examples. Which one do you feel more comfortable at first glance? Definitely the right picture, the same match, the length of the coat on the left is near the knee, which also leads to the hem of the coat from the skirt.


, Plus coats and skirts


Large color difference

, Divide the body into two sections, it is very pressed, the large distance is right

Fat girl, small man

Girls are very unfriendly.

Look at the matching on the right. The length of the coat is under the knee, and the distance between the skirt is significantly smaller. The color is similar. The overall looks more overall, and people are visually thin and high ▼.

③ The proportion of the length and width of the coat

The version of the coat has a great impact on the high -level sense.

The narrow and wideness of the coat

▼, autumn and winter coats, trench coats, and long cotton clothes almost wrapped most of our figures, which also means these


The long coat determines whether the direction of our body silhouette is rectangular or square, and the long and narrow long people are thin and thin, and the silhouette is fat.

So, this is why the match on the right looks much bloated than the left.


★ How to avoid these problems?

① Adjust the length of the coat and skirt

When buying a coat, you can understand whether you will have the possibility of over -the -knee skirt. If there is, it is best not to pass the knee long, reduce the gap between the coat and the skirt as much as possible, and eliminate the visual division.

Of course, you may have doubts. Isn’t it okay to have a slightly shorter skirt near my knee? Yes, of course, as long as you guarantee you

The light leg artifact is not fake white, your calf is thin and straight

If the hardware conditions are insufficient, it is best to show the finest area of ​​the most of the ankle.

What if the distance between the coat and the skirt is very large? Another solution is

The coat and skirt of the same color


The sense of splitting is not so strong. ▼

② Choose straight skirts, light and smooth half skirts

In addition, the half -body skirt is selected for the A -line version, and a cowboy skirt with a tight -degree denim skirt and corduroy skirt can be selected in the inner straight skirt, pleated skirt, snow skirt, snow skirt, snow skirt, snow skirt, and snow. Spinning skirt, suit skirt.

③ The coat should be fitted as much as possible

If there is no obvious body defect that needs to be modified, then the straight -type coat is modified with the lines, and it will effectively press the mesh skirt and cake skirt with the inflated sense.

Sports canvas shoes match passers -by?


① Separation of body and dressing


Sneakers and canvas shoes are more obvious.

Earthquake and shoes are heavy


The problem is that the soles of the round head are very heavy visually. With this mopped trousers, the lower body looks really unfavorable.

Left: Wash and make old mopped trousers and smooth sneakers, the color texture appears “


“, Right pants

Soft lying,

The pants followed the figure, and the grace was exposed at once, and the center of gravity was very low.

The body and style are not sophisticated+the leisure of the shoes comes with the feeling of leakedness.

That’s why it is hung with rustic.

People who can wear sports canvas shoes with mopped trousers without considering their pants and figures are generally tall and long -legged girls can be so arrogant. Look at Liu Wen. ▼

② The lower body line is not smooth

Do you often wear pleated skirt+canvas shoes in autumn and winter? If this time

Too much leg exposure

In addition, the leg shape has O -type legs, eight outside, etc., destroy the legs


③ Lack of layering

When sneakers are matched with half skirts, dresses, pants,

Directly match


It feels very light and the style is not obvious. If you want to reduce the sense of passers -by, you must start with the sense of layering, reduce the matching rate of small foot pants, and the habit of dressing directly with sneakers.


① straight pants+socks+sports canvas shoes

With sports canvas shoes, if you want to reduce the impact of the leg shape, and increase the sense of layering, you can directly apply straight pants+socks+canvas shoes, which will basically not make mistakes. Pants

Straight line

The loose version can

Vague leg line

Whether the canvas shoes are color or white, match

Dark brown, gray socks

The transition of color is more harmonious. ▼

Not only do you pay attention to this in autumn and winter, in spring and summer, cool

Shorts, skirt matching

Sports canvas shoes, leisure+sexy is easy to show the soil. At this time, adding a pair of socks is a bit

Age reduction college style

Taste is much more advanced at once. ▼

② Rolling pants can also increase the sense of layering

You can also pay attention to your trousers, and the details of the rich and wearing details are also very good.

Red high -grade temperament and color atmosphere is the key

① Elemental stacking

We often hear that fashion is a cycle, but in fact, the key to this sentence depends on the rationality of the design of the single product. The design will naturally become a trend for a period of time. The design itself is impatient. It is the color that has experienced time baptism,


Retro, glamorous, texture

It is almost synonymous. It is out of date to get rid of these.

There are in red items

Maobian collar, large letters, pearl inlaid embedded

Waiting for the design, the element is too complicated, this over -design itself violates the color meaning of the red itself, too much

Feminine, personality add

, Inexplicably a little tacky, not fashionable enough. ▼

② Color discord


Some people are full of personality, also very personality and thought, like bright colors and gorgeous colors, and they are also very powerful, but sometimes



For example, this set, one of them is 80 % of the red, and it is a sexy short skirt+high heels. Women are too strong.

The colors are not harmonious here, but also the whole refers to the whole

Color conflict


For example, these colors of ▼ red high -saturated color, the old style of jeans is washing and old, which is a light tone, obviously with red


Not in a tone


, Visually violate and look dirty.

① Keep a key point

The red wearing below is more comfortable. Take red as an inner or a bright color. Other jackets and pants are low and bright colors.

② style and design are mainly simple atmosphere


Too pursuing special matching formulas, it is not necessarily good -looking. When I first started to put on my clothes, I always felt that the elements that rushed the trend to wear on my body can show that I seem to be very good. But this fire is hard to grasp

If you do n’t pay attention to the balance of the mother, you can wear it too hard to become a mix and match, and the style will be messy.

Like red, as long as you add unbelievable elements, you will always be qi, so whether it is the lines, models, and design of the red itself, it must be simple and versatile. for example

Pearl necklace, Berets, Oxford shoes

and many more.

③ Refer to the popular style

Imitation is the fastest way to improve. Fudge style is very good for imitation, easy -to -be, not losing elegance, and the restrictions on your body are relatively small. If you are a student party, you are distressed by wearing. The refreshing and pure sense of youth can try such a route. In color matching, the art of the Academy of Arts will use a lower bright pork liver red to set off a calm and calm temperament.

The Japanese style is simple and light, and the red control is very good. There will be some comparison

Light color color,

Classic and stable basic color such as white, gray, and khaki color is combined, and the versatile will not be dull:

The strong American style and the style characteristics are obvious. If you want to control the high -level red, this style is the first choice.

That’s it for sharing today. In life, what clothes do you encounter will be ugly to wear together? [Like, forward, collect] Tell me






★ What are the problems?

★ What are the problems?

★ How to avoid these problems?

★ How to avoid these problems?