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Recently, Yunnan Baiyao cooperated with China New Retail Group to launch weight loss health products. This product was produced by Yunnan Baiyao, and China New Retail Group was responsible for selling investment operations. Insiders believe that with the continuous improvement of consumers’ health awareness, health care products are more popular than pure weight loss products. Unlike the sales of pharmacies in the past, new retail channels have become the main sales positions for weight loss products at the moment. Yunnan Baiyao cooperates with China’s new retail group, and also hopes to use new channels to enter the weight loss health care market, so as to seek new profit points.

Layout the weight loss market

According to the micro -information of China’s new retail group officer, the two parties have reached a strategic cooperation to jointly launch a health weight loss product with weight loss and regulating blood lipids. “Little Blue Hat”.

In response to the company’s launch of the product market positioning and future layout, a reporter from the Beijing Commercial Daily sent the interview outline to the mailbox provided by the relevant person in charge of Yunnan Baiyao. As of press time, no reply was received.

According to the relevant person in charge of Qiancao Meizi Victoria Pills Merchants, the product was commissioned by Yunnan Baiyao to produce Lijiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Yunnan Baiyao Group, and the production license was Yunnian Food and Jiansheng Certificate (2013) No. 0079; China New Retail Group was responsible for sales Investment operation. “This product is a healthy product, which is safe and without any side effects. The Jianzi name needs to be approved after 3-10 years of clinical trials. This is a place where this product is different from other weight loss products.”

The investment work of Qiancao Meizi Victoria Pill has been launched. “The company will create a weight loss jitter for the agent added before the Spring Festival. The agent is responsible for uploading the company’s video to the Douyin platform, or shooting videos according to the explosive script provided by the company. By creating Douyin for drainage transactions. Douyin is a channel. Customers add agent WeChat through Douyin, and proxy to provide product sales and other services. “Qian Cao Meizi Victoria Pills Merchants said.

Expand new channels

Different from the past product sales channels are mainly pharmacies and supermarkets, Yunnan Baiyao focused on new retail platforms such as Douyin. From the perspective of the industry, with the rise of new retail, Yunnan Baiyao also hopes to enter the air outlet.

The “China Retail Industry Development Report (2016/2017)” released by the Ministry of Commerce states that the multi -business development of the retail industry will become the mainstream, and social retail has entered the golden period.

Yunnan Baiyao also seemed to realize the importance of new retail channels and began to lay out in related fields. According to the public disclosure of Yunnan Baiyao, the company opened 4 “White Medicine Life+” store in the first half of 2019. The “White Medicine Life+” store is the new retail channel brand of Yunnan Baiyao. Yunnan Baiyao sells its own products in accordance with the new retail concept.

Insiders believe that the establishment of a new retail platform is a measure for Yunnan Baiyao to expand sales channels. Yunnan Baiyao mentioned in the financial report that the favorable policies have continued to increase the attention of the capital market to the large -scale health industry, a large amount of capital influx, and the intensity of competition has accelerated and upgraded. At present, the repetitive and homogeneous production of domestic drugs, health products, and homogeneous production. At the same time, the marketing models, promotion and promotion methods of major manufacturers and pharmaceutical vendors tend to be similar. Similar ordinary marketing methods are difficult to impress downstream dealers, chain stores and the public. Consumers, and consumers’ consumption habits are becoming more and more rational consumption, how to attract and guide consumers is a long -term topic with competitors.

Building a variety of channels is one of the ways for many companies to drive performance growth. In August 2019, the semi -annual report released by Jinjianmi Industry showed that due to the diversification of diversification, the company’s net profit increased by more than 9 times.

Multi -competition test

Whether it is the exploration of the new field or the development of new channels, it is an attempt to seek new growth in Yunnan Baiyao. However, weight loss products in the market have been rich. If it is not able to attract consumers’ differentiated effects, it is not easy for Yunnan Baiyao to split a share.

In order to seek more growth opportunities, Yunnan Baiyao has been trying to launch children’s toothpaste, mask, shampoo and other products in recent years. However, from the current perspective, it has not brought more performance help to Yunnan Baiyao. According to the financial report data, Yunnan Baiyao’s revenue and net profit increase in recent years has been hovering in the number of digits. In 2018, Yunnan Baiyao realized operating income of 26.708 billion yuan, an increase of 9.84%year -on -year; net profit was 3.307 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of 5.14%. In 2012, Yunnan Baiyao’s revenue and net profit increase increased by 20.99%and 30.69%, respectively.

Xu Xiongjun, a strategic positioning expert and the founder of Shanghai Jiude Positioning Consulting Company, told the Beijing Business Daily that by pushing new products and development channels, Yunnan Baiyao sought new performance breakthroughs, but the competition in the weight loss field is already the Red Sea. “Bi Shengyuan’s performance has fallen in recent years, and the weight loss health market has begun to go downhill. In addition, there are many similar competition in the market. It is not easy for Yunnan Baiyao to force the weight loss market.

Bi Shengyuan owns health food Changjing tea and Changrun tea. Among them, Chang Jingcha’s main health function is to lose weight. According to the 2018 financial report, Bishengyuan lost 95.299 million yuan. Among them, Bishengyuan’s core products Changrun Tea and Chang Jingcha’s income fell 43.8%and 22.9%, respectively.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Guo Xiujuan Yao Qian

Responsible editor: Li Qingyun