It is said that men’s belt is a symbol of identity and the manifestation of taste, so I will never just just have the choice of belt. How can I let the free and easy shape be ruined on the belt.

So I fancy this belt at a glance, which is the first layer of cowhide. The body uses classic plaid elements, and I immediately entered.


It was really not disappointed when I received it. The packaging was very atmospheric. It was packaged by a gift box. There was also a handbag. At first glance, it was the brand. It was very beautiful.

The workmanship of the belt is very detailed. Whether it is from the body or the buckle, it is very delicate. The stitching line is smooth and flat, and the foot is uniform and delicate.

One side is solid color, one side is plaid, and it can be used on both sides. Look at the mood, haha, you can use any side, and you can create a man’s image on both sides.

The buckle is stainless steel. It is designed with the brand’s logo. It highlights the sense of luxury in the low -key, haha, that’s it.