#What to wear on the star#


Qin Lan has been flourishing in the past two years. The Queen Fucha in the “Yanxi Raiders” was Bai Yueguang in the minds of many people, and in my opinion, Qin Lan was able to put this role in place, and she and her own. The gentle and quiet temperament cannot be separated, always giving people a big sister who feels like a spring breeze ~

Recently, “Blame You Too Beautiful” also released a character poster. Looking at the determined Qin Lan in the poster, it really surprised me. This is not the same as her gentle look on weekdays. Long hair, it seems that the new drama is going to take a strong workplace female strong woman’s style ~

However, the TV series is the TV series after all, and Qin Lan in private still maintains the gentle white moonlight. Recently, I also took a low -key appearance at Qin Lan. She chose a white look and was fresh and full, but she couldn’t see that she was a 40 -year -old person! She can wear this temperament if she dresses it ~


Let’s take a look at the whole. White looks fresh, but the whole body is not worn casually! First of all, you have to have a gentle temperament like Qin Lan. Secondly, you have to be a big white skin, and you don’t need to be more complicated. Simple T -shirts and sports pants are enough to become the most beautiful cub ~ Be sure to stuff the T -shirt’s hem, high high, high high, high high, high The waistline show is the trend!


Specifically, the upper body is the most common white basic T -shirt. The loose and large version of the version is comfortable and comfortable. It’s just a little decorated with a little black letter logo and a white fisherman hat. This good state is really not like a 40 -year -old person!

More interesting is to count the small details on the half body. A piece of leggings with a pair of feet is flat and unique. At most, it is simple and youthful. The most basic version can be bought casually. The key is to match the white Martin boots. At the same time, only one calf is embellished with white socks, and immediately becomes a hip -hop, even if it is white, it will not be single!


Of course, the simple match can be worn so fresh and refined, and Qin Lan is not simple! What’s more, it is still a male T -shirt. The price of more than 3,000 is not cheap. There is a white lightweight chain bag on the shoulders. It is also a relatively simple shape. The price, counting this body also exceeds 20,000 ~

It’s just that this is more than 20,000 lines, and I haven’t reached the transparent protective clothing outside in my eyes! Search for the same type of raincoats that adults wear? It is matched with flatness, PVC’s transparent raincoat increases the sense of layering without feeling heavy. The long design of the windbreaker also makes the overall more foreign!

It can be seen that if there is no transparent raincoat, it is a combination of a simple T -shirt and sports pants. However, this raincoat not only played a protective role, but also the black edge of the black edge decorated the overall ALL white shape. The windbreaker style has no thickness of the trench coat. It is more in line with Qin Lan’s temperament. This set is due to the raincoat!


In fact, Qin Lan is usually a combination of this gentle and casual system. Look at some of her previous VLOGs. Her body is not like a 40 -year -old woman! The tall ponytail has its own vitality, and Bai Yueguang’s temperament is too bad!

Even if the black look is, it will become gentle because of Qin Lan’s tender little woman. It is still the black sweater of the boyfriend’s style, and the white pattern in the middle is simple. Choosing tight jeans in the lower body to highlight the comparison of tight -fitting jeans, which will make your legs look thinner. It is completely the young lady in his early 20s. Qin Lan’s temperament is too bad!


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