Dressing and matching often look at the overall style, so few people will entangle details. For young women, they pay more attention to whether the style of fashion is fashionable and whether the style design has highlights; and for older women, come to women. Said, it will pay special attention to fashion texture in the match.

Especially in the autumn and winter seasons, what kind of fabric texture to choose has become a tangled issue.

Since the matching is the overall effect, the choice of fabrics is very important. If the fabric is rough and has no texture, the style of the matching style will also be affected. Choosing a single product should pay more attention to the choice of fabrics and the more outstanding texture, so that the matching style can be more grade, thereby enhancing personal charm and making the image better. So what are the autumn and winter fabrics to create a “cost -effective” dress?


01: leather fabric

Is the cost performance of a kind of fabric or not? It depends on whether the overall texture is obvious. Many people may feel puzzled. There are so many types of fabrics. How can I choose the fabric to find more textured fabrics? You can choose a fashion to create a style according to the stiffness of the fabric. For example, if you want to create an exaggerated fashion style, or a relatively full style of the aura, you can choose a very full -sense leather fashion.

The leather fabric is very interested, and it is more suitable for creating a more aggressive fashion style. Like some stage styles, or exaggerated dressing styles, leather fabrics are generally used. And returning to daily life, this fabric is very eye -catching, and it will also make the match more textured.

02: Wool fabric

The state of the fashion fabric will affect the overall style direction. For example, the soft fashion fashion fashion, often the style of the style, is also a very gentle or lazy state, which makes people feel very affinity, matching with each other, matching There is no sense of distance. In the cold winter, you can try the wool fabric fashion, the fabric is soft and waxy, which is very cured.


The wool fabric feels soft and skin -friendly, and has a very good temperature effect on the body, which is more warm than ordinary fabrics. Wool fabrics are usually used in coats, or sweaters. This fabric is very suitable for matching in winter. It is also a very cost -effective fabric. It is not easy to have wrinkles or balls. It is easy to take care of it.

03: Mink hair fabric


In the cold winter, wearing it will always be subject to various constraints. In order to resist the cold and keep warm, most people can only be forced to choose a bloated down jacket or a lamb hairy jacket, but few people try the fashion of mink hair fabrics. The mink fabric looks more rich, the appearance is fluffy and natural, the fabric feels delicate and soft, and the density is very high. Even in the wind in the wind, there is no problem in wearing this kind of mink hair fashion. The warmth effect is excellent. And the appearance design is fashionable.


Simply to match a fashion, you can show a sense of vision of the supermodel, so that the whole person’s beauty and international style. But only one thing needs everyone to pay attention to that if the mink fabric is mainly dark, the style will look too mature, which will make the whole person look older, so if you want to try this kind of fabric fashion, choose light color to choose light color The style, or the high -end color style, otherwise the matching will expose the real age, and even look older than his peers.

04: Mao woolen fabric

Winter dressing is not necessarily bloated. You can also try clean and neat fashion to create a different delicate style. Many people feel that the exquisite fabrics are very poor and the warmth effect is very poor. It is not practical to wear on the body. In fact, you can try a single product with excellent warmth effect. Mao woolen fabrics are very common, and everyone ignores the advantages of this fabric.

The fabrics of the woolen woolen are relatively inclusive, delicate and exquisite, and not bloated. It is more fashionable and grade to match, and can easily create a high -level sense style. If you want to improve your temperament in the cold winter seasons, with a coat of woolen fabric, or a short woolen coat, it will create your most desired feeling, and this fabric is widely used, no matter which age woman is, You can try to match.


05: Cordyel velvet fabric


In the cold weather, in addition to choosing some heavy coats, you also have to try some simple stools, such as jackets or pants, which are essential fashion items. It has a more warm effect. You can try the cordylona fashion, and the cloak fresher is rare in daily life.

Because this kind of fabric looks luxurious enough, it is suitable for wearing in some formal occasions, like a cord velvet fabric suit jacket, or long pants. Big women to try. Although the core velvet fabric does not look heavy, the warmth effect is very good. It can be worn in autumn and winter, which can make daily wear more quality.


Good fabrics can make wearing a better state, thereby improving personal temperament, and rough fabrics will not only make the style too cheap, it will be more difficult to create temperament. Ignore the texture of the fabric. Try to match the above fabrics in the cold winter season can make your style more circle.




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