In recent years, traditional contact -type offline consumption has been affected by factors such as epidemic conditions. Home -studying, living and working methods have accelerated the digital transformation of consumption and industries. New models such as online shopping, mobile payment, online and offline integration have risen rapidly. New Consumption has supported the development of the economy, effectively guarantees the needs of residents’ daily lives, promotes domestic consumption recovery, and promotes economic stability to rise.

At the same time, in the new development pattern of promoting the formation of domestic large -cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual cycles, it is an important part of opening consumption blockage and accelerating the cultivation of new consumption. New consumption complies with the trend of consumption upgrade, has an important function of releasing consumption potential, connecting demand chain and supply chain industry chain, and unblocking the national economic cycle. It is an important force for comprehensively promoting consumption and promoting the formation of a new development pattern.

In this context, the [New Consumption Ceremony] hosted by Shanghai Newspaper Group | Interface News will be held on August 5th (Thursday) at the Jing’an Ruiji Hotel, Shanghai (No. 1008, Beijing West Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai). The theme of the new brand and new scenes and new formats. The big coffees gathered together. The prospective format innovation, technological evolution, and logical subversion. Hundreds of companies participated in immersive brand markets to create new consumption and new experiences. At the same time, a number of awards in the consumer field will be promulgated at the scene to create a feast of consumer brand in the year!

[Highlight 1] New crowd and new format

The rise of the new generation of consumption, the emergence of new consumption phenomena, the emergence of quality consumption and the trend of domestic goods have become a new trend and new format for the future consumer market. The continuous development of new online consumption, live broadcasts, community group purchase and other models have subverted traditional consumer channels and activated consumption enthusiasm. According to data from the Ministry of Commerce, in 2020, my country’s physical commodity online retail increased by 14.8%, and e -commerce live broadcast exceeded 24 million. It became the world’s largest online retail market for 8 consecutive years. Conditional formats, technological evolution, and logical subversion, China’s consumption potential continues to be released, new environment, new technologies and new consumers couple, and promote new consumption methods to iterate in “breaking walls”.

It is reported that the organizer of this forum invited top academic, research, investment institutions such as Fudan University, Ali Research Institute, Aowei Consultation, Panyu Group, Light Source Capital, Bilibili, Online Commercial Bank, etc. Brand professors and executives came to give a speech.

In addition, the two major round tables at the ceremony will be carried out around the “new style of the new power brand of the national tide” and the “new” element “new” scene “of the consumption of Gen Z. Ran Yingying, the founder of Zou Shiming Fighting Fitness Center, the founder and CEO Tang Lei of Chuanwa Food Group, Wang Zhengqi, the founder of Mo Xiaoxian, the founder of Guancha New Food Ceremony, Mollybox Magic Cat Box Founder, Voss China Market The person in charge Zhong Hao, the vice president of the fascinated Xiancao Meng Fanwei, and the naive blue brand executives participated in the sharing.

[Highlights 2] All -Star help the push officer unveiled

The Fourth Interface New Consumption Ceremony Star Star Assisting Push Officer has officially announced the recent official announcement -e -commerce anchor Li Jiaqi; e -commerce anchor Wei Ya; Chairman of the Fanfan and head e -commerce anchor Sydney (Zhu Xihui); the world Zou Shiming, co -founder of the boxing champion, Olympic champion, Zou Shiming fighting fitness center; star helping the push officer Nai Wan. Click to register for participation >>

[Highlight 3] Consumer Brand Honor Hall

2021 [New Consumption Ceremony of the Interface] will be newly upgraded from all aspects of specifications, volume, and publicity volume, and will be rejuvenated. The home glory list and the longing guide will be officially announced on the day of the ceremony!

Review of the previous prosperity

[New Consumption Forum of the Interface] Through four spring, summer, autumn and winter, the changes are that the consumer market has changed rapidly, and the new consumer model and new formats are constantly emerging. What is unchanged is that the interface news always joins hands with the industry’s top experts, scholars, corporate leaders, and well -known media. Human and KOL, analyze the prospects of the consumer market in a panoramic view, and grasp the vane of the consumer industry.

Looking back at the grand occasion of the past conferences, Wang Anyu, an associate professor at the School of Management of Fudan University, Wang Rui, an associate professor of the Marketing Department of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, Xing Yiqun, a professor of leadership and organizational management at the School of Management of Zhejiang University, Xu Huafeng, deputy director and secretary -general of the China Health Association Yao Rongjun, President of Junzhi Group/Leveraged University, Ye Junnan, Ai Weichang Director, Zou Lei, Aeri Consulting Partner, Yang Ying, Vice President of Nielsen China, Cao Yongshou, President of Ai Man Data, Vice President of Ant Financial Group, Ant Financial Group Jin Xiaolong, deputy president of the Internet Commercial Bank, Xue Min, executive director of Guangyuan Capital, Yu Ruifen, co -founder/president of Shanghai Laizi Co., Ltd., Shi Jianfeng, CEO of Lao Shengchang, Wang Chenhua, Vice President of Boshon Holding Group Co., Ltd. Cai Zhiben, Miao Lei, general manager of Sephora China Retail, Wang Yuping, President of French American Papua China, Liu Xiaolu, founder of NEIWAI, Zhao Yihong, Chairman of Bishengyuan Holding Group, Wang Aiting, President of Chunzhitang Group, founder and CEO of Weisai Qiu Jialin, fashion anchor Li Jiaqi and other academic institutions, leaders of star corporate corporate corporate corporates and star assistances came to the scene to discuss and share new opportunities such as consumer development under the epidemic and new challenges, and consumer trends in the background of dual -cycle. Focus on new consumption and new era, look forward to the new developments of economic development, and look forward to the new journey of high -quality development and the new path of China’s economic change.

In 2021, [New Consumption Forum of the Interface] The new upgrade is a new feast in the consumer field [New Consumption Ceremony], with the “New Brand, New Scenario and New Official Format” as the core, with national tide fresh style, brand update, and new consumer groups. Hot topics, join hands with industry experts, leaders, emerging brands subverters, and celebrities to discuss new thinking and detonate new thinking! Now click the link to get a limited free seat:

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