at 14 o’clock on April 24th. Tofu Freckle Freckle Mask Material: Tofu A Milk Milk Paper Paper.Method: Put the tofu in a bowl into a tofu, add an appropriate amount of milk, mix it and mix it on the face, and then cover it on the tofu mask with a moist mask paper to prevent the tofu from falling and strengthen the ingredients penetration, 15-20Wash it after minutes.It can effectively eliminate blackheads, whiten the skin, and make the skin exuding pink and transparent glory.

Vegetable whitening and freckle mask production method: Go to 1/4 bitter gourd, squeeze juice with juice machine with green peppers and green apples, and drink a drink a day.Then use the mask paper to dip the beauty vegetable juice, apply it to the face, and wash away after 20 minutes.This mask is rich in vitamin C ingredients and has a significant effect on whitening. Integration