The weather is colder every day. When we wear, we all yearn for fluffy and warm things. As the saying goes, “The disease starts from the cold, and the cold starts from the foot.” Before the heavy snow comes, it is very important to keep warm!


Far heart, especially those with cold body. In autumn and winter, the feet are cold like a big ice.

It is said that the feet are cold, cold, and the fat layer of the feet is thin and the insulation difference, so the skin temperature of the soles of the feet is low, it is easy to receive cold, keep warm, and the feet are warm. Even the quality of sleep at night will be much better.


Whether it is for yourself or for your family, choose

A pair of comfort and warmth

, And waterproof and non -slip

Old Beijing cotton shoes

It’s really necessary.


The traditional old cloth shoe and upper are stable and generous.

Everyone who can wear it can be worn


There are warmth inside

Take care of your feet in the rabbit hair

Wind -proof and cold, wearing it in winter is not afraid of cold feet.

One pedal design, easy to wear and take off,


Not tired. Home, office, and driving are very suitable. While keeping warm and comfortable, every step is to keep your feet in health.

Made of the upper surface,

There is both the texture of the traditional old cloth shoes, and the feet are softer.

Wearing comfortable and more grade.

The classic side loose band, which can be very good

Follow the foot type, not picking the foot type,


Mobilization, comfortable, comfortable ~

The shoe is intended to be widened 5mm to reach

The toes are not squeezed, the back of the feet is not stretched, the heel is not grinding


Every step is to massage the acupuncture points in the foot,

Health and comfortable ~

But sole,

The thousand -layer cloth base plus rubber bottom, waterproof and wear -resistant,


The rain and snow are still wearing it, and the practicality is stronger.

The softness is also good, and the feet are comfortable.

It is not easy to break, wear -resistant and durable, wearing it for two or three years, there is no problem ~


Usually you can step out of the house, you can walk on the shoe, you can walk on your shoes, it is very suitable for people who like to step on work ~


It can be casual,

People of all ages can wear it.


The texture, comfort, and practicality of old cloth shoes are all available! Focus



The advantage is really hard to be motivated. Anyway, I have bought two pairs for my dad, hee hee ~

A shoe is only 264 grams, which is much lighter than the big cotton shoes that often wear in winter! so,

I feel very comfortable to wear when I wear it, and it is particularly easy to walk up.

At work, you won’t be tired for a day when you go shopping ~



Don’t cover your feet sweat at all,

and also


Bacterbinomy, breathable, deodorant feet


A pair of old Beijing cloth shoes carrying traditional Chinese people’s culture will never be outdated, the classic masterpieces of the times!