Although many people have now begun to control sugar and salt consciously for health. However, in fact, we are hidden more terrible “health killers” than the two! That is MSG, chicken essence.

MSG and chicken essence are often used to raise fresh flavoring agents. In order to increase the taste of food, many people like to put more places; that MSG and chicken essence actually contains high salt. The intake of salt is easy to exceed the standard. The high sodium diet is easy to cause obesity, and it may also increase the risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and coronary heart disease.

1 How to use MSG and chicken essence correctly

味精、鸡精吃多不利身体健康 教你在家自制“天然味精”

① Put out of the pan and put it again

味精、鸡精吃多不利身体健康 教你在家自制“天然味精”

When the sodium glutamate is used to be out of the pan, it is not easy to dissolve at the temperature at 70-90 ° C. Therefore, whether it is stir -fried or stewed soup, it should not be prematurely placed and chicken essence, but should be put in the pot.

② Add vinegar and not add MSG

Because MSG is heated in acidic foods, it is more likely to produce sodium scutopate and make the dishes taste taste.

味精、鸡精吃多不利身体健康 教你在家自制“天然味精”

③ control volume

MSG and chicken essence contain a large amount of glutamic acid. The safety intake of glutamic acid to people is 30 mg per kilogram of weight per day. For a 60 kg adult, it is equivalent to not more than 1.8 grams per day.

2 Homemade “Natural MSG”

Today, I will share with you a safe fresh flavoring agent. I can do it at home. That is the mushroom powder. The rich nutrients make the mushrooms taste particularly delicious and is also the first choice for “natural monosodium glutamate”.

We prepare 150 grams of dried shiitake mushrooms, wipe off the surface floating ash (do not clean it with water), use our hands to make small pieces, put it in the mixer to break it into powder, and put it in a sealed bottle to save.

It can be used in the production of various stir -fried dishes and pickles, which is used to replace MSG; you can add some when making dumplings, buns, and meat pie.

Source: Health Hall (Picture Source Network)