When it comes to winter shoes, it must be snow boots! Xiaobian’s fashion female noodle snow boots are warm and eye -catching, see which one makes you want to start!

01 Snow boots in the leather surface


In the Korean version of the skin, snow boots, the material of the boots is very light, it will not be bulky to wear. The designs of velvet in the inside are even more warm to wear, and they will not feel sultry and breathable.


“” “” “” “Snow boots not only bring warmth, but also fashionable and versatile!

02 Mao Mao flip -edge skin surface snow boots

Fashionable hair flip -edge skins, simple metal buckle design, casual and generous, showing dynamic vitality, flip -edge boots mouth, a moderate height just pulls the calf lines more slender.


03 Mid -tube leather surface snow boots

In winter, the new mid -tube skin snow boots, the metal -based leather noodles are eye -catching and eye -catching. It is cool to wear. The design of the middle tube can be turned over and exposed the inner velvet, which is fashionable and beautiful.

04 Thick bottom tube snow boots

Snow boots are designed with a needle belt. They are casual and casual. They are the finishing touch of this boots. Hardware buckle decoration looks delicate and stylish.

05 Lingge Skin Snow Snow Boots

The design of the round head of the boots, the comfortable space gives you a pleasant walking experience, the stylish and generous shape is classic! The treatment of the bag is more quality, and the diamond leather surface is waterproof and breathable.

In winter, you need a pair of snow boots to bring you warmth, so that you will not be attacked by cold. So how do snow boots look good? Let’s take a look ~


How to match snow boots with good -looking

Fur vest+sweater+leather pants

In the cold winter, the bottom of the high -necked sweater is wearing fur vest jackets. It is warm but not bloated. He puts on black leather pants and snow boots in his lower body. It is handsome and fashionable. Is it very stylish!

Shows+T -shirts+jeans+snow boots

If you want to match the snow boots of European and American style, try the grid shawl! With a T -shirt+jeans, this style is very fashionable, and the contrast between the upper body and the lower body looks like the legs are super fine!


Striped sweater+pants+T -shirt

The soft striped sweater and jackets are the first choice for many MMs. It is simple to wear a T -shirt, and the pants with the lower body with the pants of the lower body increase the unruly taste. The thick heel boots care for your warmth.


Knit sweater+plaid shirt+snow boots

The beige knitted cardigan has a grid long shirt, which has a British style. Wearing short boots and middle socks. Can you hold such a fashionable level?

Dress+Mao Mao Snow Boots


Dress and snow boots are also an excellent match for winter. The length of the skirt is just right. The proportion of the leg shape is perfectly divided.


The matching of snow boots is not difficult. With snacks, you can make you wear a fashionable shape. So how do brown snow boots be matched? Just look down and you know!


Brown snow boots matching

01 Folk Coat+Leather Pants+Snow Boots

The color of the sleeveless fur vest jacket is particularly beautiful, and the gray looks particularly high -grade. It will be particularly thin with a black bottoming shirt. The leather pants of patent leather gloss are super handsome.

02 short coat+leggings+snow boots


The proportion of shorts and black bottoming shirts will appear long! The matching tassel snow boots are particularly felt, and simple wear can also be very fashionable.

03 woolen coat+white pants+brown snow boots


The upper body is full of long -fits woolen coats, which is very matched with brown snow boots! The design of the boots is super cool. Mao Mao’s boots are added with metal chain decoration. It is very trendy. It has a black top+white pants and classic.

04 windbreaker jacket+shirt+jeans+boots

The design of the military green trench coat is very stylish. The white shirt+light -colored jeans inside, the freshness is prominent, and the brown snow boots are more warm and pleasant.

05 Loose sweater+brown snow boots

A super thin loose sweater, the sweater is very fashionable on the metal circle, the short and long -lasting and split design, with the effect of lengthening the leg shape, with double brown snow boots people.

I always feel that snow boots are hard to set up, so learn how they match! And we need to understand how the snow boots are cleaned, let’s take a look!

How to clean the snow boots


the cleaning method:

01 Prepare soft brush, toothpaste, dry cloth, shoe powder, washing solution, small comb, hair dryer.

02 The upper of the snow boots must be cleaned as soon as possible. Do not let the stains stay for a long time, otherwise it will cause the material of the upper to harden and increase the difficulty of cleaning.


03 Snow boots are velvet, stained with dust, wiped off the dust on the surface with a dry cloth, then brushed the dirty part with a brush, and then brushed the fine lines in the deep skin.

04 If you drip the oil, you must use the fluffy oil removal agent, and then spray it with a refurbishment spray. Finally, use a brush to the same direction to make the hair on the pill.


05 Buy dedicated shoe powder to clean it. It is used for stubborn stains! Apply it evenly in the dirty place, and then brush it gently with a brush.

06 Snow boots of fluffy ingredients are generally not allowed to dip in water and oil. It is more troublesome to care for care.


See how these fashionable snow boots and brown boots are matched, and you have to learn how to clean the snow boots!

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