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Sail sailing


Central Radio and Television Terminal


Yangfan Yuanhang Daban District

2022 new year concert dance beauty first!

The party main stage is located in Hengqin Yue Australia depth partnership

“City” “Sea” “People” “Bridge”, etc.

Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, regional elements

Integrate with each other


Mutual borrowing of each other

Follow the artistic cooperation


Main stage



Paven in a bay

Background is like rolling spray

It is like a drums of sails

Combined with the two sides of the main stage

Available in the radio landscape of the waves

Giving people

High-spirited, spiritual excitement

Under the rendering of light shadow

The whole stage is like a huge wheel of a voyage

In the big sea of ​​clear blue

Take the wind in the wind


“Courage, the head dare to be first”

“Senang Yang Fan New Articles” is magnificent

Light-looking stage

Magnified main stage on the water

Save the waves, the momentum is like a rain

Behind it is the streets of Zhuhai

Hua Lange Street View

Opposite is connected

Hong Kong, Macau Bridge, Hong Kong, Macau

Three gather together


It constitutes prosperous, magnificent, shocking

Another graceful magnificent landscape

New Year’s music, 咚 耳

Lingnan rhyme, one bay sing


Gold Time on January 1, 2022


Yangfan Yuanhang Daban District 2022 New Year Concert

Don’t see you!


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