Recently, everyone is isolated at home because of the epidemic. Many things are inconvenient to purchase. So today I will bring you the production of hand -to -meat pine. The process is very simple and basically does not fail.

Ingredients: pork (lean meat),

Onion, ginger, cooking wine,

Being anise, cinnamon (if not, can be replaced with braised meat or tea eggs),

Swear, old soy sauce, salt, white sugar



First thaw pork into pieces, and cut into about half an egg size. It is more convenient when it is smaller.

Then cold water and ginger slices and green onions, add cooking wine to cook, cook until the meat is cooked (almost fifteen minutes on fire), filter the water down, pick out the onion ginger, add the octagonal cinnamon skin to continue cooking. You can use a high -pressure cooker to use a high -pressure cooker. There is no high -pressure cooker. You can also use ordinary cooking pots to cook until the meat is soft and rotten. You can tear it out with your hands.

Put the meat in a fresh -keeping bag, knock with a rolling pin to scatter the fiber, and then go to the tearing of the meat. The thinner the shredded meat, the better, you can refer to the picture.

At the beginning of the seasoning, put a little more sugar if you want to be sweet. Pay attention not to put too much on the old soy sauce. The color will be very different. Don’t put too much salt, a little salty.

Use a flat pan to boil the minimum heat, spread the bottom of the pan with oil, pour excess oil, then put in the shredded meat, pour in the adjusted sauce, pay attention to the minimum fire, otherwise it will be confused. You can get out of the pan.

At this time, you can already eat it. If you pursue a better taste, you can use the eggbeater to loosen the meat, and then put it in the glass bottle to store it.

Here I personally add one step to eat snacks. I also used the pan -pine just now. The meat pine was spoiled. Two spoons of flour are added to the pot, a spoonful of thirteen incense, frying it into pale yellow, and then adding it. There is no egg shotter, so this can also add a little more flavor, and it can also make the meat more loose, but it is different from person to person.

That’s it for today’s sharing, let’s try it!